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An open letter to America’s college cupcakes on Veterans Day

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Brethren, on this Veteran's Day, I present to you a timely and fitting guest blog post by Ray Starmann, the Editor in Chief of US Defense Watch. Enjoy!


An open letter to America’s college cupcakes on Veterans Day



Dear College Cupcakes:

America has watched for the last year or so, as our nation’s universities have been consumed by a new strain of left wing totalitarianism that has all the traits of the haunting Marxist dictatorships of the past.

Free thought and expression and discussion are disappearing from college campuses and being replaced by behavior and lexicons out of 1984.

In the greatest arenas of free speech across this land, you shriek and howl and cry and stamp your feet like two year olds when someone disagrees with you.

You have mental meltdowns when reading passages from the world’s greatest literature that somehow offend you in every conceivable way, shape or form.

You feel oppressed and terrorized when viewing someone in a Halloween costume that you dislike.

You are triggered by opposing views from Presidential candidates, who do nothing more than say things that you may disagree with.

When triggered by every imaginable word, phrase and action on this planet, you find it necessary to retreat to so-called safe spaces, where you will be further coddled by counselors, Play Doh and Bubble Guppy videos.

Like raving martinets, you accuse anyone you disagree with of being a racist, a rapist, a sexist or any other derogatory term you can create to soothe your tender and warped psyches.

You have been told for your whole lives how special you are and these fantastical words have been reinforced by the ridiculous behavior of helicopter parents and idiotic teachers who found it necessary to control every facet of your lives and ensure that each of you precious little snowflakes received a trophy, even though many of you only deserved a kick in the behind.

Your latest irrational tirades concern the election of PRESIDENT-ELECT TRUMP. Inspired by the lunatic behavior of your socialist professors, you are the laughing stock of the rest of the country as you hold cry-ins, need therapy dogs and hide under the covers in your dorm rooms because a man was elected President.

Today is Veterans Day, when we honor those who served, which I have no doubt none of you ever have. The nation particularly honors our combat veterans who drained deep the chalice of courage and who fought against real racists, like the Nazis; real boogeymen like the Imperial Japanese Army, the Chinese, Victor Charlie, the Republican Guard and the Taliban.


Today, at this very moment, as you tearfully meltdown because Donald Trump is our next President, our current military is in harm’s way in Mosul, fighting real sexists who call themselves ISIS.

King George, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Saddam, these were real threats, some of the greatest madmen the world had ever seen and our veterans fought and defeated them in hot and cold wars.


Our veterans, men and women, many of whom were your age at the time they served, never had the luxury to wallow in self-pity over imagined nonsense and monsters.

Their threats weren’t created in the hallowed ivory towers of Harvard Yard. Their threats were created in the British Parliament, in Bavarian beer halls, in jungle outposts and jettisoned across the globe to cause havoc and death. The only thing that stopped them, the only thing that prevented the world from descending into darkness was the US military and our veterans.

There were no safe spaces on Iwo Jima or Omaha Beach. There were no cry ins on Bunker Hill or at the Frozen Chosin. There were no counselors in the Ia Drang Valley or at Khe Sanh. There was no time to protest imaginary enemies at Fallujah. The enemies were real and were doing their damnedest to kill Americans and destroy our way of life.

As I stated, our enemies were fighting against Americans who were mainly your age. I and many Americans have serious doubts that you aggrieved marshmallows could rise to the occasion and fight anyone, much less the Redcoats or the Waffen SS.


How and why America has gotten to a point where being a wimp is looked upon as normal behavior for young people is the subject of another article and a disgrace in itself.

Instead of claiming half the nation is racist for voting for Donald Trump, you precious little snowflakes might want to get off your asses and read about men who overcame real prejudice and racism and fought for their country; like the Tuskegee Airmen.

Instead of being offended by words in books, you precious little cupcakes might want to step out of your safe spaces and read about American matadors at places like Trenton, the Wheatfield, Seminary Ridge, the Meuse-Argonne, the Bulge, New Guinea, 73 Easting and Tal Afar.

As for the election, get used to saying President Trump.

Suck it up buttercups.

Ray Starmann

Editor in Chief, US Defense Watch


Recommended Comments

Well Said

My safe place was behind my well trained attack military K-9. Along with my GAU, Colt 45 and grenade launcher which was part of my GAU (mini M-16). This was at the age when I was 18. 

And to think these wimps will be our future leaders someday, very sad.



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I never served. But I did raise my first oil field drilling rig derrick at 18 years of age. A late 18 but 18 none the less. That's the god's honest truth. Nothing scared me. 

I'm sorry but I see cup cakes too.



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I had a customer in 1984---that was in his late 70s

There was a photo on a table of a very young and tough looking marine in dress blues.

I asked him if that image was his---he acknowledged in the affirmative.

After a bit of conversation---I learned that he was already a marine when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

He saw combat in Guadalcanal---which was absolutely a mess.

This was the first island that the US fought to reclaim from the Japanese. It was an important piece of land in the pacific as the Japanese were constructing an airfield there---to deny military and commerce shipping in the area. The main purpose of the airfield was to cut off Australia from US/Allied support.

Those marines were literally thrown onto the island in a desperate gamble to stop completion of the airfield.

The airfield was taken very swiftly---but the Japanese were determined to re-capture it.

At that time the Japanese military had the advantage. Control of the seas (larger navy) and seasoned/experienced combat veterans in both the army and navy.

They chased the American ships out---before their supplies could be fully brought to shore for the marines,

Cut off---the marines were stranded and alone (and every marine knew this fact).

For many months our guys had to find ways to survive hunger/clean water and every type of jungle disease.

With limited supplies of medicine and ammunition---they fought off repeated Japanese attempts to overtake the airfield and succeeded---barely.

After months of suffering---finally a relief convoy of ships managed to arrive with fresh reinforcements (army).

Those marines were relieved of their assignment---and when they were filmed arriving to board the ships to leave the island---it was a sobering sight. They were gaunt/malnourished/sick. Barely able to carry on.

After I had told this veteran all that I knew of this famous and pivotal battle---he was clearly heartened to see someone young enough to be his grandson so well aware of it

The part that broke my heart was that he shared with me---how genuinely guilty that he felt having to kill Japanese soldiers that were "surrendering".

To which I quickly added that I understood completely why this was done. Most Japanese solders pretended to surrender in order to trick the Americans to come out in the open and formally accept a prisoner. At which point other Jap solders would open fire---killing the exposed marines.

I'd have done the same thing. The ruse was no secret.

Yet---this still remained a terrible memory for the old warrior. I cannot pretend to know what it is really like to have been in his shoes. I can only try to understand/appreciate his and many other veterans' sacrifices for the freedoms we enjoy in our great country.

Not that I wish it upon anyone---ever---but if those college cupcakes had to go through a similar life-altering experience they would have a different world view afterwards.

The old timers used to say: "Adversity (hardship) Creates Character"

They were speaking from experience...


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That was a great reading for this morning Samurai.  I thank you for those thoughts , as do many veterans I'm sure, would thank you also.  I'm leaving now  to kick some appliance butt.  Have a nice weekend .

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I to was in the oil field at 18. It was so cold that your face and nose hair would start freezing so you pulled your zero liner up over your mouth and nose. But, after a few minutes you'd have to pull it back down cause when you breathed moist air would come up each side of your nose and freeze your eyes, lashes, and brows.

But I considered my self lucky, cause, I watched power tong hands come to the jobs and stay for days. I've seen guys work over 48 hours straight, and sleep standing up hanging onto their tongs. We'd give them a break when we could and they go lay on a cold metal floor vibrating like hell with diesel engines screaming and sleep like a baby.

I've never been one to have much sympathy for complainers. I just can't relate. If ever I've found myself in a situation I didn't like, I'd just change my situation.

I can't stand Clinton but decided the day I went and voted that if she won, I would just have to man up, put my head down, stay busy, and quietly endure it.


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30 days after my high school graduation in 1984, I was standing on the infamous "yellow foot prints" in San Diego reporting for Marine Corps basic training. Needless to say it was a game changing life experience that over the course of my 4 year enlistment taught me many lessons and gave experiences too numerous to list.

Until your'e put into positions/scenarios where there is no recourse but to deal with it and move forward you'll probably always think someone else gives a shit about what you think or feel. Reality: they don't.

Generation Snowflake is in for a long haul between student loans and therapy bills.

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Carolla nails it! 

Interesting how many comedians, even lefty loons like Chris Rock and Jon Stewart are seeing the exact same problem  Carolla is talking about. Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld have spoken out publicly about not doing shows on college campuses anymore because of the politically correct wet blanket, what Michael Goodwin called "... that disease of the spirit that saps confidence in one’s own values and success."

Comedy is truth and pain; in order to make good comedy, you have to see truth, real truth, and express it in a way that causes pain-- this is the essence of humor and tools of the trade for comedians. 


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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


There is hope! A new international non-profit group has been formed to help Millennials adjust to the real world: 


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