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Whirlpool Cabrio / Maytag Bravo / Kenmore Oasis Washer Tub Bearing and Seal Replacement Kit

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Tub bearing failure and seal leaks are just one of the repair joys that await the unsuspecting owner of these machines, especially if you're using non-HE detergent. Used to be that when the tub bearing or seal failed, you have to replace the entire tub because Whirlpool didn't sell the bearing and seal separately. The tub assembly alone runs $300 Part number: AP5306816

Part number: AP5306816

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth from both victims, er, I mean owners of these machines and the professional appliantologists who work on them, Whirlpool finally got the message and recently made the tub bearing and seal kit available as a separate repair kit without having to buy the entire tub assembly at considerable cost savings to the consumer.

The bearing and seal kit itself runs about $75 and is available here Part number: AP5325033

Part number: AP5325033

And you'll need a special $60 tool to install it Part number: AP5325072

Part number: AP5325072

If you're a DIYer doing this job, you'll probably only use the tool once in your lifetime. But still, even with the tool, the total parts cost is $135, less than half of what it used to cost when replacing the entire tub assembly.

Since this kit is so new, there's no info yet on how reliable this repair is-- replacing the bearing in a plastic tub which itself is prone to deformation and causing leaks-- vs. replacing the entire tub assembly with a factory-installed bearing. But at this kind of cost savings, it's worth a shot!


Source: From: Cabrio Washer Tub Bearing And Seal Replacement Kit

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


From a comment posted at our Facebook Page, the tub is covered by a five year warranty. But now that the bearing is separately replaceable, it only has a one year warranty. I rectum that answers the question of how reliable Whirlpool thinks this repair is vs. having the bearing factory installed in the tub.

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