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Scrotum Scrubber Roundup

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Here are a few of the scrotum scrubbers I've repaired in my distinguished career as an appliance repair professional. Personally, I don't use this type of appliance-- why have an appliance do something that a simple wash cloth will do? Saves money and energy and it's better for the environment. Honestly, I think our society's obsession with technology is unhealthy sometimes.


The Poly Scrub

Has a more gentle scrubbing action than some of the others but may leave some skin behind and may not be as thorough.


The Buffer

Attachment for a power drill for buffing, not technically a scrubber per se.


Spike n' Dry

This is a unique one: it's designed for hard-to-reach scrotums (think obesity) and dries at the same time.


Pine Scrub Attachment

This one leaves a nice piney scent when finished.


Dremel Scrub Attachment

For use with your Dremel tool on very small scrotillia.


Steel Bristle Scrubber

One of the industrial strength attachments.


Industrial Strength Scrubber

When you really mean clean!


The Ball Buster

When you don't care what's left when you're done scrubbing.

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That ball buster does a good job on a nasty stove top.

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Must be from all that Silk underwear y'all is wearing

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