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cant find anything remotely close to my problem anywhere


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its a kenmore HE not sure how old not high tech though

it all started with my washer constantly draining as soon as its turned on before it even starts to fill. I check the drain pump thinking maybe its bad or obstructed by something. There is nothing in the lines or the pump. I assume the pump is bad but turns out that it is not. I start delving into the issue more maybe its part of it being stuck on sensing so I figure out that there is a booklet that lets you run diagnostic tests and I put it in the automatic test mode thinking if something is wrong itll stop on whatever the issue is. It goes through every step without an issue and drains completely. 

I turn it back on and this is also after ive calibrated it since i replaced the pump and see if it will run a cycle after the successful test and the sensing light comes on and instead of filling it automatically starts draining and it sounds like someone sucking the straw of a empty drink just like before. Ive also checked water pressure and the screens in the hoses. so since every part of the test ran well, hot water ran + cold water ran so that works and it ran through all the cycles including draining it couldnt be anything with the drain lines or pump i assume it could be the control board. 

I get access to the control board and unplug everything and take a nice look at it (i checked and everything was connected securely) and the whole board is pretty. nothing visible wrong with it. at this point im clueless and everytime i try to google it the only thing i see is "washer drains and fills at same time" and its maddening because mine doesnt even fill first. 

also not sure if it matters buts no matter what settings i put it in it goes into sensing and automatically starts draining. no water comes into the washer at all. 

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The washer thinks it is already full of water. Check the pressure tube and if that is good, replace the pressure sensor.

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Based on the information you have provided, it is possible that the problem with your Kenmore HE washer is caused by a malfunctioning water inlet valve or a faulty pressure sensor. The water inlet valve is responsible for controlling the flow of water into the machine, and if it is defective, it may cause the washer to drain instead of filling. The pressure sensor, on the other hand, detects the water level inside the machine and signals the control board when to stop filling and start the washing cycle. If the pressure sensor is faulty, it may send incorrect signals to the control board, causing the washer to drain instead of filling.

To further diagnose the issue, you can try checking the water inlet valve and pressure sensor for any signs of damage or malfunction. You can also try replacing these parts to see if it resolves the issue. If the problem persists, it may be a good idea to consult a professional appliance repair technician for further assistance.

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Sounds like it's maybe a whirlpool built kenmore(not entirely sure though). If so I've had success pressing the start button down and holding it for extended period of time and it would eventually shut the drain pump off.  I usually(but not always) have a suds/oversoap code stored with it.  If holding start helps then I usually dont have any problems from there on.  Just run a cup of vinegar in a rinse cycle and wash on.  Hope this helps.

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hey guys so i tried taking a look at the pressure switch and it looks like its connected from the washer directly to the control board. i blew into the hose and i could hear air coming out inside the dryer so no leaks. i think ill have to get this control board. just checking here first to make sure im not overlooking something. 



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also how do i get access to the pressure port? i can post a couple pictures but its built into the drum and seems impossible

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alright pictures of the hose from drum to control panel. i think i may just need to buy a control panel. image.thumb.jpeg.b50d2aac008ddd312938b32433fef2f8.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.5ec17ca3314285167536160f4503b9c2.jpeg

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Well now that see it’s a VMW since you still hadn’t  shared a model number. I’d throw it away. Lol. 

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