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How to remove the door and disassemble it to replace the door handle on a Maytag microwave oven

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


from the 16021668.pdf service manual:

Door Removal

1. Disconnect power to oven and remove grille, (see "Grille" procedure).

2. Open the oven door, slowly raise the door evenly. disengaging the pins at the top and bottom.

NOTE: When aligning the door for assembly, the door must be opened as much as possible.

3. To place door back on unit, place bottom pin into hole first and then align the top pin.

Once pins are aligned push door downward to lock into place.

4. Replace front grille to complete assembly.

Door Disassembly

1. Disconnect power to oven and remove oven door, (see "Door Removal" procedure).

2. Pry away choke cover, by placing a tool in the upper right corner of the door and gently prying outward on the choke cover.

Continue to work around the door casing until choke cover is completely loose.


To avoid property damage, care must be taken when prying choke cover from oven door.

3. Slide latch assembly upward and to the left to release plastic tabs from door frame.

Once latch assembly is loose the spring may be disconnected from the door frame.

4. Remove screws securing door handle and door frame to door panel.

5. Remove door frame by releasing tabs around entire door panel.

6. Remove door handle by placing a hand on door panel next to the top of the door handle.

Twist door panel towards the inside of door and pulling on the top portion of the door handle in a quick jerking motion.

NOTE: When replacing door handle, the bottom portion of the door handle must be inserted first.

7. Slide door glass to the right slightly, then push the door glass upward to release the glass from the track.

8. Reassemble in reverse order.


Once outer door trim panel is removed the glass panel is loose.


A microwave leakage test must be performed anytime a door assembly is removed, replaced, disassembly, or adjusted for any reason.

Part link for the replacement door handle ==> Door Handle

Source: Broken handle on Maytag Microwave MMV4184AAW