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  2. Son of Samurai

    NN-CD989S Tech sheet needed

    Here you go:
  3. Panasonic NN-CD989S Microwave Service Manual View File PUB MOD1002311AE Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 06/23/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  4. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    PUB MOD1002311AE
  5. Model: DV363EWBEUF/A1 Samsung Dryer needing the tech sheet
  6. NN-CD989S tech sheet needed. Thanks!!
  7. Rhubarb Tau

    Whirlpool GD5SHGXKQ01 Ice Maker

    Might be worth checking the heating element, possibly isn't heating to release the cubes from the mold. Check for Ohms between L and H on the I/M module head (under the white plastic cover) , should see ~70 Ohms. Could also be a stripped drive gear in the I/M module head. Either way, sounds like a faulty (new) I/M. It's be interesting to pull the module head ( three screws at the corners under the plastic cap) and look for anything obvious, but I'd be checking with the parts supplier that sold the replacement about their warranty.
  8. SonofaWhatthe

    Whirlpool GD5SHGXKQ01 Ice Maker

    The "timing wheel" is *trying* roll forward but isn't. It sort of vacillates back and forth. I'm going to remove unit, empty and reinstall I guess. I think there is too much ice in there. Need to reduce the fill level. Best guessing.
  9. SonofaWhatthe

    Whirlpool GD5SHGXKQ01 Ice Maker

    Everything was 8 out of 10 (the cubes it was making were so thick they weren't being easily broken up by the auger) but now we are 0 out of 10. The trays are full but nothing is being rolled out into the bin. I've posted a phone video here if you want to see the nothing happening.
  10. In addition, be sure to turn the gas off before testing .
  11. You would need to do a live voltage check on this so you need to be very careful. I would suggest that if you are not used to dealing with live electricity then get someone who is. There should be a yellow wire & a white wire going to the module. Put your meter probes on these terminals and see if you have 120 volts when the control knob is turned to ignite. If you have 120 volts there and module is not sparking then you need a new module. If you do not have 120 volts there then you need to find out if it a problem with the voltage that should be supplied by the yellow wire or is it a problem with the white wire which is the neutral.
  12. evaappliance

    Kenmore 461.98475 fridge has ice on rear pipe

    Doesn't sound like a huge deal , but i would look . That line ( when everything is exactly right ) should frost up when the compressor first comes on , but after about a minute or so of the compressor running it should thaw off and most of the time dry up . So i’m Thinking there’s a good chance they are separated
  13. Update: I've been keeping an eye on it for a few days... it frosts up while the compressor is running. When the fridge is cold enough the compressor stops and the frost melts and evaporates. Normal? Or should I be looking for separation? Thanks!
  14. Yesterday
  15. Whirlpool LSQ9244EQ0 Washer Tech Sheet View File PUB 3951704 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 06/22/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  16. Son of Samurai

    Service manual request

    Yeah, I double checked, and those are the correct docs. But I do see that discrepancy you're talking about. I've uploaded the service manual and the installation instructions to that same bundle -- see if they're of any help.
  17. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Service manual request

    That’s cray-cray— the schematic shows it only getting 120VAC (Line and Neutral) but the test routine program docs reference 240 VAC. @Son of Samurai - are we sure we have the correct docs uploaded for this model? And are there any other docs that may shed light on this, such as an installation manual?
  18. Hi I found your article on how to diagnose gas stovetop ignition problems . I've been trying to help a dear friend with her new used gas cooktop . It does not ignite or click and I think trying to find how I test the spark module ? I have been able to check out a multi meter from the local to library . And after much searching I am grateful to have found your article and forum. I will use the multi meter to test the igniters for continuity as well as the wires that lead from the spark module to the igniters . I am however perplexed on how to test the spark module . In reading your article I have a question How do I " verify that the spark module is getting the 120v on terminal L when you turn on any one of the surface switches" My friend said she's fine with lighting the stove with match however she's 65 and I feel safer if the stove top worked properly . A another thing I am considering is building a cheat cord and test for spark. I watched a video of someone doing this. His cheat cord was a three prong plug on one end and two alligator clips on the other end . If I build my own cheat cord which two wires do I use for the alligator clips and what do I do with the third wire ? Thank you for this place of learning.

    Service manual request

    Thanks I don't get it. do you know how to hook this thing up to power? it needs 240 but it only has one spot for line and one spot for neutral so how does it install to power? any ideas? Do i really put two lines on one lead? this training manual isn't showing that I wish we had an actual service manual not a training slideshow they use in class
  20. Need the service manual or tech sheet for this model. Thanks - Jim
  21. It’s a ZIP archive file. Download it to a desktop and then use an unzipping utility (free) to unpack it. Even some iphone apps, like GoodReader, can unzip.
  22. It’s a ZIP archive file. Download it to a desktop and then use an unzipping utility (free) to unpack it.
  23. Son of Samurai

    Maytag Laundry Center

    No service manual for this one, unfortunately. Best I can do is the parts manual -- hopefully that can help with disassembly.
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