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Testing my LG FMA102NBMA refrigerator compressor.


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Hello - my LG refrigerator linear compressor does not turn on (LG fma102nbma).  When I checked the resistance across the three compressor pins I had zero, zero, and 16.6 ohms. Does 16.6 ohms indicate a malfunction? I was expecting a value like 7.5 ohms from information from the web. 

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Hi I suggest going back a few steps. If your compressor isn't starting this doesn't mean the compressor is bad. You could have a control issue. If you were to remove the PCB cover panel. Do you have any red lights blinking? If so how many times does it blink? Have you initiated the test button? If so did the compressor turn on at all? You see there are many steps to troubleshooting this issue before jumping to the compressor. A liner compressor typically operates on two pins. Power and common. You should check there typically between 5.1-6.3 ohms. You should also check those pins to earth to check for a grounded compressor. Even though LG has known compressor issues. You should not skip ruling out the control portion first. Thermistors, Control board, and Inverter. Caution These compressor operate at high voltage 80VAC -230VAC. If you are not comfortable working with high voltage or competent using a meter I would suggest calling a professional. If you would like more advice feel free to reply. 

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Hello, I am fixing same refrigerator. I have also done the pin test. Looks like it only works on 2 pins. I thought it would be like other models where all 3 pins had to show same Ohms. The board clicks and red light flashes 3 times. Same exact model. I am trying to determine the problem. I have checked current from board pins going to compressor I’m reading 300 and something not sure what that means. Any ideas? Have you fixed this problem?

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