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  1. 67 downloads

    Miele washer W19xx series wire diagrams W1903 W1918 W1930 W1926 W1986 W1966
  2. Hi guys and gals, I have a 41-year old Inglis, belt-drive washer (washing machine) which has only let me down once before in all those many years! That was 10 years ago and I simply (well, fairly simply anyway) replaced the motor with a good, used one. Now, the machine won't drain when it is supposed to and I have determined that the drain pump shaft (with the pulley on top) isn't turning when the washer goes into drain mode! Since a new drain pump for something this old is hard to get a hold of and it is almost half the cost of a 'replacement' used washer, I am exploring the idea of 'rehabbing' the pump! Does anyone know if that might that be possible and, if so, can someone provide me with some pointers on how to do it (e.g., remove it, take it apart, clean all the parts and then give the shaft some good. old 3-in-1)?! TIA, dazedandconfused
  3. Good evening, this is my first post ever. I am trying to locate the manual and schematic for a washing machine which is occasionally leaking (enough water to soak 1 or 2 paper towels) at the front left leg. I initially accused my cat of peeing there but she swears that this is not the case. If you could help us locate the evidence to exonerate her, she would be much obliged. Thank you. 🐾
  4. 47 downloads

    PUB 134061500
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Models affected: GTW220ACK1 – 4 GTW460AMJ0 – 4 GTW460ASJ0 – 8 GTW485ASJ0 – 4 GTW490ACJ0 – 4 GTW680BPL0 GTW685BPL0DG GTW685BSL0WS GTW750CPL0DG GTW330ASK0 – 3 GTW750CSL0WS GTW680BSJ0 – 5 HTW200ASK0 – 3 HTW240ASK0 – 3 PUB HL03-18
  6. Version PDF


    Samsung WF428-448 Washer Service Manual Basic Model : WF337AAW/XAA (FRONTIER2-PROJECT) Model Name : WF448AAW WF448AAP WF448AAE WF438AAR WF428AAL Model Code : WF448AAW/XAC WF448AAP/XAC WF428AAW/XAC WF428AAL/XAC (PURPLE PROJECT) Code No.: DC68-02722B-01_EN
  8. Kenmore 110.25902400 Washer Tech Sheet View File Kenmore DD washer model 110.25902400 tech sheet PUB 8539562 Rev C Submitter igloo Submitted 04/24/2021 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Kenmore DD washer model 110.25902400 tech sheet PUB 8539562 Rev C
  10. Version F


    PUB W10607408 For models 11027132410, 11020372710, 11020372711, 11026132410, 11026132411, 11026132412, 11026132413, 11026134610, 11027132410, 11027132411, 11027132412, 11027132413, 11028132410, 11028132411, 11028132412, 11028132413, 11028133410, 11028133411, 11028133412, 11028133413, 11029132410, 11029132411, 11029132412, 11029132413, 11029133410, 11029133411, 11029133412, 11029133413, 7MMVWB835EW0, 7MMVWB835EW1, 7MMVWB855EC0, 7MMVWB855EC1, 7MWTW7000EW0, 7MWTW7000EW1, 7MWTW7300EW0, 7MWTW7300EW1, 7MWTW8500EC0, 7MWTW8500EC1, 7MWTW8500EC2, MVWB755DW0, MVWB765FC1, MVWB765FC2, MVWB765FW0, MVWB765FW1, MVWB765FW2, MVWB766FW0, MVWB766FW1, MVWB835DC0, MVWB835DC2, MVWB835DC3, MVWB835DW0, MVWB835DW1, MVWB835DW2, MVWB835DW3, MVWB855DC0, MVWB855DC1, MVWB855DC2, MVWB855DC3, MVWB855DW0, MVWB855DW1, MVWB855DW2, MVWB855DW3, MVWB865GC0, MVWB865GW0, WTW7000DW0, WTW7000DW1, WTW7000DW2, WTW7000DW3, WTW7040DW0, WTW7040DW1, WTW7040DW2, WTW7300DC0, WTW7300DW0, WTW7300DW1, WTW7300DW2, WTW8000DW0, WTW8000DW1, WTW8000DW2, WTW8000DW3, WTW8000DW4, WTW8000DW5, WTW8040DW0, WTW8040DW1, WTW8040DW2, WTW8040DW3, WTW8040DW4, WTW8500DC0, WTW8500DC1, WTW8500DC2, WTW8500DC3, WTW8500DC4, WTW8500DC5, WTW8500DR0, WTW8500DR1, WTW8500DR2, WTW8500DR3, WTW8500DR4, WTW8500DR5, WTW8500DW0, WTW8500DW1, WTW8500DW2, WTW8500DW3, WTW8500DW4, WTW8500DW5, ZAW47115GW0, 110.27132410, 110.20372710, 110.20372711, 110.26132410, 110.26132411, 110.26132412, 110.26132413, 110.26134610, 110.27132410, 110.27132411, 110.27132412, 110.27132413, 110.28132410, 110.28132411, 110.28132412, 110.28132413, 110.28133410, 110.28133411, 110.28133412, 110.28133413, 110.29132410, 110.29132411, 110.29132412, 110.29132413, 110.29133410, 110.29133411, 110.29133412, 110.29133413, MVWB755DW1, MVWB865GW1, 11028132414, 11029132414, 11029133414, MVWB765FC3
  11. Version Evernote enex ZIP


    Subject: 3E Error Diagnosis Guide Possible Causes • Main PCB Defect • Hall Sensor Defect • Motor Defect • Wire Harness Defect Evernote enex ZIP
  12. Need kenmore 90 series tech sheet thanks
  13. 110.20172001 Manual needed PS. What is the most effective way to look up kenmore stuff on this site Every time I search thousands of things come up
  14. Version 1.0.0


    PUB MFL68588912
  15. 786 downloads

    Models: GFWS2500 GFWS2505 GFWS2600 GFWS2605 GHWS3600 GHWS3605 GFWS3700 GFWS3705 GFWR4800 GFWR4805 PUB 31-9236-1
  16. Version 1.0.0


  17. When we try to start a wash cycle it seems to get ready for the fill but then no water is dispensed. We can fill it with a hose and then it will run, seems to do the rest of the cycle normally. Any ideas? Thanks, Jerry
  18. I need help diagnosing my washer. The problem arises when the washer is going through its normal cycle and then later stops mid-cycle to show the IE error code. It's a head scratcher because I've tried almost everything I know to be associated with the IE error code. So far I've, -Checked all the hoses (water & drain) for any kinks, leaks, or blockage and debris. [All Clear] -Checked and cleaned the mesh filters for the water intake. [All Clear with the exception of very light mineral deposits] -Checked the water valves, hoses, and pressure were open and flowing normally. [All Clear] -Checked and cleaned the drain hose including its positioning to prevent siphoning. [All Clear] I keep reading through the manual too but I'm at a complete loss. https://www.searspartsdirect.com/model/2gpz2eaxe3-000583/kenmore-elite-79631523211-washer-parts Any ideas? Thanks to anyone who can help.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Models: 08 10 12 PUB 16000401
  20. The current status is: Dryer works fine Washer light comes on when activated (i.e. pull the knob out) Washer does not Fill with water Rotate Drain (based on sound) I'm looking for information to help me find the pump (ic) board; check the fuse; test the pump I don't know if I have multiple failures (perhaps caused by the impact when the spring broke): the speed controller, the pump, etc. Please advise History, oldest to most recent Washer ande dryer worked fine Loud noise and washer stopped rotating in any mode Diagnosed a broken support spring Received and installed a replacement spring (and a replacement electric washer moter, belt, and schocks ready to return for a refund) Washer fills but does not spin. During what would be wash cycles, the drum rotates rarely and slowly. Drain pump makes a lot of noise Remove drain hose (drump to pump) and empty coin trap (it was full) Reinstall drain hose Washer fills but does not spin. During what would be wash cycles, the drum rotates rarely and slowly. Drain pump makes a lot of noise Attempt to clear hose from pump to exit pipe
  21. The problem is the washer spins and halts, spins and halts, endlessly on most dial settings, regardless whether the lid is open or the dial is pulled. The only way to stop it is to unplug the machine. (It will fill with water on the CLEAN setting.) Here's a video I took of the problem. What I've done so far, all with no effect: Replaced the timer. Replaced the motor and motor switch. Replaced the entire wire harness. Replaced the lid switch. Tested the pressure switch (all good). Tested the capacitor (all good). Double-checked that the power outlet works and no fuses are blown. I'm suspicious that it's the transmission. Reasons: I noticed there's oil leaking on the floor. It seems to be coming from the transmission. The original transmission died 6 months ago. I replaced it with a used one on eBay. Process of elimination -- I've replaced nearly everything else; what else could it be? Do you think the transmission is the culprit? Is there any other part I should check first? Thank you!
  22. The selector knob on our Whirlpool Duet washer either got misaligned or is not communicating correctly with the computer board. The knob is in good working order and I've checked that it is on the stem properly. But the cycle the knob points to is not the cycle the washer is selecting on the control panel. It's almost like it "lost" certain cycle options. When the knob points at "white wash" the control panel shows two dashed lines and no wash temp, speed, etc are selected. When pointed at the Normal Cycle, it doesn't register anything on the panel. When pointed at Delicate and Hand Washables, cycle options register on the panel but I'm not sure they are the correct cycle settings. No matter where the knob is pointed, a hot wash cannot be selected (unless I change the setting using the buttons for wash temp). Wash times and temps register when the knob points to Soak, Soak/Drain and etc. And when I turn the knob to the blank space between the drain options and the white wash, cycle times show on the control panel. We tried unplugging for 1 minutes and a reset didn't help. Any idea what could be wrong and if it is serviceable? Thanks for any tips.
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