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  1. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Maytag MEDZ400TQ1 Dryer Tech Sheet


    PUB W10117402A
  2. 49 downloads

    Asko TLS752 Dryer Service Manual and Wiring Diagram For models TLS752/G/CA XXL PUB: Wiring Diagram: S16-90001082 Service Manual: 4-147-9093-en
  3. 749 downloads

    GE GTUN275 Laundry Center Minimanual Created Date: 03/16/2011 Publication #: 31-16656 31-16656 mini-manual Spacemaker, Unitized Chris GTUN275EM0WW GTUN275EM1WW GTUP240EM0WW GTUP240EM1WW GTUP240EM2WW GTUP240EM3WW GTUP240EM4WW GTUP240EM5WW GTUP240_VM GTUP270EM0WW GTUP270EM1WW GTUP270EM2WW GTUP270EM3WW GTUP270EM4WW
  4. Was Gifted a slightly used, unworking Whirlpool electric dryer. It won't heat up. Replaced all of the common problems. (heating element, upper limit thermo, thermostat control, 2 different fuses, pigtail). Only thing left would be the wiring and the controls. There is evidence of mice living inside the control panel, and one of them chewed thru insulation on one of the timer wires (white-blue). I was able to read continuity from the exposed wire to the terminal. I think I'm on the right track. Any advice? Looks like the only path from the chewed wire would be to ground. Is that enough to short the timer? I don't know how to add individual images from Google photos so here's a link to my Google photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/coLz9wDQjMa4aL8M6
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Models: FFLE3911QW FFLG3911QW FFLE4033QW FFLG4033QW PUB 5995666392
  6. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 137312700
  7. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Samsung DV52J8060 Dryer Fast Track

    Version 1.0.0


    Publication ar DV52J8060 DR Production Date 6/3/2015
  8. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Maytag MEDC300XW0 Dryer Tech Sheet

    Version 1.0.0


    PUB 8578889
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Tech Sheet PUB W10298850 - Rev A Schematic PUB W10251996 - Rev B
  10. My Maytag LDG490 is producing a distinct loud squeal as it turns, and I’m trying to isolate the cause to hopefully fix it. Even with the dryer turned off, manually rotating the drum produces the same squeal, but only when I push it in the same direction that the motor turns the drum, manually rotating the drum in the opposite direction does not produce any unusual sounds. I’ve already replaced the Idler Pulley and the two support rollers, having initially thought it might be the cause of the sound(Plus they were a bit worn). In addition the belt was swapped out three or four years ago, and seemed in good shape when I examined it during the procedure. Any thoughts on what the real problem might be, and how to fix it?
  11. Recently replace belt and tension pulley, seems to work fine, but then heat now inconsistent. Ordered and replaced thermostat assembly ($10 part) but old one still showed continuity. Checked continuity on everything else, all good. Cleaned thoroughly, replaced dirty vent hose (and got rid of excessive length) and seemed to be working fine. A few loads later and now doesn't get very hot, which is weird for a gas heater, right? What to check next?
  12. I had two service calls recently on two different dryers with the same problem: the motor wouldn't run. These are two different dryers: one an old skool Whirlpool-built unit with the lint filter on the top panel and the other a Maytag Neptune-style dryer. Different disassembly, wiring, and schematics, and completely different timers. But in both cases, the problem was the same--a burnt contact in the timer (failed open so would not close). In the two videos below, I show you how to use the schematic not only to precisely identify the specific failed contact in the timer, but also how to do a field repair to bypass that failed contact and get the dryer safely running again without replacing the timer--all in the first trip. Being able to do these repairs was only possible by understanding how basic electricity and circuits work and by reading the schematics. There is no other way. Well, I guess you could just memorize a bunch of monkey tricks like, "If motor no run on a Maytag Neptune dryer, jumper the yellow and gray wires together." Yeah... good luck with that. What's interesting about these two videos is that the repairs done on each are electrically identical but the physical repair looked entirely different between the two. And that's exactly what you should notice in these two videos. Would you like to be able to troubleshoot like this? You can! These are the kind of skills we teach at the Master Samurai Tech Academy. We're not teaching anything new or pointy-headed, or academic-- these are the skills that most appliance techs used to have 20 years ago but have been largely lost to the trade. That's why you see so many techs out there who don't know how to even begin to troubleshoot an electrical problem and, as a result, the trade is ate up with parts changing monkeys. There is a better way: the Master Samurai Tech way. Start with our Fundamentals course. Don't let the name fool you-- many techs, including those with 20+ years experience do not know what we teach in the Fundamentals course. We know because we've had many students in exactly this situation-- over 20 or even 30 years experience-- take our Fundamentals course and then tell us it was a game changer for them. It can be for you, too. Then, to really kick up your laundry equipment repair skills to 11, take our Washer & Dryer Repair course. You'll be unstumpable! The first video shows the field jumper repair on a Maytag Neptune dryer and the next one is an old skool Whirlpool dryer. Watch and learn.
  13. Sooo... I have one of the Kenmore laundry centers (combo washer/dryer). There was a leak above us at our apartment and water dripped and got into our unit. I fixed the washer by replacing the control board. The dryer is not working now. I am getting a constant flashing red led from the control board. When I plug in the unit and move the heat control, I get 3 beeps. I try to start a dry cycle and nothing. I have replaced: thermistor, thermal fuse, power cord to wall, (have tested the outlet and it’s receiving all power), the dryer control panel, and the door switch. im still receiving the flashing red led. It’s not flashing to display a specific error code, but just a continuous flash. im probably missing something small, but any ideas?
  14. Dear Forum I've been at this for days trying to rule every other component out to make certain I order the right part to fix my Samsung DV350AGP/XAA Gas Dryer. The cycle runs, motor spins, controls and display respond normally. There is no heat. The igniter does not glow. There is no AC voltage on the igniter line when the dryer is spinning. I have first isolated and then conducted resistance tests on all the sensors as follows: Igniter resistance is 119Ω Thermostat located near the blower is 0Ω Hi-Limit Thermostat located on gas chamber reads 0Ω Radiant (flame) sensor reads 0Ω Thermistor reads 12Ω @ 67°F on the sensor and up at the motherboard as well. Tested the gas valves as well and all are according to manufacture spec at 1.39Ω / 1.28Ω / 0.57Ω Tested my belt cut-off switch, door switch and even the lamp are all right on spec. So now my attention is turned to the motherboard, there is little information out there on how to test the motherboard but I've tried to test the heater relay switch RY6, it does not change in resistance at any time during a drying cycle or when the dryer is powered off. Is this normal? when my meter is at VAC, i do pickup the following on the Heater Relay Switch: 0.092AC Voltage when dryer powered ON but not in a cycle 0.192AC Voltage when dryer is in a cycle (spinning) 0.187AC Voltage when dryer is powered OFF its so minor i fail to see its significance though unless the heat relay is using this small amount of voltage to trigger another relay somewhere else I have yet to find. Should the heater relay close circuit when the dryer is running and its failure to do so means the on board relay is bad? Have i tested it properly? i just pulled the RY6 header off and Ohms tested pin 1 to pin 2 and go nothing, started the dryer and still got nothing. Can anyone take a stab at helping me determine if my motherboard is bad or if its a bad wiring issue or did I overlook a sensor or relay test? MUCH APPRECIATED! My neighbors are getting tired of drying our laundry for us. Thanks!
  15. Speed Queen Dryer Service Manual View File Models: Gas Steam Electric DCB30CG DT30CG DT30CGI DT30EG DT30EGI DTB30CG JCB30CG JT30CG JT30CGI JT30EG JT30EGI JTB30CG SCB30CG ST30CG ST30CGI ST30EG ST30EGI STB30CG DCB30CSH DCB30CSL DT30CSH DT30CSL DTB30CSH DTB30CSL JCB30CSH JCB30CSL JT30CSH JT30CSL JTB30CSH JTB30CSL SCB30CSH SCB30CSL ST30CSH ST30CSL STB30CSH STB30CSL DCB30CE DT30CE DTB30CE JCB30CE JT30CE JTB30CE SCB30CE ST30CE STB30CE PUB M413438 September 2001 Submitter KM4KPR Submitted 10/18/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  16. Version 1.0.0


  17. Bosch Gas Nexxt Dryer Repair Instructions View File Product Name/Type Nexxt 500 Plus Series WTMC PUB 58300000134444 Submitter Rob Fowler Submitted 10/18/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Product Name/Type Nexxt 500 Plus Series WTMC PUB 58300000134444
  19. File Name: Ge Dryer PFDS450/455 training manual File Submitter: DurhamAppliance File Submitted: 29 May 2014 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Training manual GE dryer covering PFDS450ELWW PFDS450GLWW PFDS455ELMG PFDS455GLMG Training Bulletin TB05-11 Click here to download this file
  20. Whirlpool 3XWED5705SW1 Dryer Wiring Sheet View File PUB W10243407 - Rev A Submitter Captain Dunsel Submitted 09/05/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  21. Version 1.0.0


    PUB W10243407 - Rev A
  22. Electrolux EIED50LIW1 Dryer Tech Sheet View File PUB 137032700C Submitter EthanRanft Submitted 09/04/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  23. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 137032700C
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Model Identification Information in this manual is applicable to these dryers: ADE30RGS171TW01 ADE3LRGS171TW01 ADE41FSS171TN01 ADE4BFGS171TW01 ADE4BRGS171TW01 ADG30RGS111TW01 ADG3LRGS111TW01 ADG41FSS111TN01 ADG4BFGS111TW01 ADG4BRGS111TW01 AES17AWF AES20AWF AES28AWF AES28AWF1500 AES68AWF AES68AWF1500 AGS17AWF AGS20AWF AGS28AWF AGS68AWF ASE30FGW171TW01 ASG30FGW111TW01 CES68AWF CES68AWF1500 CGS68AWF KES18AWF KES18AWF1500 KGS18AWF PUB 512176R2 January 2012
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