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Easy way to calibrate the oven temperature in a Frigidaire range (works on many other brands, too)

Samurai Appliance Repair Man



To Adjust Oven Temperature:

1. Check to be sure the Temperature control knob is in the OFF position .

2. Pull Temperature control knob straight off the shaft.

3. On the back of the knob, there is a series of 5 small grooves.

One of these grooves is positioned next to a tiny pointer.

Note the position of the pointer.

Loosen the two screws on the back of the knob (Figure 1).

Note: If knob does not have 2 screws, it is not adjustable.

4. To increase or decrease the temperature, move the pointer in the direction of "Raise" or "Lower" to change the temperature accordingly.

The temperature can be adjusted in increments as indicated on the back of the knob.

5. When the desired adjustment is reached, tighten both screws.

6. To replace the knob, line up the flat sides of both the knob and the shaft.

Push the knob into place. DO NOT force the Temperature control knob onto the shaft or you may damage the back of the knob.

Note: Once an adjustment is made, the OFF position will vary from the reference mark on the backguard depending on the amount of adjustment.

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