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How to replace the washer drive belt in an oldie Frigidaire LC-248J top-loading washing machine

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


You have to remove the pump, it's a tight fit getting the 3 or 4, (I can't remember for sure), 1/4" bolts that hold the pump out. You should be able to fit a 1/4" ratchet on them and if not a small 1/4" wrench.

There is an allen screw that holds the pump impeller to the motor shaft. Sometimes it can be a problem to get the impeller to slide off the motor shaft, (especially if the pump seal has been leaking any - from your picture, yours looks pretty good and should hopefully slide right off). Don't pull on the pump body when trying to remove it from the motor shaft, wedge a pry bar on the top edge of the impeller and lever it down and off the motor shaft, (you don't want to bind the carbon/ceramic face seals and crack or mess them up or you will have a water leak at the pump impeller seal).

Before removing the spring from the idler pulley arm, mark the notch that it is in. They have an adjustment template to tell what spring slot the spring should be put in but I can't remember if it comes with the new belt or with the pump seal and impeller kit.

Here's the part link to the belt ==> http://www.repaircli...5303280326/3235

And here're some purdy-pitcher previews of where you'll be working:

20111221-xy5fd1idq6ba3q5qe1pmimafx4.preview.jpgClick for large view - Uploaded with Skitch

Pump detail:

20111221-niw9ciqw6t1hdc6ag5fumrp2qn.preview.jpgClick for large view - Uploaded with Skitch

Belt and Idler Pulley detail:

20111221-g8cjitdutjr8wi2qbxus7i54k8.preview.jpgClick for large view - Uploaded with Skitch

Source: Frigidaire LC-248J Not Spinning, Belt Worn, Need Directions on Replacement

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Adding these additional tips from Sublime Master john63 on getting the pump-motor allen screw back in:

<<<There is an allen screw that holds the pump impeller to the motor shaft. Sometimes it can be a problem to get the impeller to slide off the motor shaft>>>


Yes---and getting that *allen/hex* screw or bolt back in---is difficult as well.

The best method seems to be:

1) With pump re-installed---place the *bolt* through the plastic pump shaft (side) hole---using a long-length allen/hex wrench.

2) While applying pressure onto the *bolt* with the hex-wrench---place a flat screwdriver under the *bolt*.

3) Carefully/slowly---pry/lift the *bolt* with the screwdriver---until the plastic pump shaft (and the bolt) move upward is aligned with the hole on the Motor Shaft.

4) Tighten

This is---even for some servicers---a very difficult repair for just replacing a DRIVE BELT.

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