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Kenmore Elite / LG model 795.7205 Frig not cooling

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Jody M

I am going through the same problem at the moment.  But I can't find my owner's manual.   Purchased the Kenmore Elite 795.74025 back in November 2015.  I'm sure my compressor should be covered for labor as well.  Tried looking up the manual online, and the current manual clearly states labor is only included if the failure is in the first year.  Clearly states customer is now responsible for labor.  Anyone want to send me their manual temporarily?

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G Brinton

Having my failed compressor replaced on my Kenmore Elite 795.7205 by a Sears technician as I'm writing this reply.  Purchased fridge from Sears in Apr 2012 for $2549.99.  Compressor failed in Aug 2019.  Warranty in my manual clearly states "For ten years from date of purchase, a defective compressor will be repaired free of charge."  I mention this to the technician and he tells me it is still going to be $450 to do all of the repairs.   Although he is not charging me for the compressor part or labor to replace the compressor (shows me on the bill where those two are zero cost), he says that there are two other parts associated with the compressor replacement, a filter dryer and some fittings, that he has to replace per LG repair process.  The form in his system says that the filter part only costs $19.12 but when I question him about why the bill is so much he said that LG charges them $150 for the part so they have to put it in the system that way.  Also, the labor to flush the system and install the filter/fitting parts is a fixed fee per their drop down menu that they use to enter the tasks in their system.  He says he also has to clean out the whole system because the failed compressor releases contaminants (dryer oil?) that can cause damage to the system in the future. 

So $450 to repair a failed compressor that is explicitly called out as being covered in my warranty.  I have been going back and forth with the the tech but he is standing his ground.  I said that parts and labor associated with replacing the covered part should also be covered.  He says no, that's the way he has to do it.  Unfortunately I have been without a fridge for almost 3 weeks now so I can't continue to argue with him.  I must accept defeat and pay for something that I strongly feel I should not have to.  

Total cost quoted to me by the tech: $450
Cost after his manager applies a coupon: $313.64  

Parts Cost: $19.12
Labor Cost: $175.00
Diagnostic Fee: $99.00

Tech says that most of his calls are for this compressor and he typically stocks 25-30 of them at any given time.   He estimates that 1 in 3 of these Kenmore/LG compressors will fail.  He also says that LG only reimburses them (the repair company) $135 for the warranty replacement work, which is clearly not enough for 3.5 hours of work + travel time, etc.  This is all questionable business practice at best, and perhaps even fraud and/or misrepresentation on the part of Kenmore/LG about the warranty coverage.  I would love to be informed of any class action lawsuits on this fridge if they happen in the future.  

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Budget Appliance Repair
Posted (edited)

@G Brinton

You very well could have a claim to get what you paid back but the original warranty is what is stated in the owners manual.

Usually 1 year full parts and labor for anything
2nd-5th year any thing to do with sealed system PARTS ONLY - you're responsible for the labor cost
6th-10th year compressor PART ONLY, (You would be responsible for the any parts required besides the compressor and full labor)

There was class action that was settled quite some time ago for any for units purchased before Jan.29, 2014 - this info is in the current ongoing class action that was started in April 2019


3.      LG previously settled a class action alleging its refrigerators are defective.
The claims extinguished by the judgment in that case, however, are limited to those
involving purchases before January 29, 2014, which marks the beginning of the class
period in this case. See Judgment, Clark v. LG Elecs. USA, Inc., No. 3:13-CV-485-JM
(JMA), ECF No. 71, ¶ 2 (S.D. Cal. May 15, 2015); see also id. ECF No. 44-3, § 2.71(a).
Since settling Clark, LG has continued selling defective refrigerators that have failed at
extremely high rates—a “pandemic,” according to one news report. Despite its
knowledge of the compressor defect, LG sold and continues to sell the LG Refrigerators
without alerting purchasers to the problem.

Here's the PDF link for the current ongoing case that the above quote is from:


And a couple of links pertaining to the prior case I believe:


I'm not sure if the Kenmore branded units would be included in these or not, (They were built by LG have the exact same problem because they are the exact same refrigerators made by LG but branded as Kenmore for Sears).

Edited by Budget Appliance Repair

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