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Defective customers and Youtube

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


There's a lot of great stuff on Youtube on just about any topic you're interested in. You can even find detailed how-to information on appliance repair, for which the premiere, go-to channel is this one.

But unless you know how to apply what you're seeing on Youtube to your exact, specific appliance repair problem, then Youtube videos just become a source of noise and confusion. In fact, if you are someone specially endowed with the Cheesedork mentality, then Youtube videos will only make you dumber because of your hubris, pig-headedness, and unique inability to apply what you see to your specific situation. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Cheesedorks is that they don't know what they don't know yet they think they know it all. And their hubris prevents them from seeing the truth.

Brother nickfixit, veteran appliance repair warrior and esteemed Brother-in-The Craft, shares with us a recent encounter he had with a real-life Cheesedork who was so utterly befuddled by the appliance repair information he watched on Youtube that he could not even hear the truth from the professional Appliantologist right there in his house. Don't be this person.

I went on a call yesterday for an electric dryer that would not start. It was a 15 year old DOTT dryer in a mobile home. I push the start button and get the groaning buzz that says the motor is toast. I remove the blower housing and check to be sure there is nothing mechanically binding up the motor, so the motor is officially NFG. I also noted there was a ton of lint inside and it had caught on fire at least once. A motor and blower wheel job priced out at aprox $400.

Now the internet stupidity creeps in. He tells me he has done his research and viewed at least 30 Youtube videos and he is certain the problem is caused by "a little white plastic thing in the back". I stifle a laugh, and know I'm in the presence of a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance. I tell him the little white thing is a thermal fuse, and it is located on the blower housing in the front on a DOTT dryer. Plus, his electric dryer is wired so a failure of the thermal fuse will cut power to the motor and you would not even get a buzz from the motor.

He gets all mental like I was trying to rip him off, and "it ain't right" ! I told him he was only 4 screws from removing the thermal fuse, go get one and follow your Youtube Guru to dryer happiness. I knew we would never get a cent from this genius so I cancelled the call and removed myself from his very humble abode.

Walking the frontiers of stupidity,


Source: Defective customers and Youtube

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