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How to reverse the doors in an Amana bottom-mount refrigerator

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


from the use and care manual https://www.dropbox.com/s/ihscmmszrqrfhwm/Use%20and%20Care%20Guide%20-%2012828152.pdf

Door Reversal

In some installations, reversing the door swing allows

for more convenient access to stored items. Both

doors can be reversed on freezer door models and the

fresh food door is reversible on freezer drawer models.

1. Remove door(s) (see page 4).

2. Transfer cabinet plugs and cabinet

screws to opposite side of cabinet.

• Remove cabinet plugs with flat

blade of screwdriver tip wrapped

in masking tape.

• Remove center mullion screws

with 5⁄16” hex head screwdriver

3. Transfer door stops from bottom edge of fresh food

door and freezer door, if applicable, to opposite

side of door edge.

• Use a Phillips screwdriver

for removal and installation.

4. Install handles (see below

and page 7).

5. Reinstall the door(s).


Remove and discard handle packaging and tape.

Handle design varies from refrigerator to refrigerator.

Please reference the appropriate instructions for your

model below.

Fresh Food Handles

Standard Front Mount Handle

Materials Needed:

• Phillips screwdriver

• 5⁄16” hex head driver

To Install:

1. Remove 1⁄4” hex head screws from

door face with hex head driver, and

Phillips screw from top of door.

• If reversing door, remove door

plugs from opposite side of door and insert in

screw holes.

2. Align handle holes with screw holes on

door face and secure with two door face

screws from step 1.

To avoid possible injury and damage to property:

• Place doors on a nonabrasive surface protected by

towels or rugs while working directly on doors.


Note: If not installed, the handle is located in the

interior of the fresh food section or attached to the

back of your refrigerator.

4. Ensure the door handle is snug to the

door panel.

To Remove:

Reverse installation procedure.

Source: Need a door reversal procedure for Amana bottom freezer