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Watch Out for this LG Control Board Booby Trap

Son of Samurai


@LearningTech dropped a great tip in The Dojo a little while back: not all LG control boards can be updated after a universal compressor is installed. If you're planning on doing sealed system work on these machines, you're going to want to check the list below to see if your model's PCB can be updated. Otherwise, you might be in for a nasty surprise.


LearningTech also provided a handy image showing where you can find a PCB's manufacturing date:


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Great info!

Just to note that the sticker can be anywhere on the PCB board.

PCB sticker.jpg

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Jonathan Ayala


so what would happen with the system after you try the update? i have one where i was dealing with a restriction but i mean i doubt that would have anything to do with the software right?

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3 hours ago, Jonathan Ayala said:

dealing with a restriction but i mean i doubt that would have anything to do with the software right?

The software update needed only when you replace the compressor with the new Universal Linear compressor. The update of the motherboard (PCB) supposed to change how the new compressor runs, and make it last longer than the previous version on the LInear Compressor. 

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