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  1. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 8578834 - Rev A
  2. Requesting Service Manual/Tech Sheet please.
  3. IKEA Jenn-Air KitchenAid Maytag & Whirlpool Gas and Electric Slide-in Ranges Job Aid View File Gas and Electric Slide-In Ranges IEL730C IGL730C JES1450D JES1750E JGS1450D JIS1450D JDS1750E KSEB900E KSEG700E KSGG700E WEG760H0D MES8880D MGS8880D KSEG950E WEE760H0D WEC530H0D WEE730H0D KSGB900E JDS1450D KSIB900E KSDB900E WEG730H0D PUB W10748358 KR-40 Submitter Captain Dunsel Submitted 04/23/2016 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper
  4. I have a Whirlpool fridge that isn't working nearly as well as it should be ...I have the cold settings set the highest that it can go and it's not nearly as cold as it used to be in both the freezer and the fridge part. About at least a a year ago I had to replace some parts that went bad when I had this same or similar problem...but I forgot what parts they were. Besides being pretty much silent I'm hearing a faint clicking noise once in a while. I'm wondering how can fix this? About how much would it cost for parts? Would it be more worth it just to get another one?
  5. Version F


    PUB W10607408 For models 11027132410, 11020372710, 11020372711, 11026132410, 11026132411, 11026132412, 11026132413, 11026134610, 11027132410, 11027132411, 11027132412, 11027132413, 11028132410, 11028132411, 11028132412, 11028132413, 11028133410, 11028133411, 11028133412, 11028133413, 11029132410, 11029132411, 11029132412, 11029132413, 11029133410, 11029133411, 11029133412, 11029133413, 7MMVWB835EW0, 7MMVWB835EW1, 7MMVWB855EC0, 7MMVWB855EC1, 7MWTW7000EW0, 7MWTW7000EW1, 7MWTW7300EW0, 7MWTW7300EW1, 7MWTW8500EC0, 7MWTW8500EC1, 7MWTW8500EC2, MVWB755DW0, MVWB765FC1, MVWB765FC2, MVWB765FW0, MVWB765FW1, MVWB765FW2, MVWB766FW0, MVWB766FW1, MVWB835DC0, MVWB835DC2, MVWB835DC3, MVWB835DW0, MVWB835DW1, MVWB835DW2, MVWB835DW3, MVWB855DC0, MVWB855DC1, MVWB855DC2, MVWB855DC3, MVWB855DW0, MVWB855DW1, MVWB855DW2, MVWB855DW3, MVWB865GC0, MVWB865GW0, WTW7000DW0, WTW7000DW1, WTW7000DW2, WTW7000DW3, WTW7040DW0, WTW7040DW1, WTW7040DW2, WTW7300DC0, WTW7300DW0, WTW7300DW1, WTW7300DW2, WTW8000DW0, WTW8000DW1, WTW8000DW2, WTW8000DW3, WTW8000DW4, WTW8000DW5, WTW8040DW0, WTW8040DW1, WTW8040DW2, WTW8040DW3, WTW8040DW4, WTW8500DC0, WTW8500DC1, WTW8500DC2, WTW8500DC3, WTW8500DC4, WTW8500DC5, WTW8500DR0, WTW8500DR1, WTW8500DR2, WTW8500DR3, WTW8500DR4, WTW8500DR5, WTW8500DW0, WTW8500DW1, WTW8500DW2, WTW8500DW3, WTW8500DW4, WTW8500DW5, ZAW47115GW0, 110.27132410, 110.20372710, 110.20372711, 110.26132410, 110.26132411, 110.26132412, 110.26132413, 110.26134610, 110.27132410, 110.27132411, 110.27132412, 110.27132413, 110.28132410, 110.28132411, 110.28132412, 110.28132413, 110.28133410, 110.28133411, 110.28133412, 110.28133413, 110.29132410, 110.29132411, 110.29132412, 110.29132413, 110.29133410, 110.29133411, 110.29133412, 110.29133413, MVWB755DW1, MVWB865GW1, 11028132414, 11029132414, 11029133414, MVWB765FC3
  6. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 2265591 Rev A
  7. Hello all! First time poster so forgive my noob mistakes. I have a whirlpool 5 door fridge that I’m flipping, or was the plan. The lady I got it from said that the freezer froze over and then the door alarm wouldn’t stop going off. I’ve checked the freezer section and I can’t find any indication that it ever froze over. I can however find that the eBay fan in the refrigerator section is not running and not getting power. From what I believe is due to the door switch. to date: ive probes all the leads. No power to evaporate fan. door switches all tested out with correct ohms. But the voltage is at 6, not 120 as information suggests it should be. I’ve replaced 3 of the 5 door switches. Still nothing. I’ve tried jumping/bypassing the last two remaining door switches, still a no go. the pantry door control is functioning as expected, and I read where one could disconnect the pantry door and this would correct the situation. Not with this unit! I’ve traced pantry control wiring back to where it enters the wall of the unit. Unhooked it deom that junction and inspected each wire for breaks, nada! tge LED lighting turns off after 5 minutes. And I have to unplug it and reconnect before they will come back on. the refrigerator will not run (compressor) unless I put it into test mode and then take it out manually. Once I do this I can get the compressor to turn on and start cooling. But of course the wrap starts to freeze over after a few minutes because the evap fan isn’t working. I’m on the third evap fan! The first one was dead, the second one was DOA and now this one. That so far tests out. I’ve actually started to use another fan, just as a crash test dummy so if it is the board drying them it will dry an old computer cooling fan and I’ll still have the good fan. Lol. im at a loss. The aurora board is mentioned in a few posts out there. I’ve inspected it connection by connection. But nothing has been discovered. On boards like these I generally repair them, since I’m not in a position for parts markup. The main board I’ve proved as well. Power is at all the proper points, but even this board I’ve tested and nothing. Any ideas on what to check next. Aside from my blood pressure and my insanity level. This unit is becoming my arch nemesis. I would normally walk away from it, and have 3 times already. But my sister seen it and now she wants it. Can anyone help With a service manual or any advice??? if I’ve left out anything or if you have questions for me, please post them here and I’ll respond ASAP. thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of the site. ~DIYChick
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Customers may report their refrigerator is not making ice, or has a frozen fill tube. These concerns are likely to follow extended periods of ice maker inactivity, i.e. a full Ice Bucket, or Ice Machine recently turned on. Models: Models: 5WSC20CAY*00 5WSC20CAY*01 6ISC20C6A*00 6WSC20C6Y*00 7GSC22C6X*00 7GSC22C6X*01 GSC25C4EY*01 GSC25C5EY*01 GSC25C6EY*01 GSS26C4XX*03 GSS26C5XX*00 GSS26C5XX*04 GSS30C6EY*01 ISC23CNEX*02 JSC24C8EA*01 KSC23C8EY*01 KSC23C8EY*03 KSF26C4XY*03 KSF26C4XY*05 KSF26C6XY*01 KSF26C6XY*05 MSB27C2XA*00 MSB27C2XA*01 MSC21C6MD*01 WRL767SIA*00 WRS537SIA*00 WRS537SIA*01 WRS965CIA*00 GSC25C4EY*02 GSS26C4XX*04 KSF26C4XY*04 WRS965CIA*01 GSC25C4EY*03 GSC25C4EY*04 GSS26C5XX*02 JSC24C8EA*00 KSF26C4XY*01 MSC21C6MD*00 WSF26C2EX*00 WSF26C2EX*01 6ISC20C6A*01 GSC25C5EY*00 GSS26C5XX*03 JSC24C8EA*02 KSF26C6XY*00 WSF26C2EX*03 WSF26C2EX*02 6WSC20C6Y*01 GSC25C5EY*02 GSS30C6EY*00 KSF26C6XY*02 WRL767SIA*01 GSS30C6EY*02 KSC23C8EY*00 KSF26C6XY*03 WRS526SIA*00 WSF26C3EX*00 GSC25C5EY*03 GSC25C6EY*00 GSS30C6EY*03 KSC23C8EY*02 KSF26C6XY*04 WSF26C3EX*01 WSF26C3EX*03 WSF26C3EX*02 7GSC22C6X*02 GSC25C6EY*02 GSS30C7EY*00 KSC23C9EY*02 KSF26C6XY*06 WRS571CID*00 7KSC24C8E*00 GSC25C6EY*03 GSS30C7EY*02 KSC23C9EY*00 KSF26C7XY*00 WRS576FID*00 7KSC24C8E*01 GSF26C4EX*00 GSS30C7EY*03 KSF26C7XY*01 WRS586FID*00 7KSF26C6Y*00 GSF26C4EX*02 GSS30C7EY*01 KSC23C9EY*01 KSF26C7XY*02 WRS586FID*01 7KSF26C6Y*01 KSC24C8EY*00 GSF26C4EX*03 KSF26C7XY*03 WRS586FIE*00 7WSC21C4X*00 GSF26C5EX*00 ISC23CDEX*00 KSC24C8EY*02 KSF26C7XY*04 WRS586FIE*01 7WSC21C4X*02 7WSC21C4X*01 ISC23CDEX*01 ISC23CDEX*02 KSC24C8EY*03 GSF26C5EX*02 KSC24C8EY*01 KSF26C7XY*05 WRS586FLD*00 GSF26C5EX*03 WRS586FLD*01 ISC23CNEX*00 KSC24C8EY*04 GSS26C4XX*00 MSB26C6MD*00 WRS950SIA*00 ISC23CNEX*01 KSF26C4XY*00 GSS26C4XX*02 KSF26C4XY*02 MSB26C6MD*01 WRS950SIA*01 * Denotes color GSC25C4EY*00 PUB W10787876 - Rev A
  9. Model#WFE710H0AS oven heats to temp, and control shows correct but stops heating. heard an odd whirring noise a week ago, and though I saw small flame in oven. Threw breaker. Some smoke but no electric smell - couldn't determine what it was. Thought scrap parchment paper perhaps. Started again and Oven worked normal til yesterday used daily. have reset and still doing it. Suggestions oh wise ones? thankful humble apprentice since 2010 that foolishly lost login after last honorable repair celebration
  10. 786 downloads

    Whirlpool Washer MVWC360AW0 Parts List & Tech Sheets Repair Part List - W10524961 W10468340 - Tech Sheet
  11. Hi Friends: I have a Bosch B22CT080SNS/01 French Door Refrigerator. Ice maker is located in the bottom freezer. I cannot find for the life of me the ice maker assembly replacement. It is on back order.and has been for at least 2 months now. Bosch has not ETA. No local parts house, no online vendor, or my tech can find one. Only some in Canada but they won't ship to the US. I was told to find part number 00798555. This Bosch refrigerator was clearly made by Whirlpool. My brother owns a JennAir JFC2290REM00 and I can't find a difference in the models except of course the label. I'm willing to put in a generic ice maker if someone can suggest something that is compatible. This unit produces the crescent cubes. Any help or suggestions would be appreciate. Thank you!
  12. 767 downloads

    2011 Undercounter Dishwashers 2 1⁄2" Console Models: WDF530PAY* WDF530PLY* WDF730PAY* WDF750SAY* Fully Integrated Door Models: WDT710PAY* WDT770PAY* WDT790SAY* WDT790SLY* WDT910SAY* PUB W10450109 KD-14
  13. Version 1.0.0


    PUB W10751166 Rev C
  14. Version 1.0.0


    PUB W11039809 error code F2 E2 for models: KDFE103D, WDT750SAHB0, WDT750SAHM0, WDT750SAHV0, WDT750SAHW0, WDT750SAHZ0, MDB7969SEM0, MDB7969SEM1, MDB7969SEM2, WDT970SAHB0, WDT970SAHV0, WDT970SAHW0, WDT970SAHZ0, WDT995SAFM0, DTA50SAHB0, WDTA50SAHM0, WDTA50SAHN0, WDTA50SAHW0, WDTA50SAHZ0, WDTA75SAHN0, WDTA75SAHZ0, ADB1500ADB1, ADB1500ADB2, ADB1500ADB3, ADB1500ADS1, ADB1500ADS2, ADB1500ADS3, ADB1500ADW1, ADB1500ADW2, ADB1500ADW3, ADB1500AW, ADB1500AWB, ADB1500AWB0, ADB1500AWB1, ADB1500AWB10, ADB1500AWB2, ADB1500AWB3, ADB1500AWB37, ADB1500AWB41, ADB1500AWB46, ADB1500AWQ, ADB1500AWQ0, ADB1500AWQ1, ADB1500AWQ10, ADB1500AWQ2, ADB1500AWQ3, ADB1500AWQ37, ADB1500AWQ41, ADB1500AWQ46, ADB1500AWS, ADB1500AWS0, ADB1500AWS1, ADB1500AWS10, ADB1500AWS2, ADB1500AWS3, ADB1500AWS37, ADB1500AWS41, ADB1500AWS46, ADB1500AWW, ADB1500AWW0, ADB1500AWW1, ADB1500AWW10, ADB1500AWW2, ADB1500AWW3, ADB1500AWW37, ADB1500AWW41, ADB1500AWW46, ADB1500AWZ, ADB1500AWZ10, ADB1500AWZ37, ADB1500AWZ41, ADB1500AWZ46, ADB1700ADB1, ADB1700ADB2, ADB1700ADB3, ADB1700ADS1, ADB1700ADS2, ADB1700ADS3, ADB1700ADW1, ADB1700ADW2, ADB1700ADW3, IUD7555DS0, IUD7555DS1, IUD7555DS2, IUD7555DS3, IUD8555DX0, IUD8555DX1, IUD8555DX2, IUD8555DX3, JDB9800CWP1, JDB9800CWP2, JDB9800CWS1, JDB9800CWS2, JDB9800CWX2, KDFE104DBL0, KDFE104DBL1, KDFE104DBL2, KDFE104DBL3, KDFE104DBL4, KDFE104DSS0, KDFE104DSS1, KDFE104DSS2, KDFE104DSS3, KDFE104DSS4, KDFE104DWH0, KDFE104DWH1, KDFE104DWH2, KDFE104DWH3, KDFE104DWH4, KDFE204EBL0, KDFE204EBL1, KDFE204EBL2, KDFE204EBL3, KDFE204ESS0, KDFE204ESS1, KDFE204ESS2, KDFE204ESS3, KDFE204EWH0, KDFE204EWH1, KDFE204EWH2, KDFE204EWH3, KDTE104EBL0, KDTE104EBL1, KDTE104EBL2, KDTE104EBL3, KDTE104EBS1, KDTE104EBS2, KDTE104EBS3, KDTE104ESS0, KDTE104ESS1, KDTE104ESS2, KDTE104ESS3, KDTE104EWH0, KDTE104EWH1, KDTE104EWH2, KDTE104EWH3, KDTE204EBL0, KDTE204EBL1, KDTE204EBL2, KDTE204EBL3, KDTE204EPA0, KDTE204EPA1, KDTE204EPA2, KDTE204EPA3, KDTE204ESS0, KDTE204ESS1, KDTE204ESS2, KDTE204ESS3, KDTE204EWH0, KDTE204EWH1, KDTE204EWH2, KDTE204EWH3, KDTE254EBL0, KDTE254EBL1, KDTE254EBL2, KDTE254ESS, KDTE254ESS0, KDTE254ESS1, KDTE254ESS2, KDTE254EWH0, KDTE254EWH1, KDTE254EWH2, KDTM354EBL0, KDTM354EBS1, KDTM354EBS2, KDTM354ESS0, KDTM354ESS1, KDTM354ESS2, KDTM354EWH0, KDTM384EBS0, KDTM384EBS1, KDTM384ESS0, KDTM384ESS1, KDTM404EBL0, KDTM404EBL1, KDTM404EBL2, KDTM404EBS0, KDTM404EBS1, KDTM404EBS2, KDTM404ESS0, KDTM404ESS1, KDTM404ESS2, KDTM404EWH0, KDTM404EWH1, KDTM404EWH2, KDTM504EPA0, KDTM504EPA1, KDTM704EBS0, KDTM704EBS1, KDTM704ESS0, KDTM704ESS1, KDTM804EBS0, KDTM804EBS1, KDTM804ESS0, KDTM804ESS1, MDB4949SDE0, MDB4949SDE1, MDB4949SDE2, MDB4949SDE3, MDB4949SDH0, MDB4949SDH1, MDB4949SDH2, MDB4949SDH3, MDB4949SDM0, MDB4949SDM1, MDB4949SDM2, MDB4949SDM3, MDB4949SDZ0, MDB5969SDE0, MDB5969SDE1, MDB5969SDE2, MDB5969SDH0, MDB5969SDH1, MDB5969SDH2, MDB5969SDM0, MDB5969SDM1, MDB5969SDM2, MDB6949SDE0, MDB6949SDE1, MDB6949SDH0, MDB6949SDH1, MDB6949SDM0, MDB6949SDM1, MDB7949SDE0, MDB7949SDE1, MDB7949SDE2, MDB7949SDE3, MDB7949SDH0, MDB7949SDH1, MDB7949SDH2, MDB7949SDH3, MDB7949SDM0, MDB7949SDM1, MDB7949SDM2, MDB7949SDM3, MDB7949SDZ0, MDB8959SAB0, MDB8959SAB1, MDB8959SAS0, MDB8959SAS1, MDB8959SAW0, MDB8959SAW1, MDB8959SBB0, MDB8959SBB1, MDB8959SBB2, MDB8959SBB3, MDB8959SBS0, MDB8959SBS1, MDB8959SBS2, MDB8959SBS3, MDB8959SBW0, MDB8959SBW1, MDB8959SBW2, MDB8959SBW3, MDB8959SFE0, MDB8959SFE1, MDB8959SFE2, MDB8959SFE3, MDB8959SFE4, MDB8959SFH0, MDB8959SFH1, MDB8959SFH2, MDB8959SFH3, MDB8959SFH4, MDB8959SFZ0, MDB8959SFZ1, MDB8959SFZ2, MDB8959SFZ3, MDB8959SFZ4, MDB8969SDE0, MDB8969SDE1, MDB8969SDE2, MDB8969SDE3, MDB8969SDH0, MDB8969SDH1, MDB8969SDH2, MDB8969SDH3, MDB8969SDM0, MDB8969SDM1, MDB8969SDM2, MDB8969SDM3, MDB8979SEZ0, MDB8979SEZ1, MDB8979SFZ0, MDB8979SFZ1, MDB8979SFZ2, WDF560SAFB0, WDF560SAFB1, WDF560SAFM0, WDF560SAFM1, WDF560SAFW0, WDF560SAFW1, WDF760SADB0, WDF760SADB1, WDF760SADB2, WDF760SADB3, WDF760SADM0, WDF760SADM1, WDF760SADM2, WDF760SADM3, WDF760SADT0, WDF760SADT1, WDF760SADT2, WDF760SADT3, WDF760SADW0, WDF760SADW1, WDF760SADW2, WDF760SADW3, WDF770SAFZ0, WDF770SAFZ1, WDT720PADB0, WDT720PADB1, WDT720PADB2, WDT720PADE0, WDT720PADE1, WDT720PADE2, WDT720PADH0, WDT720PADH1, WDT720PADH2, WDT720PADM0, WDT720PADM1, WDT720PADM2, WDT720PADW0, WDT720PADW1, WDT720PADW2, WDT780SAEM0, WDT780SAEM1, WDT780SAEM2, WDT920SADE0, WDT920SADE1, WDT920SADE2, WDT920SADE3, WDT920SADH0, WDT920SADH1, WDT920SADH2, WDT920SADH3, WDT920SADM0, WDT920SADM1, WDT920SADM2, WDT920SADM3
  15. Whirlpool WTW5000DW1 Washer Tech Sheet View File PUB W10740624 - Rev B Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 08/23/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  16. Version 1.0.0


    PUB W10740624 - Rev B
  17. Service manual needed cant find this on repairclinic or any site I hope they didn’t give the wrong number
  18. My Whirlpool side by side fridge model number WRS325FDAM02 has a stuck water filter. After opening the access door, the filter should pop out a bit, i guess, in order to pull it out for replacement. But it doesn't. This model has no button to push, but an access door at the bottom left of the fridge. The filter should, according to Whirlpool, just pop out when the door is opened right-to-left. Tried pliers on the end of the filter, but the end of the filter is rounded and gripping it from the end is impossible. Removed lower grating to see if that help with access, but it doesn't. Water filter hasn't been changed in 5 years! LOL... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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