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Restoring vintage appliances



One of my favorite things to do.   I get to restore about 5-7 a year.   Here is a short timelapse video of the re assembly process. 




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  • Team Samurai
Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Bravo! Very inspirational! Made me want to take trip to the town stump dump and get a junker to work on. 

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I have seen a few older ones I would like to rebuild but just don't have the time now days. I enjoyed old truck restoring when I was in high school but then life happened. I am keeping my eye out for an old one that is like the one my grand parents had. My parents have an old one in their cabin that is in good condition. I also have a wood burning stove in storage that is in good shape. When life slows down a little then I would like to restore it.

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I have old Speed Queen Ringer Washer that I would like to restore. But it take time. maybe when I retire.

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I forgot about my whirlpool ringer washer

it all works

another project for a later date

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Joe B, Stoughton Appliance Repair


Nice job!  It looks like a a fair amount of work, but it's probably a better hobby than watching TV.

It looks like you painted the frame, and I couldn't tell if you sent the panels out to be painted.  Di you have the cooktop manifold controls re-chromed?

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Anything that was white is porcelain on steel, just cleaned all of it.  Anything black was repainted with high temp paint or regular gloss black. I had the gas manifold re chromed. 


Definitely fun to do, but it actually pays better than repair work. Only issue is that I only do a couple per year. 

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I just gave an almost identical model to my dad (Glennwood brand). If it sits around at his place as long as it did at my shop I might offer it to you if you want it.

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