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Jenn-Air downdraft range undocumented error codes EE-214 M-214

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Oven-Range-Stove Repair 09 May 2012 · 2,242 views
Jenn-Air, range, error code and 1 more...

This is a fault code that never made it to the tech sheet. Faulty Touch Pad is the cure. I have it written in pen on my fault sheet so it has to be correct!!

FYI for our staff, that clock is in the wall oven line as well. Same thing will apply to any unit that uses that ATM style control. It is not in any publication.

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Source: jenn air downdraft range error codes EE-214 M-214

Premier gas range range conversion and pilot adjustment tutorials

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Oven-Range-Stove Repair, Repair Videos 05 April 2012 · 1,586 views
Premier, range, gas, burner and 4 more...
Example model number: GCK100OP01

Grand Master Reg has an uncanny way of sniffing this these things out. Here're some goodies on Premier ranges...

all of the steps

Step 7-Converting (and adjustment of) Your Premier Range Oven Pilot

Step 8-Converting (adjustment of) Your Premier Range Oven Thermostat

Source: Premier GCK1000P01 oven pilot too small

How to adjust the gas valve for an optimal flame on a stove burner

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Oven-Range-Stove Repair 12 February 2012 · 1,206 views

If you're having a problem with a burner on your gas stove where the flame is either too big or too little for the setting (and compared to the other burner flames) well, as Brother jumptrout says...

You may want to try an adjustment to see if it corrects this issue.
Turn the valve on.
Adjust it to the decreased flame position.
Remove the valve knob.
Take a very small flat blade screwdriver and insert it in the knob shaft.
Carefully and slowly turn the adjustment screw to increase/decrease the flame size.
All surface burners should be on and lit will making this adjustment.
After the adjustment is made,turn the burner hi and lo to make sure it stays lit.
If it goes out,re-adjust until it stays on.
I am still checking on your valve. There is a possibility all valves and manifold have to be changed out.

Source: Possessed Jenn-Air SVD8310S stove top

Tips for troubleshooting an F1 error code in a Dacor range

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man, in Oven-Range-Stove Repair 11 January 2012 · 2,693 views

Any part purchased from RepairClinic can be returned within 365 for refund (less shipping)

Dacor Product Service Bulletin
Complaint : Failure Code F1

For steadly F1 codes:
1. Leave the power on, as the F1 signals showing on display.
Carefully take down the control panel or the maintop and access the back of the ERC/CLOCK.

2. Find the flat ribbon coming off from the membrane (touch pad) going into the ERC/CLOCK.

3. While the F1 is signaling, press cancel/secure and immediately disconnect the touch pad going into the ERC.
If the Membrane is faulty, the F1 will cease, then replace the membrane.

For Continuing F1
After the above is completed follow the steps below.
Inspect the Molex plug connection from the ERC to to the relay board for a shorted connection.
Check relay board for cracked solder joints at the connection.

ERC with F1 Failure
The F1 must be displayed in the ERC for this test.
At the ERC check for 24 VDC at the J2 connector between pins 1 and 3 for single / lower oven.
At the J5 connector between 7 and 10 for the lower oven (when the oven is not in a cooking mode).
if you read 24 VDC at those test points, replace the ERC/CLOCK.

Source: Dacor cps230r F1 Error code

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