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How to fix the problem of the wire harness getting broken in the door of LG dishwashers

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Many LG dishwashers have a problem where the sound dampening material on the inside of the door softens up and the wire harness on top of it gets stuck in it and eventually breaks. Academy Fellow CTG51 shows us his ingenious field repair for this problem.

After doing a few of these dishwashers for wires fusing to the sound deadening material, I thought I would try some thing....A customers asked if there was anything that could be done to prevent this from happening again..I said if we had some thing that was thin and could take some heat........As I am talking,I look at has dish drying rack and what do I spy???DSCF1322.jpg It was a cutting mat, a kind of nylon/ UHMW material..........So I stuck it behind the wires....Dropped right into a small slot at the door stiffener...... Wire repair, CTG51 is good...for techs that is... :rocker:

Source: LG LDS5811ST / LDS7811ST

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An excellent solution.

Techs (and consumers) should be aware though---that LG dishwashers built *after* 2005 (I cannot recall the exact starting date) have a cloth-type insulation material which eliminated the problem of damaged wires.

The first number of the SERIAL NUMBER---indicates year-of-manufacture.

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