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  1. Whirlpool Refrigerator MODEL GB8SHKXKQ00 ISSUE: The fridge and freezer don't stay cold. The fridge gets to 46°F -52°F and the freezer isn't freezing water. ACTIONS: the dials in fridge and freezer are both set to max cold. first we cleaned the coils which are under the fridge and got a lot of dirt out. But it had no effect. Then cleaning more, even took off the back shield From behind the fridge and cleaned. ISSUE: Fridge and freezer still not staying cold. While cleaning We noticed A bunch of ice behind the shield on the back of The exterior of the fridge. So we looked directly on the other side of that and took the back of the interior of the freezer apart and noticed the whole part back there was iced up bad, so bad that the ice was coming out if the back of the fridge exterior. ACTION: we let the fridge thaw out and the next day the fridge got cold again but then later that day the same symptoms returned as if we had done nothing. The fridge was not staying cold and the ice is starting to appear again from the lower Center exterior back of the fridge, where wires and a tube goes in. the defrost timer Is at the bottom right front Of the exterior of the fridge and it seems to be functioning correctly. The drain tube doesn't seem to be clogged. I haven't checked anything with a multi meter thanks
  2. Jenn-Air 42 inch Built in Refrigerator Tech Sheet View File Tech sheet for Jenn-Air Built in refrigerator. Applies to model JF42NXFXDE01 and possibly others. PUB W10600683C Submitter vee8power Submitted 10/13/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Latest update from Asurion on Samsung FDBM Icemaker issue Applies to models produced between 2014 - 2018 RF22K9381*,RF22K95*,RF22KRED,RF22M95*,RF22NP**,RF23J9011,RF23M8070,RF23M8090 RF23M8960,RF23M8570,RF23M8590,RF23HCED,RF23HTED,RF24FSED,RF25HMED,RF26J7500 RF28HDED,RF28HFED,RF28HMED,RF28JBED,RF28K9070,RF28K9380,RF28K9580,RF28M9580 RF28N9780,RF28HDEDP,RF28HFEDT,RF28NHED,RF263BEAEB,RF263TEAES,RF265BEAE,RF30KMEDB Published June 2019
  4. Version 1.0.0


    PUB MFL62188124
  5. LG LMXS30776S Refrigerator Service Manual View File PUB MFL62188124 Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 08/13/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  6. File Name: GE Dual Evaporator Beverage Center Refrigerators Minimanual File Submitter: Samurai Appliance Repair Man File Submitted: 16 Apr 2015 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Created Date: 11/17/2006 Publication #: 31-51606 PSC23PSSASS PSC23PSSBSS PSC23PSSCSS PSC23PSSDSS PSC25NGSABB PSC25NGSACC PSC25NGSAWW PSF26PGSABB PSF26PGSAWS PSF26PGSAWW PSH23PGRCBB PSH23PGRCCC PSH23PGRCWW PSH23PGSABV PSH23PGSACV PSH23PGSAWV PSH23PGSBBV PSH23PGSBCV PSH23PGSBWV PSH23PGSCBV PSH23PGSCCV PSH23PGSCWV PSH23PSRCSV PSH23PSSASV PSH23PSSBSV PSH23PSSCSV PSH23PSSDSV PSH25MGSABV PSH25MSSASV PSH25NGSABV PSH25NGSACV PSH25NGSAWV PSH25SGSASV PSS26PSSASS PSW23PSRCKSS PSW23PSSAKSS Click here to download this file
  7. Hi everyone, my fridge has been warm (55 F) for a few days now, and the freezer at about 15 F. The evaporator was full of ice so I tested the defrost thermostat, fan motor, and defrost heater on the bench and they are all ok. I then entered the fridge into Test Mode and everything checked out ok except when I test the Defrost Heater it doesn't get hot (on the bench it showed continuity @22k Ohms) Is there anything else I need to test? I've read about a "Defrost timer" but I am not sure where it is located and how to test. Should the defrost heater get hot during Test Mode? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
  8. This unit has never been connected to water. It maintains perfect temperature. When it was moved to do some kitchen remodeling, they noticed the exterior wall, behind the ice room had rusted through and a large chunk of ice had formed. I have since cut off all that rusted sheet metal and removed the ice. It runs great. I noticed ice forming on the exposed insulation after a week of removing it. I have no idea why this is happening. Could it be a design flaw? Would adding more insulation solve the problem? Do I need to add sheet metal or something to seal out the ambient air? Any suggestions are welcomed. Has anyone seen this before? If so, what was the fix? I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
  10. Full model number: 795.79304.901 My refrigerator's evaporator fan and interior lights are not working in normal operation. As far as I know, everything else works. The passageway between the freezer and refrigerator froze up over time, so when I noticed that the refrigerator was too warm, I removed all food and defrosted the whole thing. After plugging it back in, the interior lights worked again. But after I checked back after a few hours, the refrigerator was still warm. I researched this issue, which suggested that I check to see if the evaporator fan was running. It wasn't. Also, the interior lights stopped turning on again after the freezer cooled down. During my research, I found this Service Manual for a nearly identical model; Mine just doesn't have the door-mounted water dispenser. On page 28, it talks about Test Mode, which is activated using a button on the mainboard. I tried this out, and while test mode 1 was running, the switches for the lights and the lights started working again, and the evaporator fan spun up, just like they were supposed to. So at least I now know that my fan works, and so do the switches and the light bulbs, and that the wiring is intact. Again, as far as I know, everything else works normally. There was ice buildup on the coils, but not that much so maybe it could be explained by the lack of airflow? This assumption is based on what I've read about how a lack of airflow can cause ice buildup inside the freezer. I've heard that the issue might be the defrost thermister or the refrigerator thermister, but I don't know how to check them or replace them. If someone knows more about them, that's really what I need at the moment. How do I check thermisters to see if they work? How would I need to replace them? How would a faulty one explain my symptoms, where both the evaporator fan and the lights don't turn on? I do have a cheap multimeter (it can test for ohmage but not continuity) and a thermometer. Thanks for any and all help.
  11. 5,904 downloads

    RFG299AB-Fast-track-R32.pdf1.95 MB RM255-Fast-track-R11.pdf1.80 MB RFG298AA-Fast-track-R32.pdf1.49 MB RFG299AA-Fast-Track-R42.pdf1.82 MB RFG295AA-Fast-track-R22.pdf1.03 MB RFG295AB-Fast-track-R32.pdf1.17 MB RFG297AA-Fast-track-R22.pdf1.04 MB RFG297AB-Fast-track-R32.pdf1.20 MB RFG293HA-Fast-Track-R12.pdf1.79 MB RFG237AA-Fast-track-R22.pdf1.10 MB RFG238AA-Fast-track-R32.pdf886.25 KB RF4287AA-HA-Fast-Track-R42.pdf1.93 MB RF268AB-AC-Fast-track-R62.pdf1.44 MB RF267AZ-Fast-track-R22.pdf1.44 MB RF267AE-Fast-track-R22.pdf1.29 MB RF267AD-Fast-track-R32.pdf1019.18 KB RF267AA-Fast-track-R22.pdf1.16 MB RF267AB-AC-Fast-track-R22.pdf879.64 KB RF266AZ-Fast-track-R22.pdf1.34 MB RF266AE-Fast-track-R12.pdf1.21 MB RF266AD-Fast-track-R22.pdf1.21 MB RF265AD-Fast-track-R22.pdf1.17 MB RF266AA-AB-AC-Fast-track-R22.pdf968.84 KB RF265AA-AB-AC-Fast-track-R22.pdf961.92 KB RF263AE-Fast-track-R22.pdf1.20 MB RF197AC-Fast-Track2.pdf1.25 MB RF26XAZ-Fast-track-R22.pdf1.64 MB RF195AB-197AB-217AB-Fast-track-R12.pdf913.38 KB RF26XAE-Fast-Track-R32.pdf1.50 MB RF26VAB-AC-Fast-track-R32.pdf866.57 KB RF26VAD-Fast-track-R32.pdf1.01 MB RB1855-1955-2055-2155-Fast-Track-R11.pdf1.19 MB RB1844S-1944S-2044S-Fast-track-R11.pdf1.19 MB RB195ZA-Fast-Track-R11.pdf1.10 MB RB215LA-Fast-Track-R11.pdf1.10 MB RB195BS-Fast-track-R11.pdf1.10 MB RB195AC-197AC-215AC-217AC-Fast-track-R11.pdf1.11 MB RB195AB-197AB-215AB-217AB-Fast-track-R21.pdf778.45 KB RM257AB-Fast-track-R11.pdf2.01 MB RM257AC-Fast-track-R11.pdf1.27 MB RS253B-Fast-track-R1.pdf1.38 MB RS255BA-257BA-Fast-track-R1.pdf1.45 MB RS261MD-Fast-Track-R3.pdf621.81 KB RS263BB-RS265LB-Fast-track-R1.pdf1020.50 KB RS263TD-Fast-Track-R2.pdf1.78 MB RS265LA-Fast-track-R1.pdf1.00 MB RS265TD Fast Track R1.pdf839.11 KB RS265TD Publication R3.pdf1.48 MB RS265TD-Fast-Track-R2.pdf1.38 MB RS267BB, RS267LB, RS269LB Fast track.pdf1.17 MB RS267BB-RS267LB-RS269LB-Fast-track-R1.pdf1.04 MB RS267TD R2 Fast Track.pdf1.62 MB RS269LA - RS267LA Fast track.pdf1.19 MB RS275AC Fast track R1.pdf1.29 MB RS275AC-Fast-track-R2.pdf1.06 MB RS277AC Fast Track R 2.pdf1.05 MB RS277AC Fast track R1.pdf1.25 MB RS2530 Fast track R1.pdf1.23 MB RS2530 Fast track R2.pdf1.04 MB RS2533SW Fast track.pdf2.37 MB RS2533SW-Fast-track-R1.pdf1.53 MB RS2542 RS2544 RS2644 RS2545 RS2666 Fast track.pdf1.66 MB RS2542S-2544S-2545S-Fast-track-R1.pdf1.43 MB RS2555 RS2556 RS2577 RS2578 RS2676 RS2777Fast track.pdf1.68 MB RS2555-2556-2577-2578-Fast-track-R1.pdf1.44 MB MSA Samsung Fridge - RSG RS263 RS261 RS265 RS267 RF4287 RGF299 RFG298 RM257 RM255 RF266 RF267 RF268 RFG295 RFG297 RSG RS2630 RS2530 RB195 RB197 RB215 RB217.pdf12.81 MB MSA Samsung SxS Ref - RS261.pdf2.66 MB RS2630 Fast track.pdf1.26 MB RS2630-Fast-Track-R1.pdf1.45 MB RS2644S-2666S-Fast-Track-R1.pdf1.43 MB RS2676S-2777S-Fast-Track-R1.pdf1.44 MB RSG257AA Fast track R2.pdf1.69 MB RSG257AA-Fast-track-R3.pdf1.38 MB RSG307AA R3.pdf1.31 MB RSG307AA V1.pdf1.35 MB
  12. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Normal defrost drain in a Maytag Refrigerator

    From the album: Refrigerator Repair

    If you see a defrost drain that looks like this, this is normal. You need to be able to recognize normal when you see it. Otherwise you'll be chasing your tail trying to "fix" something that is NOT a problem to begin with!
  13. 958 downloads

    SUBJECT: Air leaking into the Ice Room from a gap between the wall and the ice room floor. (Direct Contact Ice Makers only) Symptom: Frozen water on ice room floor, ice on bottom of ice maker, water dripping into the fresh food section. Models: RF23HCEDBBC/AA RF28HFEDTBC/AA RF28HFEDTSR/AA RF28HFEDTWW/AA RF28HFPDBSR/AA RF30HBEDBSR/AA RF30HDEDTSR/AA RF31FMEDBBC/AA RF31FMEDBSR/AA RF31FMEDBWW/AA RF31FMESBSR/AA RF323TEDBBC/AA RF323TEDBSR/AA RF323TEDBWW/AA RF32FMQDBSR/AA RF32FMQDBXW/AA RF34H9950S4/AA RF34H9960S4/AA RF23HCEDBSR/AA RF23HCEDBWW/AA RF24FSEDBSR/AA RF263BEAEBC/AA RF263BEAESP/AA RF263BEAESR/AA RF263BEAEWW/AA RF263TEAEBC/AA RF263TEAESP/AA RF263TEAESR/AA RF263TEAEWW/AA RF28HDEDBSR/AA RF28HDEDTSR/AA RF28HFEDBBC/AA RF28HFEDBSR/AA RF28HFEDBWW/AA PUB ASC20140818002
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Models, 26 Cubic Foot: 7WF736SDAM00 MFT2672AEW10 MFT2673BEW11 WRF736SDAW00 7WF736SDAM10 MFT2672AEW11 WRF736SDAB00 WRF736SDAW10 7WF736SDAM11 MFT2673BEB00 WRF736SDAB10 WRF736SDAW11 MFT2672AEB00 MFT2673BEB10 WRF736SDAB11 MFT2672AEB10 MFT2673BEB11 WRF736SDAF00 MFT2672AEB11 MFT2673BEM00 WRF736SDAF10 MFT2672AEM00 MFT2673BEM10 WRF736SDAF11 MFT2672AEM10 MFT2673BEM11 WRF736SDAM00 MFT2672AEM11 MFT2673BEW00 WRF736SDAM10 MFT2672AEW00 MFT2673BEW10 WRF736SDAM11 Models, 29 Cubic Foot 7MF2976AEM00 KFIS29PBMS01 MFT2976AEW02 WRF989SDAH00 7MF2976AEM01 KFIS29PBMS02 MFT2977AEB00 WRF989SDAH01 7MF2976AEM02 KFIV29PCMS00 MFT2977AEM00 WRF989SDAH02 KFIS29BBBL00 KFIV29PCMS01 MFT2977AEW00 WRF989SDAM00 KFIS29BBBL01 KFIV29PCMS02 WRF989SDAB00 WRF989SDAM01 KFIS29BBBL02 MFT2976AEB00 WRF989SDAB01 WRF989SDAM02 KFIS29BBMS00 MFT2976AEB01 WRF989SDAB02 WRF989SDAW00 KFIS29BBMS01 MFT2976AEB02 WRF989SDAE00 WRF989SDAW01 KFIS29BBMS02 MFT2976AEM00 WRF989SDAE01 WRF989SDAW02 KFIS29BBWH00 MFT2976AEM01 WRF989SDAE02 WRF990SLAM00 KFIS29BBWH01 MFT2976AEM02 WRF989SDAF00 WRF990SLAM01 KFIS29BBWH02 MFT2976AEW00 WRF989SDAF01 WRF990SLAM02 KFIS29PBMS00 MFT2976AEW01 WRF989SDAF02 Serial Numbers: Prior to K406 PUB W10739305
  15. 866 downloads

    2012 Profile and GE French Door Refrigerators Technical Service Guide December 2012 GE Appliances Models: DFE29JG DFE29JM DFE29JS GFE27GG GFE27GS GFE29HG GFE29HM GFE29HS PFE27KG PFE27KS PFE29PG PFE29PS PYE23KG PYE23KS PYE23PS PUB 31-9227
  16. 106 downloads

    KitchenAid Refrigerator KBRS22KTWH00 KBRS22KTBL00 KBRS22KTSS00 KBLS22KTSS00 Repair Part List - W10144701 Tech Sheet - 12827949 was Tech Sheet 67006616
  17. In this first video, we troubleshoot a warm beer compartment (fresh food) in a Frigidaire Gallery french door bottom mount refrigerator. The video illustrates the importance of following a cardinal rule of troubleshooting: Fix the obvious problem first. In this case, the customer simply reported that the FF compartment was warm but the freezer compartment was good. We verified these temperatures upon arrival. But then the customer points out that the lights in the FF compartment were stuck on and melted a hole in the liner at the top-- you'll see this in the video. So, in keeping with step one of the Ten Step Tango™ troubleshooting procedure, what is our problem statement? Warm FF compartment? Or... It may have started out that way but now, with this new observation, the problem statement evolves to "lights in the FF compartment stuck on." We then show how to verify this in diagnostic mode and using the video record function on the your iPhone. Then we show how to use the schematic on the tech sheet to deduce the cause of the problem. BTW, we had already tested the door switch in diagnostic mode and it was correctly reporting the open/closed status to the UI so we ruled that out. This case study reveals how imperative it is for the sharp shooter tech to avoid getting tunnel vision based on the customer problem statement and to look for and respond to realtime observations at the service call. In this next video, we take you inside the defective damper assembly in a GE Profile (Arctica series) side by side refrigerator and shows you a common way these dampers fail, allowing too much cold air into the beer compartment. If you want to master the art of refrigerator repair with a high first call complete rate and satisfied customers, then remember to enroll in the Master Samurai Tech Academy's Refrigerator Repair course.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    PUB W10591246
  19. 207 downloads

    Whirlpool Fridge ED5VHEXVB01 ED5VHEXVQ01 ED5VHEXVL01 Repair Part List - W10242505 Service and Wiring Sheet - W10207987
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