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  1. File Name: Viking Technical Bulletin: Replacement PM010129 Relay File Submitter: Samurai Appliance Repair Man File Submitted: 21 Jan 2014 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Viking Technical Bulletin: Replacement PM010129 Relay Models: DEDO200 DEDO205 DEDO270 DEDO275 DESO100 DESO105 DESO170 DESO175 VDSC305 VDSC307 VDSC365 VDSC367 VDSC485 VDSC487 VEDO205 VEDO276 VESO105 VESO176 PUB TC-0010A-SP AUGUST 2008 Replacement relay part link: Part number: AP5317437 Click here to download this file
  2. Whirlpool WEG750H0HV0 DSI Range Wiring Diagram View File PUB W11096113 Rev. C Submitter MarcusF Submitted 06/29/2022 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    PUB W11096113 Rev. C
  4. 46 downloads

    MODELS: LSC5683WW LSC5683WB LSC5683WS P/NO : MFL38379704
  5. 437 downloads

    Bosch Free Standing and Slide-in Ranges Service Manual Free Standing Ranges: FSR FSR3 Slide In Ranges: SIR Models: HDI7032C/U - SIR HDI7052C/U - SIR HEI7132C/U - SIR HEI7152C/U - SIR HEI7282C/U - SIR HES2220U - FSR HES2250U - FSR HES2260U - FSR HES2320U - FSR HES232C/U - FSR HES2350U - FSR HES235C/U - FSR HES2360U - FSR HES236C/U - FSR HES242C/U - FSR HES245C/U - FSR HES246C/U - FSR HES247U - FSR HES252C/U - FSR HES255C/U - FSR HES256C/U - FSR HES3052C/U – FSR3 HES342U - FSR HES3450U - FSR HES345U - FSR HES346U - FSR HES432U - FSR HES435U - FSR HES436U - FSR HES442U - FSR HES445U - FSR HES446U - FSR HES5022C/U - FSR3 HES5042C/U - FSR3 HES5052C/U - FSR3 HES5062C/U - FSR3 HES7022C/U - FSR3 HES7052C/U - FSR3 HES7062C/U - FSR3 HES7132U - FSR3 HES7152U - FSR3 HES7252U - FSR3 HES7282U - FSR3 HGS232UC - FSR HGS442UC - FSR HGS445UC - FSR HGS446UC - FSR HGS5022UC - FSR3 HGS5042UC - FSR3 HGS5052UC - FSR3 HGS5062UC - FSR3 HGS7022UC - FSR3 HGS7052UC - FSR3 HGS7062UC - FSR3 HGS7132UC - FSR3 HGS7152MX - FSR3 HGS7282UC - FSR3 HDI7132C/U - SIR HDI7152C/U - SIR HDI7282C/U - SIR HDS252C/U - FSR HDS255C/U - FSR HDS256C/U - FSR HDS355U - FSR HDS442U - FSR HDS445U - FSR HDS446U - FSR HDS7022C/U - FSR3 HDS7052C/U - FSR3 HDS7062C/U - FSR3 HDS7132U - FSR3 HDS7152U - FSR3 HDS7282U - FSR3 HEI7032C/U - SIR HEI7052C/U - SIR HGS2350UC - FSR HGS235UC - FSR HGS236UC - FSR HGS242UC - FSR HGS245UC - FSR HGS246UC - FSR HGS247UC - FSR HGS252UC - FSR HGS2530UC - FSR HGS255UC - FSR HGS256UC - FSR HGS3052UC - FSR3 HGS342UC - FSR HGS345UC - FSR HGS346UC - FSR HGS432UC - FSR HGS435UC - FSR HGS436UC - FSR PUB 58300000118566 ARA EN A
  6. Replaced both igniters, then replaced both burner tubes. Burner tubes performed to manufacturer guidelines right out of the box, - right size flame and all blue. Six operating hours later left side sputter sound, flame is in the burner tube. Noisy partial burn Flame originating at nozzle where Tube is inserted. Thank you.
  7. 183 downloads

    Models VGR30 VGSS300 VGSC305 VGRC365 VGRC485 VGRC605 VGR36-4G VGR36-6B VGR48-4G VGR48-6G VGR48-8B
  8. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    GE ZET3038 Range Minimanual

    Version 1.0.0


    PUB 31-14134
  9. IKEA Jenn-Air KitchenAid Maytag & Whirlpool Gas and Electric Slide-in Ranges Job Aid View File Gas and Electric Slide-In Ranges IEL730C IGL730C JES1450D JES1750E JGS1450D JIS1450D JDS1750E KSEB900E KSEG700E KSGG700E WEG760H0D MES8880D MGS8880D KSEG950E WEE760H0D WEC530H0D WEE730H0D KSGB900E JDS1450D KSIB900E KSDB900E WEG730H0D PUB W10748358 KR-40 Submitter Captain Dunsel Submitted 04/23/2016 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper
  10. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 58300000110628
  11. Bosch HBL745AUC-02 Wall Oven Wiring Diagram View File PUB 58300000110628 Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 03/24/2021 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  12. 352 downloads

    GE Range XL-44 JGBP JGBP26 A JGBP30 A JGBP35 A JGBP79 A JGBP85 A JGBP86 A JGBP90 A PUB 31-9008
  13. Need manual for disassembly and repair thank you
  14. Greetings, My sister has a relatively new (18 months old) GE Gas Range (Model# PCGS930SEL2SS) and back in October it started exhibiting this issue where the oven would come on, up to temp and then would shutdown / not stay on and keep the oven at temp. Because the oven was past the 1 year warranty, she ended up dealing with a local appliance repair company and 3 visits later, and more than $800 out of her own pocket things are no further ahead. Reaching out to both the company she purchased from, and to GE have so far, not resulted in any action. Searching both this forum and via google search have led to a possible lead on this issue... the bulletin referenced below seems like it is similar to what she is seeing, but I do not have access to the full details of this bulletin to further investigate. https://appliantology.org/topic/69585-new-appliance-service-manual-added-ge-cgs986-pgs930-gas-range-training-bulletin-shutting-down-at-250f/ Oct 9, 2018 — GE CGS986 PGS930 Gas Range Training Bulletin - Shutting down at 250F View File PUB TB16-18 Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man ... Additionally, I can say that the 3 service calls thus far have resulted in replacement of the components listed below, all which have not helped WS01L16300 - glass & touch board WS01F08639 - machine board WS01F07435 - brake HSI WS01F09B94 - blower WS01F06621 - board sensing Thanks in advance for any input on this!
  15. My LG gas range (LRG3095S) has started to have preheating problems. The temperature on display appears to rise very slowly, and sometimes the oven stops preheating with an 'F11 heat error'. I don't believe there is any issue with the gas supply. While trying a preheat to 400 I found that the temperature was "stuck" at 200 for a while, not rising. I canceled and then immediately restarted a preheat to 400, and the panel displayed 270. I trying to get some insight as to whether this is a sensor or control board issue. Thanks.
  16. I have a GE Cafe Series range (CGS985SET8SS) where only half of the right front burner has flames when turned on. This started happening when we removed the burners to do some cleaning (the burners themselves were not cleaned). As a longshot, I've tried cleaning out the burner holes with a pin but that hasn't helped (they aren't clogged or dirty). Any ideas?
  17. need service manual for dissasembly
  18. Thermador Pro Harmony and Pro Grand Ranges Oven Temperature Selector Switch – Service Kits 624610 And 624611 View File Models: DP304CC DP304CS DP364GECC DP364GECS DP364GLCC DP364GLCS DP366CC DP366CS P304CLP P304CS P364GECLP P364GECS P364GLCLP P364GLCS P366CLP P366CS PD304BS PD364GDBS PD364GEBS PD364GED PD364GLBS PD484GED – small oven PD484GGBS – small oven PD484GGEBS – small oven PD484GRGED – small oven PD486GDBS – small oven PD486GEBS – small oven PD486GED – small oven PD486GLBS – small oven PD486GRD – small oven PDR484GGZS – small oven PDR486GDZS – small oven PDR486GLZS – small oven PG484GGBLP – small oven PG484GGBS – small oven PG484GGEBL– small oven PG484GGEBS – small oven PG484GRGDL– small oven PG484GRGED – small oven PG486GDBLP – small oven PG486GDBS – small oven PG486GEBLP – small oven PG486GEBS – small oven PG486GED – small oven PG486GEDLP – small oven PG486GLBLP – small oven PG486GLBS – small oven PG486GRD – small oven PG486GRDLP – small oven PGR484GGLP– small oven PGR484GGZS – small oven PGR486GDLP – small oven PGR486GDZS – small oven PGR486GLLP – small oven PGR486GLZS – small oven PRD484ECG – small oven PRD484EEG – small oven PRD486EDG – small oven PRD486EDPG – small oven PRD486ELG – small oven PRG304EH PD364GRD PD366BS PD484GED – large oven PD484GGBS – large oven PD484GGEBS – large oven PD484GRGED – large oven PD486GDBS – large oven PD486GEBS – large oven PD486GED – large oven PD486GLBS – large oven PD486GRD – large oven PDR304ZS PDR364GDZS PDR364GLZS PDR366ZS PDR484GGZS – large oven PDR486GDZS – large oven PDR486GLZS – large oven PG486GED – large oven PG486GEDLP – large oven PG486GLBLP – large oven PG486GLBS – large oven PG486GRD – large oven PG486GRDLP – large oven PGR304LP PRD484ECHU – both ovens PRD484EEG – large oven PRD484EEHC – both ovens PRD484EEHU – both ovens PRD486EDG – large oven PRD486EDHC – both ovens PRD486EDHU – both ovens PRD486EDPG – large oven PRD486ELG – large oven PRD486ELHC – both ovens PRD486ELHU – both ovens PRD486GDHC – both ovens PRD486GDHU – both ovens PRG304EG Copyright by BSH Home Appliances Corporation 5551 McFadden Ave., Huntington Document Material #: 9000702411 PRG304GH PRG364EDH PRG364ELH PRG364GDH PRG366EH PRG366GH PRG484ECG – small oven PRG486EDG – small oven PRG486EDPG – small oven PRG486ELG – small oven PRG486GDH – both ovens PRL304EH PG304BLP PG304BS PG364GDBLP PG364GDBS PG364GEBLP PG364GEBS PG364GED PG364GEDLP PG364GLBLP PG364GLBS PG364GRD PG364GRDLP PG366BLP PG366BS PG484GGBLP – large oven PG484GGBS – large oven PG484GGEBL – large oven PG484GGEBS – large oven PG484GRGDL – large oven PG484GRGED – large oven PG486GDBLP – large oven PG486GDBS – large oven PG486GEBLP – large oven PG486GEBS – large oven PGR304ZS PGR364GDLP PGR364GDZS PGR364GLLP PGR364GLZS PGR366LP PGR366ZS PGR484GGLP – large oven PGR484GGZS – large oven PGR486GDLP – large oven PGR486GDZS – large oven PGR486GLLP – large oven PGR486GLZS – large oven PRD304EG PRG364EDG PRG364ELG PRG364GDH PRG366EG PRG366EPG PRG366GH PRG484ECG – large oven PRG486EDG – large oven PRG486EDPG – large oven PRG486ELG – large oven PRL304EG PRL304GH PRL364EDH PRL364ELH PRL364GDH PRL366EH PRL366GH PRL484ECG – small oven PRL486EDG – small oven PRL486EDPG – small oven PRL486ELG – small oven PRL486GDH – both ovens PRD304EHC PRD304EHU PRD304GHC PRD304GHU PRD364EDG PRD364EDHC PRD364EDHU PRD364EDPG PRD364ELG PRD364ELHC PRD364ELHU PRD364GDHC PRD364GDHU PRD366EG PRD366EHC PRD366EHU PRD366EPG PRD366GHC PRD366GHU PRD484ECG – large oven PRD484ECHC – both ovens PRL364EDG PRL364ELG PRL366EG PRL484ECG – large oven PRL486EDG – large oven PRL486EDPG – large oven PRL486ELG – large oven PUB 58300000160279 Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 11/21/2016 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  19. Need the service manual for this for disassembly need a tech sheet as well
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