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Maytag Part W10121375

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Greetings Folks!

Apologies in advance for my complete lack of knowledge... I have a control board from my dryer (Maytag Duet) that needs what appears to be a fairly simple repair, but it's well beyond my expertise, so I'm seeking help in obtaining one of the following:

  • Detailed instructions on how to fix it myself, or...
  • A lead on someone who can do it, or...
  • A replacement for the part (which has been impossible to find on the Internet since they no longer make it), or...
  • A replacement for the whole front interface console with electronics (pretty much the same as above).

The issue is a small button on the board that causes the dryer to start when depressed for a few seconds. There are three other identical buttons on the board that serve other functions and are still functional, but the one that receives pressure from the start switch has completely given out and simply fallen off.

One of the functional buttons is in the lower right of the photo. The broken one is in the upper left. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to get this fixed or find a replacement. The board itself is no longer manufactured and is unavailable anywhere on the Internet, so it's either fix this or spend stupid money on a new dryer when I have an old one that still works otherwise. I'm located in the San Francisco Bay area if anyone local can lend a hand.

Thanks in Advance!
-J Phresh

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You maybe able to send them to a repair shop like core centric. 

There is a note though on that part you identified. See below 

Per the manufacturer both the center and right user interface controls must be replaced together. Use part number off the right control to correctly identify the kit.

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Many local computer shops have the expertise to solder on a new button, some around here repair appliance boards.

 It does sound reasonable. If you cant find local. Corecentrics

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