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Temperature issue GE PFSS

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Hello everybody,


I have a temperature issue down here with a general electric PFSS0MFCA SS Refrigerator. The unit is too cold. The display says that the fridge side is at 48 f while it is actually freezing at 20f right now. the freezer says -10 while it is around 0f right now. First i did a resistance test on the probe in the fridge and the test was good at first but the resistance didin't really change with a 20f rise. So i started by replacing it. Still the same issue. So i tried to go on the service mode to try to do the auto test on the fridge and to try to activate the damper. I am able to go in the service mode but i can't find the right buttom to start the mode i want. Next thing i tried is to put a bit of heat on the fridge probe by keeping it in my hand to see if the display react to it but nothing happens. I'm pretty confident that the board is going bad but i just wanna check with you guys if i forgot something about this one. Most of our buisness is fixing commercial kitchen appliances. A few units that i work with doesn't show the real actual temperature but add a delay on it  so that the user doesn't go crazy about a few degres change while opening the door. Is it the case with that? Is there a way to ajust the temperature offset of the probes?


thank for your help!

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Vance R

Sounds like the damper is stuck open. This should help with daignostic mode, run step 1, 0:


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these explanations are a lot more clear than the one that i saw in the service manual i have. Thanks!


Just did a reset on it. we will see if it helps or not. Any idea about the temperature offset?

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Vance R
21 minutes ago, sebas116 said:

Any idea about the temperature offset?

Nope, never seen any information on doing that on a GE.

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