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A Christmas Eve Service Call on Smarts Mountain

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


The Samurai is ready to go wherever and whenever there's a broken appliance! No place is too remote for a service call from the Samurai. Here's a Christmas eve service call I made today to a home on the summit of Smarts Mountain with a broken Dacor range.

<img alt="Smarts Mountain" src="http://cdn-3-service.phanfare.com/images/external/4169021_5401211_146375562_WebSmall_2/0_0_91223cb0112f1a486080be50f36fd652_1">

The view from Lambert Ridge heading up Smarts Mtn. near the outset of this four mile hike to the summit where the house is.

<img alt="ice flow on the trail" src="http://cdn-3-service.phanfare.com/images/external/4169021_5401211_146375564_WebSmall_3/0_0_1cc3d663e0202d4b2f1cdaa1596a8a38_1">

Hiking up the glacier. Oh yeah, the Samurai does all-terrain service calls!

<img alt="Firetower on Smarts Mtn." src="http://cdn-3-service.phanfare.com/images/external/4169021_5401211_146375576_WebSmall_3/0_0_a34e80a984cd4e85ea1aac1dabbdc674_1">

There's a fire tower at the top of the mountain. Oz Man and I stopped by to check it out.

<img alt="Oz Man doesn't like the fire tower." src="http://cdn-3-service.phanfare.com/images/external/4169021_5401211_146375566_WebSmall_3/0_0_74025c448e8606d5b9d72e5978f14873_1">

Up top inside the fire tower. Oz Man doesn't like it!

<img alt="View from the fire tower." src="http://cdn-3-service.phanfare.com/images/external/4169021_5401211_146375567_WebSmall_2/0_0_8f2723e29f9460afd321d2aa044da472_1">

But nice views!

<img alt="View from the fire tower." src="http://cdn-3-service.phanfare.com/images/external/4169021_5401211_146375569_WebSmall_2/0_0_b8379191da85fcc23fa60cfe5fa84132_1">

<img src="http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t200/Zenzoidman/Shoebox/3a0ad8c3d0.jpg" border="0" alt="unhappy customers">

When we came down from the fire tower, we met the customers who lived on the summit. I couldn't put my finger on what it was, but they had a little different vibe about them and something told me I was in a for a surprise on this one. They were also pretty upset about their broken range.

<img alt="Service call location" src="http://cdn-3-service.phanfare.com/images/external/4169021_5401211_146375579_WebSmall_3/0_0_7ade6ee70cafe8ac4e902cd5ec4f9a3c_1">

Now we arrive at their house. Complaint was a Dacor electric oven that was completely dead-- no lights, nuttin'. I quickly determined the problem: no power supply and not just to the oven-- no power running to the entire structure!

<img alt="Heading down" src="http://cdn-3-service.phanfare.com/images/external/4169021_5401211_146375580_WebSmall_2/0_0_4929a9d3c81c2d2f06dc32512bddc0f4_1">

They seemed to understand my explanation that they needed electricity to make an electric oven run. Since it was getting late, they invited us to stay for dinner.

<img src="http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t200/Zenzoidman/Shoebox/cuy_roasting.jpg" border="0" alt="Rat Kabobs">

They were making rat kabobs. I thanked them profusely for their kindness but, since the Nativity Fast was still going on, I declined and opted instead for some snacks I brought. The Oz Man, however, enjoyed munching back on several roasted rats. After a fine meal and much merriment, the Oz Man and I headed back down the mountain to spend Christmas with the family. Ho ho ho!




You passed on the roasted rat? Man, you missed a real treat...

Merry Christmas to you and y'all , Scott!

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Merry Christmas, Samurai; MANY domos to you and the dojo for all you've done for this kohai!!!

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The #800 said you'd bring the electricity with you when came out, and every part you'll need.

Merry Christmas my brother !

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Did you hear a banjo playing and someone yelling "squeal pig!" in the distance?

btw rats taste better roasted on an open fire anyhow. have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

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