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  1. 823 downloads

    MODEL : LFX28978 LFX25978
  2. Hello, I have a lg lmxs30776d fridge that won’t dispense any water from the door but will make ice no problem. so far I’ve tested the two valves in the door that control the water to the dispense and the ice maker. Everything is working correctly, The water dispenser triggers the door valve solenoid. The main water valve on the back of the fridge only activates with the ice maker. It does not activate with the water dispenser so no water flows through the main water line that feeds the door. The Water dispenser worked randomly once while I was trouble shooting everything. I’m at a
  3. Bought a fridge from someone, they told me the repair man said there was a leak which is why they were getting rid of it. I checked for leaks and couldn't find anything, tried to start up the fridge and the compressor overload tripped a little afterwards. Figured out the low side was going into a full vacuum so I isolated the cap tube (which was completely restricted) and purged it with 300 psi of nitro until what looked like some oxidation came out the other end. I decided to flush the cap tube with one of those flush canisters and ac flush until there was an uninterrupted stream at the other
  4. The compressor on my fridge needs to be replaced. I will be attempting to do the repair but I want to know exactly what the buldge is on the high side and the suction side of compressor. I can only assume it's some sort or secondary filter drier or muffler. Does it need to be replaced along with the compressor or can it just stay there? I tried searching for the part but it isn't listed on any website that contains parts for this fridge.
  5. Hello :) We have a Liebherr SBSbs 8673 fridge for 4 months ( we bought it used tho, freezer was unused, but seller told us that refrigerator was used for 1 year before us). And every month it stops freezing. First time fixing company changed compressor it worked fine for ~one month, next time they cleaned tubes and now, a month passed and it stopped cooling again.... Any ideas would be much appreciated, because loosing a fridge regularly is frustrating T_T
  6. Fridge: 1.5 year old Side-by-Side Kenmore 51789 (seems to be a Whirlpool model?) Service Sheet: W10670778 A Over the last few days, I’ve noticed my fridge and freezer were slowly getting less and less cold, with the fridge seemingly doing worst at keeping cold. Looking at the freezer, I discovered some frost towards the bottom, right around the vents. I decided to (manually) defrost the fridge by turning it off (from the front-panel, leaving it plugged in). As the fridge was defrosting, I looked for some information online, which all indicate that it’s probably due to the control broa
  7. 649 downloads

    Service Manual / Job Aid for the Whirlpool SxS 2010 26-inch models Service Manual Models: GSF26C5EXW GSF26C5EXY GSS26C5XXA GSS26C5XXB GSS26C5XXW GSS26C5XXY GSF26C5EXS GSF26C5EXT May also apply to WSF26 MSB27 JSC24 GSC25 With minotaur controller and stealth dispenser controller PUB W10338921
  8. Hi everyone, I've been trying to figure out what's going on with my fridge. I have a Whirlpool W8RXEGMWB00 built in 02/2010. Simply stated, one day it completely stopped cooling. I can leave it run all day and it will not drop below room temperature. The fan runs and the light works, however, the compressor is warm, so I am assuming it is not kicking on. I have tested continuity of the thermostat, which was fine, as well as continuity of the 3 prongs on the compressor, which all were equal, and also power to the inverter board and compressor, which was fine. There is only 1 single red wi
  9. GE Monogram SxS Side-by-side fridge zfsb23drbss PHOTOS: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NWvvFw157aSd8ZyQ9 Datasheet is in the photos. And Yes, I know the high / low side are swapped. All temps in Fahrenheit, Ambient 60F, 6.5oz of R134a Ok, so started kitchen remodel, wanted new fridge, fell in love with Monogram from 2005. Craigslist had one that didn't cool properly, and guy ended up giving it to me for free. So began with 25F Freezer, 45F Fridge, only 6” of frost on freezer evaporater at cap tube outlet. After remov
  10. File Name: Kenmore LG 795.71604.010 Refrigerator Service Manual File Submitter: Samurai Appliance Repair Man File Submitted: 05 Jan 2013 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper LG-made Kenmore bottom-mount refrigerator Model #s: 795.71602.010 795.71603.010 795.71604.010 795.71606.010 795.71609.010 P/No. MFL63293403 Click here to download this file
  11. There was a "partial" tech sheet on the fridge. But looking for something more in depth, like comp diagnostics and thermistor ranges.
  12. I have a Samsung rf263teaesr french door fridge. A month or so ago is was cooling down to 30 degrees. Luckily I have a home warranty (highly recommend, I work in the real estate business) A service guy came out, replaced the control board and I believe the thermostat. Both tested bad. It then would not hold a consistent temperature. I put 2 thermometers in the unit and the temp would range from 34 to 49 degrees. He came out again and replaced the control board. Still had the same problem, and even if the temperature inside was 45 degrees, the display would always show the current temperature b
  13. Just pulled this one out of storage after 6 months - compressor and condenser fan will not run - evap fan running full speed. Has had "no cooling" issues in the past - but always seems to fix itself after a day or two. Not this time - just plugged it in - and nothing happening. I suspect the wonderful dual digital display control board (@ $150 - Ouch) but I'm going to check for voltage at the condenser fan and at the compressor start relay - before I spend $$$ on a new control board. Any other things to check? Condenser coil is clean enough - and I would think the compressor would st
  14. GE PFSS0MFZBSS Refrigerator Mini Manual View File PUB 31-51798 Submitter Lighthouse Submitted 11/30/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  15. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 31-51798
  16. My whirlpool refrigerator (model GB2FHDXWB02 ) keeps having to be defrosted. We wake up one morning and the fridge is about 60 degrees and the freezer is still cold. I've defrosted it multiple times. There is always a puddle on the floor after the defrost so something was clogged somewhere. This has now become a monthly occurrence. Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this? Can I flush the line with hot water? Replace the fan? From what I could find based on the serial number that starts "K1..." The appliance was built in 2011 (39th week) Years ago I replaced the cond
  17. Hello everyone, I have a small Danby refrigerator (DFF8200W). The freezer on top worked fine but the dial to adjust the temperature in the fridge was jammed and the temperature in the fridge rose way up. I removed the fridge inside middle panel and discovered that ice built up at the top of the middle conduct. Water seems to drip from the freezer. When I let the ice melt and put it back, the dial can rotate and the fridge temperature goes down below freezing. Ice builds up again in the conduct within a few days which steadily increase the temperature in the fridge again. Do y
  18. 607 downloads

    Maytag Fridge SxS Amana JennAir Service Manual Jazz Board units Amana ACD2234HR* ACD2238HT* ASD2324HR* ASD2326HR* ASD2328HR* ASB2623HR* ASD2622HR* ASD2624HE* ASD2626HE* ASD262RHR* Maytag MSD2351HE* MSD2355HE* MSD2357HE* MSD2359KE* MSD2655HE* MSD2657HE* MSD2659KE* MZD2665HE* MZD2669KE* PSD263LHR* PSD266LHE* PSD267LHE* Jenn-Air JCB2280HE* JCB2282HT* JCB2282KT* JCD2292HT* JCD2292KT* JCD2295KE* JSD2695KE* PUB 16025628
  19. The freezer hasn't been able to freeze ice cubes for a year, but now it's not very cold at all, and the refrigerator itself seems to be getting less cool, too. I cleaned out the freezer and noticed that in the right back corner of the freezer, a block of ice has formed. I'd love any help I can get on how to troubleshoot this problem.
  20. I noticed my ge refrigerator wasn't cooling properly so being the diy er I am I decided to look up what it could be and aw something about frost on the back wall of the freezer so i took it apart and low and behold there was frost built up I purchased the right heater element and the defrost terminator and waited about a day and there's no more frost but the freezer is still hovering at 45 and the fridge 68 to 75... Its killing me and I'm not sure what the heck to do!! All the fans and the compressor is working so i'm just so confused and really need some help please! Thanks in advance!!
  21. Kitchenaid KSRS25FTBL01 Tech Sheet and Schematic View File Kitchenaid Fridge Refrigerator SxS KSRS25FTBL01 service sheet (tech sheet and wiring sheet) Service Sheet 2303925B Wiring Sheet W10142183A June 19 2007 Submitter DurhamAppliance Submitted 02/16/2016 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Kitchenaid Fridge Refrigerator SxS KSRS25FTBL01 service sheet (tech sheet and wiring sheet) Service Sheet 2303925B Wiring Sheet W10142183A June 19 2007
  23. 170 downloads

    Kitchenaid built-in sxs fridge with variable rate compressor 2003 M series covering models KSSC42QMS01 KSS****M and others job aid 4317344 KAR-15
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