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How to replace the door boot seal in a Samsung front load washer

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


The Academy's Professor Emeritus of all things Samsung (and LG, too, BTW), john63, expertly guides us thru the hand jive for replacing the door boot seal on a Samsung front load washing machine ...

Unplug washer

Remove 2 silver screws at the rear/back of the TOP COVER.

Slide the TOP COVER rearward about 2 inches and lift off


Remove the FRONT CONTROL PANEL (pull top of panel towards you)

Open door and remove the SPRING/CLAMP from the DOOR GASKET (use a screwdriver to pry the spring located at the 6 o'clock location of the gasket). Peel the door gasket from the lip & leave loose.

Remove the 2 screws from the DOOR LOCK/SWITCH ASSY (let the door switch fall into the washer)

Remove the small access panel/cover from the PUMP STRAINER HOUSING (lower front of washer)

After removing the small access panel---there's a single screw that secures the plastic housing---remove that screw and pull out the plastic housing (leave the PUMP STRAINER in place)

Remove the screws from the top of the FRONT COVER/PANEL (entire front of the washer) and pull the FRONT COVER/PANEL towards you. Lift up slightly and remove.

Remove the tub COUNTER WEIGHTS

Remove the old GASKET

Re-install in reverse order.


Before installing the larger gasket CLAMP at the front of the washer---re-install the DOOR LOCK./SWITCH ASSY (2 screws).

You can buy the new door boot seal for your Samsung washer, as well as any other part you need, with a 365-day return policy ratcheer ==> http://www.repaircli...g-Machine-Parts

Source: WF448AAP/XAC Door seal replacement


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