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Found 2,907 results

  1. need service manual for dissasembly and tech sheet, thank you
  2. So I bought this fancy Panasonic Fridge Freezer 6 years ago, it had an inverter compressor and the company was new to the market... the device itself was merely OK (it chilled alright, but the water dispenser was slow and somehow warmer than it came out of my normal tap! and the freezer food got crystals on it regularly) but slowly other owners posted tales of woe online with devices failing, poor support and eventually Panasonic exited the market. On Friday night though, the device just died - it acted as if it had been unplugged. To be fair to Panasonic, the service manual online is great and very comprehensive - https://www.manualslib.com/manual/871900/Panasonic-Nr-B53v1.html (v1 and v2 models virtually identical) and there's even a wiring diagram on the back of the machine. It says to check: Voltage of the supply Power Cord Motor Protector or Reactor Control PCB Now, the power and cord is fine, and power is going from the Control PCB to the Reactor OK at 240v. The Motor Protector has continuity. I've luckily found someone selling the $500 PCB for $50 online, it should arrive next week. I'm a little concerned that the online reviews mention Panasonic technicians not being able to diagnose similar faults and basically dumping the machine which suggests the 4 recommended steps might not be enough. The PCB doesn't have anything obviously wrong with it, and seems a bit strange to die after this time when the caps seem ok and it's outputting voltage to the reactor. I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on How to test the reactor Any PCB tests that can be done to build confidence that its replacement will fix the issue Any other diagnosis that can be done Thanks 👍
  3. need service manual for disassembly instructions
  4. 133 downloads

    MODEL : LMX25984ST /01 LMX25984WB /01 LMX25984SW /01S PUB MFL48178826
  8. This LG refrigerator was DOA- warm inside, no compressor operation, no lights, no nuttin'. Found a blown fuse on the main control board. What took out the fuse: bad board or just a spike on the power line? I show how to check for that. The fuses on these LG boards are soldered in and not easily replaceable. But a new fuse can be installed and I show how to do that without even having to remove the board, while it's still installed in the refrigerator. Learn appliance repair at http://mastersamuraitech.com
  10. Version 1.0.0


    GFE29H*D*** DFE29J*D*** GFE27H*E*** PUB 31-51839-4
  11. This unit has never been connected to water. It maintains perfect temperature. When it was moved to do some kitchen remodeling, they noticed the exterior wall, behind the ice room had rusted through and a large chunk of ice had formed. I have since cut off all that rusted sheet metal and removed the ice. It runs great. I noticed ice forming on the exposed insulation after a week of removing it. I have no idea why this is happening. Could it be a design flaw? Would adding more insulation solve the problem? Do I need to add sheet metal or something to seal out the ambient air? Any suggestions are welcomed. Has anyone seen this before? If so, what was the fix? I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
  12. Whirlpool Refrigerator MODEL GB8SHKXKQ00 ISSUE: The fridge and freezer don't stay cold. The fridge gets to 46°F -52°F and the freezer isn't freezing water. ACTIONS: the dials in fridge and freezer are both set to max cold. first we cleaned the coils which are under the fridge and got a lot of dirt out. But it had no effect. Then cleaning more, even took off the back shield From behind the fridge and cleaned. ISSUE: Fridge and freezer still not staying cold. While cleaning We noticed A bunch of ice behind the shield on the back of The exterior of the fridge. So we looked directly on the other side of that and took the back of the interior of the freezer apart and noticed the whole part back there was iced up bad, so bad that the ice was coming out if the back of the fridge exterior. ACTION: we let the fridge thaw out and the next day the fridge got cold again but then later that day the same symptoms returned as if we had done nothing. The fridge was not staying cold and the ice is starting to appear again from the lower Center exterior back of the fridge, where wires and a tube goes in. the defrost timer Is at the bottom right front Of the exterior of the fridge and it seems to be functioning correctly. The drain tube doesn't seem to be clogged. I haven't checked anything with a multi meter thanks
  13. Jenn-Air 42 inch Built in Refrigerator Tech Sheet View File Tech sheet for Jenn-Air Built in refrigerator. Applies to model JF42NXFXDE01 and possibly others. PUB W10600683C Submitter vee8power Submitted 10/13/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Latest update from Asurion on Samsung FDBM Icemaker issue Applies to models produced between 2014 - 2018 RF22K9381*,RF22K95*,RF22KRED,RF22M95*,RF22NP**,RF23J9011,RF23M8070,RF23M8090 RF23M8960,RF23M8570,RF23M8590,RF23HCED,RF23HTED,RF24FSED,RF25HMED,RF26J7500 RF28HDED,RF28HFED,RF28HMED,RF28JBED,RF28K9070,RF28K9380,RF28K9580,RF28M9580 RF28N9780,RF28HDEDP,RF28HFEDT,RF28NHED,RF263BEAEB,RF263TEAES,RF265BEAE,RF30KMEDB Published June 2019
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