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Frost Issues after many parts replaced - Samsung rf263beaesr Refrigerator

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This fridge has had issues since day one, I dont know what the techs replaced when it was under warranty however it was never really fixed within the first year and the issues still remain now with the warranty expired so now I'm on my own. The fridge still gets frost in the ice making area which seems to have no fix and also gets frost in the fridge area above the evaporator coil where the coolant lines come in which causes a loud noise once the frost gets large enough to hit the fan, this is really the bigger problem I'd like to address.

So far I've replaced:

DA47-00243K - Defrost Sensor

DA47-00244W - Defrost Heater

DA32-10104V - Temperature Sensor

It still gets frost. Any ideas?





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There are 4 versions of that model and they have different ice maker set ups. If your referring to a refrigerator ice maker frosting up then there  is an updated service bulliten that adds y clips to the refrigerant line. There are other steps like sealing the ice room notching the drain hole and making sure the fill tube is not shoved in too far. As a grass hopper you don’t have access to downloads on this site. The newest update came out last July I believe but many techs I speak to were still doing the old bulliten which did not fix everyone. The ones that did not fix with the old bulliten had a hard time because there warranties would run out before the solution was found. I would call Samsung and set up for an authorized service center to come out. They prob won’t cover it since it’s out of warranty but if your nice to them and have luck on your side they might. Even if they don’t pay for it  I would reccommend having it done. You could also upgrade your membership here and get the service bulliten and complete the repair yourself. Its not hard. The most important thing is to properly remove the ice maker. It is wrapped around a refrigerant line so you have to turn on the ice maker defrost heater for about 5 minutes to uninstall or you will damage the refrigerant line thus destroying the refrigerator.

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Also install leakage kit DA82-01415a to solve the evaporator ice problem.

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