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Here's why YOU have been doing your voltage measurements all wrong...

Son of Samurai


Have you ever been robbed of a quick troubleshoot by ghost voltage? How about by an open neutral? Sounds like you need to start using a loading meter for ALL of your AC voltage measurements. Watch the video below to learn why, and find out some things you didn't know about circuits and electrical measurements along the way.

Want to see the full troubleshoot of this dryer, showcasing multiple ingenious voltage test locations that ensure for a fast and accurate diagnosis? Click here to watch the full webinar. This is just one of the dozens of top-notch training webinars we have on the site, all the recordings of which are available only to our premium members.

Want to learn how to troubleshoot electrical problems in appliances like a pro? We teach this and more in our online training courses at the Master Samurai Tech Academy. Our training is all online, on-demand, and self-paced, with quizzes to test and apply your new-found troubleshooting skills. 

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