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Whirlpool Model #WOS31ES0JS OVEN, Single Wall Thermal Fuse/Thermostat issue


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We have this model wall mount Whirlpool oven in our guest house.  It's about 6 years old and very rarely been used.  About 6 months ago it quit working - as if the breaker was off.  I did some reading and thought it might be the thermal fuse.  I pulled the pulled the back panel of the oven and pulled off what I think is the thermal fuse and checked it for continuity and it was fine. It is a round puck, about 1" diameter with two connectors. After more reading it looks like there is also a thermal fuse near the control panel.  I located it and indeed it had failed (no continuity). It looks like a fuse of some sort with a clear vinyl cover on it.   I got a new one and put it in and it seemed to work find.  Then, after using it for 45 minutes or so at 400 it went off, as if there was no power.   I don't know if the auto clean feature was ever used but it certainly was not used since I replaced the thermal fuse near the control pane.

I have not taken it apart again but assume the thermal fuse I replaced again failed.   The obvious thought is that the oven is overheating and the thermal fuse is doing it job (good thing).  But why would it be overheating.  My thought would be a bad thermostat.  But, I am having a difficult time figuring out where the thermostat is located. I seem to find information that refers to the first Thermal Fuse I checked on the back of the oven that tested as good as a "thermal fuse" and as a "thermostat."  

I guess i have a few questions.  What causes the thermal fuse near the control panel to fail?  The temperature at that point getting too hot or elsewhere (like inside the oven)?   Where is the thermostat and might that be my problem?  Is it the puck shaped component near the back of the oven?  Or am I missing something here?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Look for a possible cooling fan in the top control area to keep the electronics cool that isn't running - I didn't look up your model to see if it has one or not, that's just my first thought.

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I did not notice a cooling fan near the control panel and would have to pull it out to see.   Do most ovens have a cooling fan for the control area?   Is there two thermal fuses then - one on the back (probably to protect the oven area from overheating) and one around the control panel to keep that area from overheating?   

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Yes a thermal safety on the back wall of oven that can only be accessed by removing the oven and the control panel thermal fuse that blows if the control area gets too hot.

There is a cooling fan that sucks air from the vents at bottom of oven over the back of the oven where the thermal safety is and then exits out the vents above the door cooling the control area.

This oven is only about 3 or 4 years old but the cooling fan could have failed or be gummed up from dust and grease if used very heavy, the fan could be running slow not moving enough air or dead and moving no air.

You can see the blower fan REF#5 at the back of the control area when you have the console off looking at your thermal fuse but to access or change it you would have to remove the oven from the wall



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Thanks very much for the above information Willie.   I won't have a chance to pull it our until after the holidays but will then and see what I can figure out.  I'm sure I will be back at tha time.

Again, I appreciate the information!

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