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Ice Room Fan issues with pfss6pkxss

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I have an issue with my GE pfss6pkxss, the Ice room fan does not blow...tried replacing the thermistor in the Ice Room...then the fan in the bottom for the Ice Room...the Icemaker itself...I was frustrated and tried to look at again today...pulled the freezer evap cover off again...no ice...when bypassed the fan will blow you can feel it blow in at the top with a magnet bypassing the top doors and closing the switch in the freezer...but with the freezer door closed the air stops....so it seems that it is not getting air to blow into the iceroom


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OK, I have resolved the crazy issue! I unplugged the frig for a day or so...that did not resolve the issue...still the fan would not blow unless the bottom door was crack open slightly.

So I pulled the lower Evap cover where the Ice room fan is, it is mounted in a plastic covered foam board with some molded channels...I did notice when taking it all apart that it was no longer sealed where the glue and aluminum type had come apart.

I cleaned up the foam where it was a little swollen in places (by cutting and scraping) and both in the channels and in the vents and coving the places I scraped with the aluminum tape (for ac duct work) then I sealed the board again with the tape on the edges to make sure it had a good path to blow thru the vents. the unit was now very sound and sealed up.

I reinstalled the evap cover and plugged in all back in ...I few hours later I heard Ice drop!! WOOOHOOO! Resolved,,,


It as been working for a few days now It was really crazy because we kept thinking the fan was not blowing at all be it really was it was the air was not going where it should have in the duct! So if you see this issue...crack the lower freezer door just enough to allow it is get air to blow in the ice box....and if it does...it is the foam board in the evap cover!!

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noted, nice catch ssanders!

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