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My kingdom for a pair of glasses



Here I am on Memorial day riding shotgun going to Virginia to visit in laws About 5 hour ride, round trip. Wife wants to drive so I'm chillin. Brought my tablet, turn my phone's hotspot on thought I'd get some quality time on Appliantology. I brought everything I need. Or so I thought. I forgot my eyeglasses.. damn.

I feel like Burgess Merideth in this twilight zone scene... wanted to end it all at first (i guess he was going to visit in laws as well) but found reprieve, a way to escape.... but then.... damn!


I first started wearing glasses to read when I was in my early 40's. Now I can't see without them, that's a drag, so I wear them all the time.  On the plus side I find I don't get much in my eyes as often.


You could find a walmart or such & purchase a cheap reading pair so you can read.  That is what I first wore when vision started failing.  Now my glasses cost to the tune of $500+.   Don't leave home without them. I also carry an old pair in my wife's & mine own vehicles just in case.

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Like Fred Sanford I have a drawer full of reading glasses, different strengths.  Plus have to carry a pocket magnifying glass.  I thought this was only supposed to happen to you humans.

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on the way back. now. lol at the typos in the posts i made on the trip up. I use to have a fred sanford drawer until i bought my first pair of Clic glasses. I just forgot to click them around my neck this morning.

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I have worn glasses since I was 6 so I don't ever leave without them .I do carry a pocket magnifier too and it is a great help. I have spare pairs in my wife's car too.We are all getting older ,they say your sight is the first to go!

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