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Mrs. Samurai's Kitchen

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Some old-fashioned, healthy civil disobedience

Mrs. Samurai


Many people aren't aware of the growing "raw milk" movement going on in North America, and the resulting political fallout. Basically, many folks have come to realize that drinking milk in its natural, non-pasteurized state has many significant health benefits (plus the flavor is far superior). For many thousands of years, of course, humans drank milk this way and thrived on it. The only reason milk became a health problem in the late 19th-early 20th centuries is that as more people moved to cities, dairies were also moved to the city. Cows were kept penned up in unsanitary conditions and often fed things like liquor mash, rather than grass. The milk quality was so poor that they often had to add white powder to make it look normal. Combine that with the lack of sanitation and refrigeration, and no wonder there were problems.

Now, with stainless steel and electricity, there's no reason we can't safely consume milk from healthy cows (i.e., they hang out in a pasture or a clean barn and eat grass and hay) that hasn't been pasteurized. The FDA feels differently, however, and has been increasingly performing raids (often with guns drawn) on farmers suspected of selling raw milk illegally. (Every state has its own law about raw milk sales, but there is a Federal prohibition against transporting it across state lines. Sheesh - you'd think they'd have better things to worry about.)

So - today there is a great protest happening by a group of (mostly) moms called the Raw Milk Freedom Riders. Check it out here. What do you think?

For more basic information on raw milk, see here.

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The whole reason behind Americans and cow milk is economic. So this doesn't surprise me. Easier and cheaper to raise milk producing cows as oppose to milk producing goats (an animal with one of the cleanest internal organ systems)The nutritional difference between cow's milk and goats milk is enormous. Practically every mammal can exist off of goats milk. Few from mucous producing (wonder why baby keeps having ear infections and goobers all over the place?) cow's milk. Even as Americans age, we lose tolerance for the lactose found in cow's milk. People of African and Mediterranean decent cannot stomach cow's milk as they have not developed the enzyme(lactase) to breakdown milk lactose. Therefore many third world nations thought we were intentionally poisoning them through our cow's milk care packages.

Lactose Intolerance by Ethnic Groups:

African Blacks 95% American Indians 90% Asian Americans 90% North American Blacks 75% Mexican Americans 75% Mediterraneans 60% North American Whites 15%

All that being said.....You couldn't get me to drink goat's milk even if used to make my favorite. white russian cocktail. And I agree with comedian Lewis Black....Soy/almond milk is not milk... ever see a nipple on a soy bean? It's really soy juice. So now that we are stuck with cow's milk. I'm all for the raw form.

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