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Fun Times at ASTI 2015 in New Orleans

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Just got back from the best-ever ASTI in New Orleans. Reconnected with old friends, made new ones, met many of my Appliantology brethren and several of my Samurai Tech Academy students in person.

Not being a city person myself, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed New Orleans-- fantastic food and lots of fun in the French Quarter. For example, here's a plate of the best soul food you'll ever eat at a place called Mother's:


Pictured above is

Blackened Ham

Red beans and rice

Turnip greens with ham chunks

Grits with butter

All slathered with Tobasco

The food is spectacular and often exotic in New Orleans, so much so that sometimes people don't know what to think. Here, yours truly and a long-time Brethren in The Craft are helping Baby Sensei broaden his horizon and try some shrimp jambalaya:


But to truly enjoy a fine plate of New Orleans cuisine, you need to pair it with the proper selection of beer. But not just any beer, only Abita beer will do!


After enjoying a fine meal with the perfect local brew, then it's a good time to go catch a parade. Here's Applianceman97 (aka, Baby Sensei) and Mrs. Applianceman97 sporting their parade bling:


Not to be outdone, Mrs. Samurai shows off her parade bling, too:


And, of course, we had to do the obligatory, but short, walk down Bourbon Street:


Here's what the streets look like after the parades are over, around 12:30am:


As trashed as the streets were, they were sparkling spotless the next day. How does that happen? An army of street cleaners with machine, hoses, rakes, and a sea of humanity swarms the streets and cleans it up. It was even more amazing than the parades themselves! Watch:

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Good times!!! That will be an ASTI we never forget brotha!!!

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


That was definitely one for the record books! Enjoyed sharing it with you and some of the other assembled Brethren!

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Glad you enjoyed it, but I'm kicking myself for not getting the mini maps made.  I handed some out at the Superbowl and they are really cheap.  Just a fold up map that looks like a credit card, great for helping people with getting around.   I answered a lot of food and history questions, I hope people enjoyed the places I sent them.  I hope it comes back to NOLA in the next ten - fifteen years so I'll be better prepared. lol


    Two words for fellow appliantologists looking for excellent can't miss NOLA food ; Commander's Palace.


The confidence gained was outstanding, hope to see y'all in Miami next year.

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