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Help finding no longer available motor for Direct Drive Whirlpool clone

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Need motor for Kitchen Aid direct drive washer similar to Whirlpool.  MODEL KAWE650VAL0.  Cannot find motor using any online catalog with part number or any cross reference number for motor.    Picture is not mine but mine is more rusty than picture.
Motor OEM part is WP3350418.3525988_f520.jpg
Some cross references are Repair clinic 4433195, AP6008047, 157, AP2907032, PS341036.
Supposed to be 115 V, 60 hz., 1725 rpm, 3 Speed with 2 way female plug.

Old motor runs but attachment for drain pump is so rusty that will not fit a new pump.   Old pump leaks.   Could try to file down old motor shaft until it fits new pump but seems hard to do correctly.  Pump might just wobble or slip.    

I can find 3 speed motor for Whirlpool but none that cross references to WP3350418.  Is there another way to find the part?  Can a 3 speed motor from another Whirlpool direct drive washer be substituted or wired with different connectors to work with my Kitchen Aid KAWE650VAL0?

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I would clean up the shaft or look on ebay for a used motor. 

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Need a pic of the motor where you can see the terminals and the color of the wires...  

The best way I found cleaning the shaft is to mount the motor back in the unit... leave the pump off.

Put the unit in spin and get a wire brush and get the heavy stuff off while that shaft is spinning. 

Sometimes those shafts get so pitted it looks like it actually swells up.

Don't run Sandpaper on it when its in spin I have seen guys actually round the shaft of the motor.

So anyways after ya wire brush it, I would take a metal file and go over the 2  Flat sides and then do the curved sides less aggressively and you just keep checking that it fits the pump.  I also put grease on the shaft, and don't jam the pump on so it gets stuck on there.  By using a file eventually you can it back to a decent shape where its slips right in to  the pump with no problems, and again apply some grease on the shaft.  They get that way because the pump seal was leaking forever and they never called, or they couldn't see the drip if the floor is slanted back.  If I see that it is rusted,  and the pump was weeping, then odds are its stuck on and they need a new pump as well.

Like say you got the call and its for a motor coupling...I try not to pull the pump off at all.  Right there I stop and I advise the customer of the scenario and the possibility of it giving out and  flooding at any moment.  Some do not care, because its in a crap basement and   will drain to a sump or drain if that pump fails..I just make sure I detail all that on the receipt, and if they want to take a gamble then thats on them they signed off on it.  If it isnt in the basement then I tell them they may need a motor and they definitely need a  pump, and give an estimate on the different scenarios of a pump, or pump and motor.   I would  not leave that call unless it is signed and they know it will flood, gotta cover your ass  and if it isnt in a basement there is now way I leave a machine like that, I tell them they need a pump and possibly a motor.... I have been on follow up calls where guys just left the pump like that, and it could flood everything out and the levels below...

If you can get me a pic of the connectors on the motor I may be able to match one up.  Basically there were 2 speed motors and 3 Speed motors, then on the higher end models and generally Kitchen Aid branded they had a  higher HP rating...  Like it was a 3/4 HP instead of a 1/2 HP.

Looking at your Motor there, that looks like you can salvage it...  so  smack it back in brush it with a very stiff metal wire brush and the get a file on it...   I think u will be fine, I have saved way worse than that.  Also lightly file the front face to and again grease the shaft before you put the pump back on, so it doesn't rust again and the pump comes off for the next tech down the road

Example pic


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Just file it till the new pump fits without having to force it on , would not get a moter unless absolutely necessary.

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Will try to wire brush and file motor shaft.

Here are pictures of my motor with connector on and shaft.  The picture in first post is not my motor.  Used it until I could link my own pictures. 

Don't know if can see terminals clearly enough.  Motor shaft is very rusty.  Old  pump fitting for motor shaft cracked. 

https://imgur.com/qCmq8Rj   side of motor

https://imgur.com/vYxLgvt   side of motor

https://imgur.com/mlzDuyl   front of motor and rusty shaft.   

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