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Things to check in an LG dryer that's not drying the clothes completely

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


<<<I'm working on repairing a LG dryer DLE5977B that is not drying the clothes completely.>>>


Assuming the entire vent system is clean/clear...

If Fabric Softener Sheets are used in the dryer---laundry will be approximately 90% dry (on a regular basis).

This is caused by *wax* build-up on the MOISTURE SENSORS from the FS Sheet.

The waxy residue on the MOISTURE SENSORS will cause the MAIN BOARD to "think" that the laundry has become dry at/near the end of the cycle.

There are 2 options:

1) Discontinue using FS Sheets


2) Clean/scrub the MOISTURE SENSORS with a *ScotchBrite Pad* after each load in the dryer (when a FS Sheet is used)

The MOISTURE SENSORS are located on the *drum side* of the Lint Filter Housing (2 silver metal strips).

These can easily be found on the Lint Filter Housing by placing your head into the drum and looking downward at the Filter Housing.


If a *small* load has been placed in the dryer---the damp/wet laundry may not be making contact with the Moisture Sensors often enough (causing rapid termination of the cycle).

Raising the rear/back leveling legs of the dryer---about an inch higher than the front of the dryer---will cause small loads of laundry to tumble at the front of the drum (continually making contact with the Sensors).

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I Have a Frigidaire Affinity Dryer that I picked up from a customer's neighbor with the intention of repairing & selling. Wrong, After replacing the blower assembly, limit switch, door latch, it does not dry completly, I know that the moisture bar is not reading correctly, I did not think to clean the bar with a scrubby, I will give it a try in the morning, Don't think I will be selling the dryer for enough to recoup my parts. Probably use it to dry my shop towels & dog bedding. Thanks for the tip.

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Verify that the THERMISTOR has the correct ohms (see Tech Sheet--usually 10K ohms @77F).

If the THERMISTOR ohms is too low---this causes Heater short-cycling.

Not uncommon on Frigidaire "Affinity" dryers.

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<<<Probably use it to dry my shop towels & dog bedding.>>>


If the dryer is used without a vent attached---Frigidaire published a *bulletin* indicating that this often causes dryability complaints.

The lack of back-pressure---results in higher-than-normal airflow which results in lower temperature in the drum.

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