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  1. 783 downloads

    MODEL: WM2016CW NOV. 2006 PRINTED IN KOREA P/No.: MFL30599104 Website: http: //www.LGEservice.com E-mail: http: //www.LGEservice.com/techsup.html
  2. 383 downloads

    PUB MFL67307945
  3. 1,075 downloads

    DLGX3361 Page 3 DLG2141 / DLG1320 / DLG2101 / DLG2011 Page 4 DLEX3360 Page 6 DLE2140 Page 8 LSDG389 / DLGX3886 / DLGX3876 Page 10 LSDE388 / DLEX3885 / DLEX3875 / DLEX3485 Page 11 DLG5002 / DLGX5102 / DLGX2502 Page 12 DLE5001 / DLEX5101 / DLEX2501 Page 13 DLE2512 / DLE2514 / DLE2515 Page 14 DLGX2802 / DLGX3002 Page 16 DLEX2801 / DLEX3001 Page 17 DLG2302 / DLG5966 / DLG2526 /DLG2151 / DLG2051 Page 18 DLE2301 / DLE5955 /DLE2516 / DLE3733 / DLE2150 / DLE2050 / DLE2240 / DLE2512 / DLE8377 / DLE7177 Page 20 DLGX7188 / DLGX8388 Page 21 DLG0452 / DLG6952 / DLG6955 / DLG2555 / RN1307 Page 23 DLE0442 / DLE6942 / DLE5944 / DLE2544 / RV1307 Page 24 DLEX7177 / DLEX8377 Page 26 DLG59114 / DLG2511 / DLG5932 / DLG2532 / DLG0332 Page 27 DLE5911 / DLE2511 / DLE5932 / DLE2532 / DLE0332 Page 28 DLE1310 / DLE2000 Page 30 DLE5977 / DLE3977 Page 31 DLG5988 / DLG3788 Page 32 DLEV833 / DLEC733 Page 33 DLEC855 Page 34 DLEX3885 / DLEX3875 Page 35 DLGX3886 / DLGX3876 Page 36 DLE2601 / DLE2701 Page 37 DLG2602 Page 38 Error Codes Page 39
  4. Symptoms: The microwave runs just fine, but nothing warms up no matter how long you put it in for. Troubleshooting: The transformer seems to be fine. The capacitor looks fine (to be fair, I didn't meter it, cause it is hard to reach) The magnetron has been replaced twice... It always seems to fix the problem, but after two or three weeks it stops working again. I don't see any charring on or around the magnetron like it is overheating. The large magnets don't appear to be cracked. In fact, once I remove the apparently bad magnetron, I meter it out, and it looks fine... but I put a new one in and it works again for a short time. It doesn't seem like a power issue, transformer, capacitor, diode... It seems like it's the magnetron, but I don't want to keep replacing it every month. Any ideas?
  5. I have an LG WT7300CW 01 washing machine. At one point it began to turn on only when it wanted, and recently outright stopped turning on. I took it apart to take a look and deduced that when the front touch panel is attached, the thing would lock up and no longer work. I figured the issue was the panel went bad so I ordered a used replacement from eBay. Hooking that one up did not solve the problem, and I’m no longer sure what the issue is. I would think the board is the issue, but when I interface with the board without the touch panel, everything works fine. https://imgur.com/a/St0DuBY I took a video showing the issue. In the video, the touch panel is installed and the dial will not work. I quickly uninstall the panel and try to rotate the dial again, but now it works. This suggests that attaching the touch panel breaks the circuit. I could see that being the issue with the old one, but then why is this also happening with the replacement. Maybe the seller sold me a bad one I suppose, but I wouldn’t know how to test that. Right now we’re using it without the touch panel but ideally would want it fully assembled again.
  6. Are you a skilled Appliance Repair Technician looking for an exciting opportunity to grow your career? Dynamic Appliance Repair continues to raise the bar for appliance repair service in Arizona, serving Cave Creek, Carefree, Scottsdale, Peoria, and surrounding areas. Why Choose Dynamic Appliance Repair? ✅ Reputation: We're Arizona's most trusted appliance repair service, recognized with the 2023 Most Professional Servicer Award. ✅ Customer-Centric: We value old-fashioned customer service and provide the valley's quickest and most economical appliance repair service. ✅ One-Year Warranty: All repairs are backed by our one-year warranty, the best in the industry! Position Overview: If you are self-motivated, have a knack for troubleshooting, possess strong mechanical skills, and have a clean driving record, we want to hear from you! As an Appliance Repair Technician, you'll accurately diagnose and repair appliances/equipment in the customer's home. You'll provide cost estimates for repairs, ensure the efficient use of materials, and maintain high levels of customer service. Requirements: 1 year of appliance repair experience or Appliance Repair Certification (recent graduates welcome) Strong mechanical skills and attention to detail Must have own truck and tools Must be able to obtain a certificate of liability insurance Excellent customer relations skills Clean driving record Must pass background screening and drug test Apply Today: Join our team and become part of a company where you will be valued and recognized for all your efforts. Dynamic Appliance Repair is an equal opportunity employer, and we celebrate diversity in our workplace. Compensation: $70,000.00 - $105,000.00 per year Learn more about us at Dynamic Appliance Repair Website. Want to be part of a team that values excellence and customer satisfaction? Call TODAY at (480) 590-7322!
  7. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    LG WM4270H Washer Service Manual

    Version 1.0.0


    PUB MFL68588901
  8. LG DLE5955W DLG5966W DLE5955G DLG5966G Dryer Service Manual View File PUB 3828EL3005L Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 12/08/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  9. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 3828EL3005L
  10. Version 1.0.0


    MODEL : DLEX5101W DLGX5102W DLEX5101V DLGX5102V DLEX5170W DLGX5171W DLEX5170V DLGX5171V PUB MFL62119910
  11. I have a LG top load washer, model WT1101CW, bought new in 2013. Recently I have started getting an OE drain error which stops the machine during the rinse or spin cycles. The machine **does** drain and will restart after the error if I pause it, open the lid, and resume the cycle. But it will just keep throwing OE errors until I give up and take the somewhat-too-damp clothes outside to dry in the Florida sun. I've checked the drain hoses, they are not blocked, but there was some water in the bottom of the drain hoses. I also removed the black hose connecting the pump to the exterior drain hose and felt around inside the pump. I couldn't feel any lint buildup or foreign object blocking the pump. I noted that the impeller felt stiff, and didn't want to spin freely in either direction. I could get it to spin by pushing it, but it took some force. Does it sound like the drain pump needs to be replaced? Or is this more likely to be a control board issue? Thanks!
  12. Hi Guys, I have a 10 year old LG WM3431HS. I got a dHE code. Researched a bit on the internet and found that cleaning the lint out of the duct usually fixes the problem. Sure enough the duct was caked full of lint. I cleaned it all out, put it all together and still get the dHE code. I followed the service manual diagnostics. Fuse is good, Thermistors are good, Thermostat is good. Heater is good. I'm not getting 120VAC at the heater, which the service manual says is the main board. I bought a new main board, replaced it and still no change... I've also manually tested the heater by hooking it up to 120V and it works great. Is there some element I am missing here, or some component that is failed that is causing the main board not to send power to the heater? I feel like a fuse is blown or something is causing this error. I've been working on this for a couple of weeks and I'm really close to just calling a service guy. Part of me wonders if the service guy will have any more luck... Thanks for any help!! -Charles M
  13. Version 1.0.0


    QC mode change PUB M20090214 for WWM20090214, WM0642HW, WM2044CW, WM0001HTMA, WM3001HWA, WM3001HRA, WM3001HPA, WM2801HWA, WM2801HRA, WM2801HLA, WM2601HW, WM2601HR, WM2688HWM, WM2688HNM, WM2688HWM, WM2688HNM, WM2688HCM, WM2487HWM, WM2487HRM, WM2688HWMA, WM2688HNMA, WM2688HRMA, WM2487HWMA, WM2487HRMA, WM2487HSMA, WM3988HWMA, WM3987HW, WM2496HWM, WM2496HSM, WM2455HW, WM2455HG, WM2455HS, WM2355CW, WM2355CG, WM2455CS, WM2301HW, WM2301HR, WM2301HS, WM2233HW, WM2233HS, WM2233HU, WM2233HD, WM2101HW, WM2101HS, WM2133CW, WM2233CS, WM2233CU, WM2016CW
  14. Version 1.0.0


    PUB MFL68588912
  15. Version 1.0.0


    LG Dishwasher LDS5560ST Service Manual Pub# MFL37554811 For models LDS5540ST/WW/BB LDS5040ST/WW/BB LDS5560ST/WW/BB LDS4921ST/WW/BB
  16. 86 downloads

    LG electric range manual LRE3012ST LRE3012SB LRE3012SW PUB MFL67101801 Dec 2010 73 pages
  17. Version 1.0.0


    PUB MFL68840008
  18. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 3828EL9001M
  19. Hello - my LG refrigerator linear compressor does not turn on (LG fma102nbma). When I checked the resistance across the three compressor pins I had zero, zero, and 16.6 ohms. Does 16.6 ohms indicate a malfunction? I was expecting a value like 7.5 ohms from information from the web.
  20. LG WSGX201HNA Washtower Washer Dryer Service Manual View File PUB MFL68588942 Submitter Vance R Submitted 08/17/2023 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  21. 250 downloads

    MODEL : 796.4001#9##, 4027#9##, 4031#9## PUB MFL30599139
  22. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 3828JL8077E Rev 02 August 2008
  23. Hello, I have a lg lmxs30776d fridge that won’t dispense any water from the door but will make ice no problem. so far I’ve tested the two valves in the door that control the water to the dispense and the ice maker. Everything is working correctly, The water dispenser triggers the door valve solenoid. The main water valve on the back of the fridge only activates with the ice maker. It does not activate with the water dispenser so no water flows through the main water line that feeds the door. The Water dispenser worked randomly once while I was trouble shooting everything. I’m at a loss here. I’m thinking maybe the main controller board?
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