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Miele H4881BP single wall oven service manual

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Manufacturer: Miele
Type of Appliance: single wall oven
Model Number: H4881BP
Have you validated the model number at an online parts site like Repair Clinic? (yes or no): yes
Have you watched the video on how to search for manuals and have you searched the Downloads section prior to posting this request? (yes or no): yes

I need to remove and replace the bottom heating element in this wall oven . I believe the bottom heating element is located down by the bottom underside plate of the stove and that bottom underside plate needs to be removed to gain access to it. that's just my observation I believe from looking at the service manual for the H6000 series model oven. Not this model.  I found the service manual down load  for the Miele H 6000 series model in the downloads section here. I'm just not sure if the part # for the bottom bake element is the same wattage and make up for the H6000 series unit or  the same part number ??  I havent called Mieli tech support on this yet because I wanted to try and retrieve some information here and if I cant find what I need to know here , Miele's technical information site may be the way to go.  Basically I'm looking for the service manual for the H4881BP single oven and its parts breakdown and part numbers so I can get the right part and verify the bottom plate will be where I will gain access for replacing this bottom heating element. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I will need to go here on Monday of next week to attemp this.

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I am thinking you can use this manual.Take a look:


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1 minute ago, Captain Dunsel said:

I am thinking you can use this manual.Take a look:

I will check it out now Captain 👍

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On 7/30/2021 at 4:16 PM, Captain Dunsel said:

I am thinking you can use this manual.Take a look:

Thanks captain , This helped alot . The lower bake element is refered to as an R12 element.  this service maual confirmed the procedure for removing the bottom piece and explained how the door and the door hinges needed to be removed in the beginning steps to replace the bake element for this single oven.  The manual just does not giveme the actual part # or wattage for the lower bake element. It just referes the bake element to be either an R12 or 1R12  ??   I looked on ebay just to get some specs on some of the Miele lower bake elements available on ebay and I found one with a part # 6190441 lower bake element with a wattage o 2100 watts.   I believe the lower bake element is the same for the double ovens also but not posative.  I called Miele and spoke with service and they confirmed the lower bake element for this model"s part number was part # 6190441 wich matched the one I was thinking was the one I needed.  Thanks so much for the help much appreciated Captain. 

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