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GE Fridge Mainboard Cross Reference



Most techs are aware of one or two common mainboards used in GE Arctica and Profile type fridges. The most common I suggest you have in stock as part of my GE Fridge Survival Kit ( see

However, the other day I came across another similar board that I wasn't familiar with, or so I thought. Main Board Part no. WR55X10832 I didn't think I'd seen that version before until I found one in my old board collection (I keep many old boards to... uh... to.... uh... hell, I don't know why I have them).

This meant I had replaced this board before and I hope I replaced it with the same board as opposed to the board I keep on stock. Well, I never got a call back on a board replacement so maybe I did but it seems as though I would have remembered this strange part number....

Anyhow, the following is a GE mainboard cross-reference... just make sure to always check the part number even if you think you know the board as they all look quite similar.

WR55X10942 replaces

WR55X10335, WR55X10151, 1531075, AH2364946,EA2364946, PS2364946, WR55X10024, WR55X10037, WR55X10045, WR55X10056, WR55X10065, WR55X10079, WR55X10083, WR55X10086, WR55X10090, WR55X10097, WR55X10109, WR55X10110, WR55X10160, WR55X10171, WR55X10174, WR55X10177, WR55X10187, WR55X10188, WR55X10210, WR55X10228, WR55X10289, WR55X10294, WR55X10297, WR55X10314, WR55X10328, WR55X10333, WR55X10336, WR55X10339, WR55X10358, WR55X10366, WR55X10372, WR55X10379, WR55X10381, WR55X10385, WR55X10396, WR55X10413, WR55X10416, WR55X10426, WR55X10427, WR55X10432, WR55X10436, WR55X10456, WR55X10473, WR55X10474, WR55X10523.

WR55X10956 replaces:

WR55X10774, 1550509, AH2371144, EA2371144, PS2371144, WR55X10657, WR55X10658, WR55X10662, WR55X10697, WR55X10745, WR55X10929, WR55X10943.

WR49X10152 replaces:

1266021, AH1483475, EA1483475, PS1483475, WR49X10092, WR49X10115, WR49X10121, WR49X10138, WR49X10147, WR55X10156, WR55X10414, WR55X10492(interesting, as this board is still produced yet less expensive than the title board) WR55X10530.

WR55X11130 replaces:

WR55X10384, WR55X11109, WR55X10286, 2309992, PS3652491, WR55X10167, WR55X10178.

WR55X10560 replaces:

1194661, AH1021960, EA1021960, PS1021960, WR55X10383, WR55X10400, WR55X10433.

WR55X10832 replaces

1477944, AH2340423, EA2340423, PS2340423.

WR55X10968 replaces:

2002663, PS2364948.

**Update 02/10/16  and yet another board discovered in the wild by bro.  Lorainfurniture : 

WR55X10775 : replaces 1477910, AH2340408, EA2340408, PS2340408.

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DA, you are the walking encylopedia of everything GE refrigerator.

Thanks for posting this.

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


El fantastico compendium, Brother Durham!  Much domos for taking the time to put this together.  Evernoting this blog post now...

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Wow! This is awesome, thank you.  I came across this weird board too, and to make matters worse, they are out of stock everywhere!  Have to tell the client it is going to be 10-14 days at least without a fridge.

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I just realized when I got back to the office that I replaced a WR55X10775  with a WR55X10942.  I wonder what the differences are?  Seems to be working - I have to go back and replace the paddle so I probably should replace it - but just curious how they differ.


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