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  1. 368 downloads

    Tech Sheet - 8540259 Example Kenmore model number 110.47571600
  2. 85 downloads

    Kenmore Washer Wiring Sheet, Rev. C 110.23022101 110.23012101 Pub No. 3955735
  3. 376 downloads

    PUB MFL67307945
  4. 106 downloads

    Kenmore Washer MFL30599151 796.4051*90* 796.4051
  5. Are you a skilled Appliance Repair Technician looking for an exciting opportunity to grow your career? Dynamic Appliance Repair continues to raise the bar for appliance repair service in Arizona, serving Cave Creek, Carefree, Scottsdale, Peoria, and surrounding areas. Why Choose Dynamic Appliance Repair? ✅ Reputation: We're Arizona's most trusted appliance repair service, recognized with the 2023 Most Professional Servicer Award. ✅ Customer-Centric: We value old-fashioned customer service and provide the valley's quickest and most economical appliance repair service. ✅ One-Year Warranty: All repairs are backed by our one-year warranty, the best in the industry! Position Overview: If you are self-motivated, have a knack for troubleshooting, possess strong mechanical skills, and have a clean driving record, we want to hear from you! As an Appliance Repair Technician, you'll accurately diagnose and repair appliances/equipment in the customer's home. You'll provide cost estimates for repairs, ensure the efficient use of materials, and maintain high levels of customer service. Requirements: 1 year of appliance repair experience or Appliance Repair Certification (recent graduates welcome) Strong mechanical skills and attention to detail Must have own truck and tools Must be able to obtain a certificate of liability insurance Excellent customer relations skills Clean driving record Must pass background screening and drug test Apply Today: Join our team and become part of a company where you will be valued and recognized for all your efforts. Dynamic Appliance Repair is an equal opportunity employer, and we celebrate diversity in our workplace. Compensation: $70,000.00 - $105,000.00 per year Learn more about us at Dynamic Appliance Repair Website. Want to be part of a team that values excellence and customer satisfaction? Call TODAY at (480) 590-7322!
  6. I have a 110 volt Kenmore 110.88670100 dryer that recently started working badly. When I would push the button after turning the timer there would be a loud sound of an electrical current but the tumbler would not engage. If the button was pushed heavily eventually no electrical sound. After awhile the button would go back to loud electrical sound and the tumbler not engaging. When taking the top off the sound seems to generate from the circuit board and timer assembly. I have replaced the plug in, the band that goes around the tumbler, and the push to start switch. Whenever I had the top off I would push in the start switch and see a light flash in its assembly. When pushing in the start knob I push the button a little to the right and it does turn on. I have ordered a new push to start switch and a board and timer assembly. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Version PDF


  8. 474 downloads

    Tech Sheet for Kenmore Dishwasher 665.13962K015 PUB W10321874
  9. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 318550163
  10. Version 2.0


    PUB 137312800
  11. I have a Kenmore 596.69282011 bottom mount freezer where the freezer stays frozen, but the upper fridge section (about every week or so for a couple of days) warms up to about 15C (60F) for a day or two at a time. When this happens I can hear the fan running inside (and it is blowing nice cold air into the bottom freezer section) but I don't feel any cool air coming into the top centre rear of the fridge section. When it starts working again a few days later - I can once again feel cool air coming into the top fridge section. - could this be a damper issue not letting cool air from below into the fridge section? - or could this be a sign of the control board starting to fail as it doesn't happen all the time and is not consistent for how often and how long it fails for?
  12. 250 downloads

    MODEL : 796.4001#9##, 4027#9##, 4031#9## PUB MFL30599139
  13. 203 downloads

    Kenmore Refrigerator 106.56699501 Wiring Sheet - 2313239
  14. Manufacturer: Kenmore Type of Appliance: Refrigerator Model Number: 111.73022711 Have you validated the model number at an online parts site like Repair Clinic? (yes or no): Yes Have you watched the video on how to search for manuals and have you searched the Downloads section prior to posting this request? (yes or no): Yes
  15. Good morning Master. I seek wisdom for the Kenmore Elite HE3 front load washer model 11045872401 serial number CSS4613098. I am forever grateful. Jeff Mohler
  16. its a kenmore HE not sure how old not high tech though it all started with my washer constantly draining as soon as its turned on before it even starts to fill. I check the drain pump thinking maybe its bad or obstructed by something. There is nothing in the lines or the pump. I assume the pump is bad but turns out that it is not. I start delving into the issue more maybe its part of it being stuck on sensing so I figure out that there is a booklet that lets you run diagnostic tests and I put it in the automatic test mode thinking if something is wrong itll stop on whatever the issue is. It goes through every step without an issue and drains completely. I turn it back on and this is also after ive calibrated it since i replaced the pump and see if it will run a cycle after the successful test and the sensing light comes on and instead of filling it automatically starts draining and it sounds like someone sucking the straw of a empty drink just like before. Ive also checked water pressure and the screens in the hoses. so since every part of the test ran well, hot water ran + cold water ran so that works and it ran through all the cycles including draining it couldnt be anything with the drain lines or pump i assume it could be the control board. I get access to the control board and unplug everything and take a nice look at it (i checked and everything was connected securely) and the whole board is pretty. nothing visible wrong with it. at this point im clueless and everytime i try to google it the only thing i see is "washer drains and fills at same time" and its maddening because mine doesnt even fill first. also not sure if it matters buts no matter what settings i put it in it goes into sensing and automatically starts draining. no water comes into the washer at all.
  17. Hello all! I really need to get my Kenmore 80 Series washing machine going again! A few weeks ago, it started making noise during the drain and spin cycles. I was advised to replace the basket drive and clutch assemblies. So, I ordered those parts. In the meantime, the symptoms changed: The noise turned into a grinding banging sound during the spin cycle The washer skipped the neutral drain step and instead did a drain/spin at the same time (there were no problems during agitation) The new grinding and banging was so bad, I stopped the cycle before it completed. When they arrived, I installed the basket drive and clutch assembly. However, the behavior was the same -- grinding and banging when the drain/spin cycle started. Research pointed to the transmission and the need for a neutral drain kit which I purchased and installed. I was super-disappointed to find the behavior is exactly the same! It's acting like it wants to spin, but also agitate at the same time (see attached video). So, my question is: Where do I go from here? Is it possible to identify the parts inside the transmission that need to be replaced? Or, is a new one the only way to go? I like the machine and would rather use it than a new (HE) machine. So far, I've spent around $275 in parts (along with many hours in research and labor). So, I don't want that to go to waste. But, my confidence is shot at this point and I don't want to just keep throwing money at this thing either. I'd really appreciate any guidance I can get. I'm happy to provide any information that could help you point me in the right direction. Thanks! KenmoreWasher.mp4
  18. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 318127025 Rev. B Gas Range with Electronic Oven Control
  19. I need help diagnosing my washer. The problem arises when the washer is going through its normal cycle and then later stops mid-cycle to show the IE error code. It's a head scratcher because I've tried almost everything I know to be associated with the IE error code. So far I've, -Checked all the hoses (water & drain) for any kinks, leaks, or blockage and debris. [All Clear] -Checked and cleaned the mesh filters for the water intake. [All Clear with the exception of very light mineral deposits] -Checked the water valves, hoses, and pressure were open and flowing normally. [All Clear] -Checked and cleaned the drain hose including its positioning to prevent siphoning. [All Clear] I keep reading through the manual too but I'm at a complete loss. https://www.searspartsdirect.com/model/2gpz2eaxe3-000583/kenmore-elite-79631523211-washer-parts Any ideas? Thanks to anyone who can help.
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