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Troubleshooting a Samsung Gas Range E OE Error Code with Rats Nest and Yapping Little Dogs

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


In this glimpse into the glamour life of an appliance tech, we troubleshoot an E-OE error code on a Samsung gas range with the added twist of rat infestation and yapping little dogs. It's winter in New Hampshire and rodents will seek out warm places but this place was a literal rats nest. The smell of rodent piss was gagging us (me and @Son of Samurai) as soon as we walked in the door. It would have been stronger if it was actually warm inside the kitchen but it was probably only about 45F which kept the stench at sub-gag level. And then, to make our joy complete, we were serenaded by yapping Jack Russell terriers the entire time. (Isn't it about time we outlawed little yapping dogs? How 'bout at least make it legal to shoot them on sight?)

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A & G Enterprises


before the fix they should get rid of the rat problem extra hazzard pay is due for showing up




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Commercial kitchen at my facility. 100 gallon steam kettle. First time looking at this type of equipment. Wound up ordering an entire harness due to similar issue.

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I had a call exactly like this a month ago, however they also destroyed the entire oven blanket. 5 year old Samsung 5 burner. Not a Samsung issue, but guess what? They no longer carried the oven blanket. SURPRISE ME!

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