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    • 02 March 2024 03:00 PM Until 04:00 PM
      All Appliantology tech members are invited to join in this workshop on all things Appliantological: bidness, customers, tools, troubleshooting, flavorite brewski, whatever. Webcams and microphones are open and live!
      This workshop is also a great time for any students at Master Samurai Tech to bring any and all questions about the coursework. We're happy to walk through any concepts you're having trouble with. Think of it like office hours with your teachers. 
      If you have a specific appliance problem you'd like us to talk about, post it here! We need a problem statement and a PDF of the tech sheet or schematic so we can all see it on screen share. If you have a PDF that isn't already in the File library here at Appliantology, send it to us by attaching it to the contact form. 
      Also, follow this Calendar Event so you'll get notified of new posts here. Look for the "Follow" button either at the top of the topic on desktop or below the topic on mobile.
      Who: This workshop is only available to tech members at Appliantology.
      When: Saturday, March 2 @10:00 AM Eastern Time.
      Where: Online via Zoom
      Click here to go to the forum topic with the registration link. If you're interested, register now. Arrive a couple minutes early to make sure your connection is working. Set a reminder for yourself for this workshop so you don’t miss it.  And check out past workshops here: https://appliantology.org/announcement/33-webinar-recordings-index-page/


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      On-demand appliance repair training workshops for premium Appliantology tech members are posted in this forum. 

      For a complete, convenient, and linked list of all workshop videos, check out the Workshop Index Page

    3. Samurai's Appliance Repair Video Classroom

      Watch the Samurai in live action, engaging in hand-to-machine combat with insolent appliances who have refused to fulfill their design function. We teach circuit troubleshooting on modern computer-controlled appliances at the Master Samurai Tech Academy.

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      A showcase of manufacturers and other companies in the appliance repair industry and how they can help you in your job or business.

      If you would like a listing here, contact us


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