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Why Appliantology is the Best Appliance Repair Resource on the Web

Son of Samurai


Appliantology isn't the only online appliance repair resource out there -- but it's by far the best. What this site has over "free" alternatives, such as Facebook repair groups, are three primary points: Organization, Privacy, and Information Integrity.

Facebook isn't free; the product is YOU and you're "paying" by allowing Facebook algorithms to microanalyze everything you do on the site. Every click, every interaction, every post, even how long you spend looking at things are all permanently stored in FB databases and monitored by FB algos so they can 1) sell you stuff and 2) make a digital profile of you to keep you hooked on the platform (and make that profile available to government agencies on request). 

And then there's the famous Facebook snark and snipe that seems to be endemic to all social engineering, er, I mean, social media platforms. This alone renders Facebook an undesirable platform as an appliance repair information tool for professionals.

We break down feature-by-feature all the ways that Appliantology is a superior professional appliance repair information tool for business in this Appliantology Workshop Tour. Give it a watch and consider: is it possible to find everything Appliantology offers anywhere else on the web? If you'd like to get off the Facebook plantation and apply for a professional technician membership at Appliantology, see this page.

Appliantology: a Big Brother-free zone  


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