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Electrolux Refrigerator Service Flash: Noisy Flex Tray Fresh Food Ice Maker Fan 1.0.0

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About This File

Fresh Food Ice Maker fan makes intermittent, buzzing noise. Over time, the fan may stop completely and the ice maker will stop producing ice.
Ice accumulation in front of the fan causes intermittent buzzing noise. Ice accumulation results from incomplete defrost and/or defrost water dripping in front of the evaporator housing.


E23BC78 EI23BC35 EI23BC56 EI23BC65 EI27BS26 EI28BS56 EI28BS65
EW23BC71 EW28BS71 EW28BS85 FGHB2844 FGHB2846 FGHB2869 FGHB2878
FGHF2344 LGHB2869 FGHF2346 LGUB2642 FGHF2369 CFD26W FGHF2378 CFD28W FGUB2642
FPHB2899 FPHF2399

PUB RF1205

Date: 5/19/2014

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