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  3. wader072174

    GE fridge model GSL25JFTFBS

    Thanks for the reply. I will have to check between white and yellow. I have since put original board back in. I checked and the serial number does not appear to be one that needs that jumper wire cut. Strange how fan seems warm to touch like it’s definitely getting power but yet doesn’t spin. I will check dc volts between white and yellow. Thanks Rick
  4. LearningTech


    Used to just replace but looks like it may be NLA you may bea boe to find one, but if not then yes on above part 389230
  5. LearningTech

    Motor for Maytag A412

    Your local mom/pop store is sure to have a few machines lying around. Around here most dealers have a small scrap yard and you can getone there
  6. LearningTech

    Dacor RSD30s range/ convection fan removal

    Glas you found out
  7. If you need a second opinion replace it.
  8. LearningTech

    GE fridge model GSL25JFTFBS

    There are different fans but yours will only take the one that goes to yours. Im so=howing it as WR60X10185 is that what you put in? did you cut the jumper when you put. In the board as per instructions for certain serial numbers? Good. That test the. Boards ability to. “Create” 13vdc, but What is. The voltage between the white pin and. The yellow one right next to it? That is the fan. Its not uncommon you need to replace both make sure you have right parts and they are installed corectly. The board should have been wr55x10942p without the p its just an older version, and if it is ...0942R it is rebuilt
  9. It was relatively evenly frosted over. I have a halogen gas leak detector and didn’t find any leaks. The model number is PSI23SGNA BS (BS must mean Black Side or Black and Steel)
  10. Yesterday
  11. Compressor, display, lights not coming on but there is power coming in to the control board underneath the unit. Can't pull it out at this time because of the way it is installed. Not sure if there are any other control boards on it or what else I may need to check for. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hello, I have a side by side GE fridge with an evaporator fan motor that is not operating. I tested dc very large between red and white wires on wiring harness and I am getting 13 volts. I replaced fan motor and it is still not working. The fan even feels warm to the touch like it’s getting power but it won’t spin?? I even popped a new control board in just in case something weird was going on with that. Same result... I know the replacement fan comes with an option to get it with the evaporator thermistor or without. I went with the version without sensor. Should I change thermistor? Any help would be greatly appreciative. Thanks Rick
  13. Quick

    Whirlpool Fridge wrx735sdbm00 ice maker

    Where's that isolation valve and diodes located on this box Lighthouse?
  14. Lighthouse

    KCMC1575BSS1 Microwave/Convection Issue

    Thermal cut out is non resettable. It would need to be changed if it has voltage on 1 side but not the other or if it fails on an ohm's test.
  15. scrystal

    KCMC1575BSS1 Microwave/Convection Issue

    I'll have to see if I can find a wiring diagram and check that. Is the thermal cut out a switch that I can toggle back or would it need replacing if the element is not getting voltage?
  16. Laser gun temp of condenser coils if possible.
  17. Was the evaporator evenly frosted from top to bottom. If not then you most likely have a sealed system leak. model number you provided is no good. There may be an missing after the n.
  18. Son of Samurai

    Kenmore Washer Request 11046462501

    Uses this tech sheet:
  19. This tech sheet applies to your model:
  20. Hello Everyone, First time poster here! So I have a GE PSI23SGNABS side by side Refrigerator. My freezer is getting cold, but just not cold enough. Fridge side is staying at 37 degrees. I checked the condensor fan and it runs when the compressor kicks on. I cleaned the condenser grill with a vacuum cleaner. I checked the compressor, it gets pretty hot when running, so I thought to do a current test on the black wire running onto the Start Relay, and it showed 1.06 Amps, which I assume makes it a good compressor. I replaced the defrost thermostat limiter. Evaporator fan runs as it should. Evaporator does ice up but when defrost heater turns on, which when I timed it, it runs for 15 minutes, because I could see the glass heater element glowing orange/red, it completely melts the evaporator coils and drains properly thru hole in pan and into the condensate reservoir out of the fridge. The unit has been running this way, around 10 degrees on freezer digital display for last 1 week after cleaning the dirty condenser coils. It just isn't getting cold enough on the freezer side! What could be wrong? Leaking freon? I have a freon/halogen gas leak detector and couldn't spot any leaks. Do I need to test anything on the motherboard? I was thinking if heater element is coming on for 15 minutes and defrosting the evaporator coils sufficiently, I am good? Or are there any other tests I need to perform? Thanks! Prashant
  21. Bought spare motor fan assembly & threads are backwards or to the right removes nut!
  22. Budget Appliance Repair

    GE Washer GTW460ASJ0WW Tub Won't Fill

    Thanks @Lighthouse I was pretty sure that was the case but now the Grasshopper won't have to wonder why they can't find what you linked them to.
  23. Lighthouse

    GE Washer GTW460ASJ0WW Tub Won't Fill

    I didn’t notice it was DIY i was just adding SB for future reference for techs
  24. Budget Appliance Repair

    GE Washer GTW460ASJ0WW Tub Won't Fill

    ummmm, but we are in the DIY forum and they don't have access to the downloads anyway????
  25. GE Top Load Washer Service Bulletin- Not Pumping Out View File PUB HL06-18 Models affected: GTW220ACK(1 – 4)* GTW490ACJ(0 – 4)* GTW680BPL0DG GTW750CPL0DG GTW330ASK(0 – 3)* GTW750CSL0WS GTW755CPL0DG GTW755CPL0DG GTW460AMJ(0 – 4)* GTW680BSJ(0 – 5)* GTW460ASJ(0 – 8)* GTW685BPL0DG GTW685BSL0WS GTW485ASJ(0 – 4)* HTW200ASK(0 – 3)* HTW240ASK(0 – 3* * Numbers in parentheses represent all engineering digits in that range. (Example ACK(1 - 4) represents ACK1, ACK2, ACK3 and ACK4) Serial numbers: HF – HL (May 2015 - May 2018) Submitter Lighthouse Submitted 06/20/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
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