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Naked Before Millions

Posted by Samurai Appliance Repair Man , in Samurai Incarnate, General Appliance Repair Wisdom, Appliance Repair Service 14 November 2013 · 1,111 views

youtube one million views
Hoo-wee! We just passed One Million views on my YouTube channel! With over 140 videos (and counting) of my gnarly, naked knuckles whuppin' up on a bunch of appliances, you're sure to find some inspiration for your own appliance battles.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and observe, first-hand, my patented appliance repair battle techniques. Posted Image

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Look out Hollywood!  I wonder who they'll get to play Samurai in the big screen production?


Congratulations Brah!

    • Samurai Appliance Repair Man and DurhamAppliance like this
Nov 14 2013 06:04 PM

Oh I misread it...I thought it read "Naked before MINIONS"  I thought maybe you reverted back to your "I am  King of Disney World" persona from ASTI and decided to  pull an Emperor's new clothes move on us lowly subjects .  (you may find some of " His Highness's"  expoits  inside the following thread http://appliantology...institute-asti/ ).... My bad...... Anyhow Congrats Senior Samurai DeMille!

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man
Nov 15 2013 08:19 AM

Domo, mah bruvahs!


I was thinking that if all my videos were about refrigerators, I could have made the title, "Naked before Mullions."  But it would probably only make sense to fellow techs.

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