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      On-demand appliance repair training videos for Professional Appliantologist members Over 30 hours (and growing!) of original, high quality appliance training webinars developed and given by yours truly are at your fingertips, on topics you won't find anywhere else. Fill in those knowledge gaps, strengthen those areas of uncertainty, and boost your skills. Watch on mobile or desktop at your convenience whenever, wherever.  Ultra Short Primer on Basic Electricity, Circuits, Ohm's Law, and Schematic Reading (Length: 1:04:48) Basic Refrigerator Troubleshooting (Length: 1:10:45) Schematic Reading Workshop, 10/2015 (Length 1:19:08) Troubleshooting Strategies for Computer-Controlled Appliances (Length: 48:34) Semiconductors and PN Junctions (Length: 1:04:37) Appliance Temperature Sensing Devices & Technology (Length: 1:27:33) Voltage Measurements, Meters, Ghost Voltages, and Triac-controlled Neutrals (Length: 1:29:32) Troubleshooting with Tech Sheets, Part 1, 4/2016 (Length: 1:09:26) Troubleshooting with Tech Sheets, Part 2, 4/2016 (Length: 1:21:11) Tech Sheet Review, 4/9/2016: Bosch Speed Cooker, Amana Refrigerator, GE Glass Cooktop Range (Length: 1:22:58) Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Switches used in Samsung Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) (Length: 27:07) PWM Computer Cooling Fan in a Whirlpool Refrigerator (Length: 14:53) Understanding AC Split-phase Household Power Supplies (Length: 52:41) Troubleshooting a Samsung Electric Dryer without Disassembly using Live Tests and the Schematic (Length: 22:47) Troubleshooting a Bosch Dishwasher No-Heat Problem using the Schematic and Live Tests (Length: 15:38) Linear Motors and Linear Compressors (Length: 55:54) Bi-directional PSC Drive Motor Systems in Whirlpool VM Washers (Length: 56:52) Appliance Service Call Structure and Troubleshooting Strategies (Length: 1:00:16) The Ten Step Troubleshooting Tango and Workshop Exercises (Length: 1:35:39) Troubleshooting Ten-Step Tango Advanced Workshop (Length: 1:32:06) Ten-Step Tango Troubleshooting Workshop: Refrigerators (Length: 1:35:57) Whirlpool Duet Washer Schematic Analysis & Whirlpool Dryer Moisture Sensor System (Length: 1:03:04) Neutral Vs. Ground, Inverter Microwave, Digital Communications, Loading Down in DC loads, and more! (Length: 1:14:45) Gas Oven Service Call After a Parts Changing Monkey (Length: 36:04) AFCI and GFCI Circuit Protection Technology (Length: 41:26) Troubleshooting Samsung Refrigerators and more (Length: 1:29:58) 3-way Valves and Dual Evaporator Refrigerators (Length: 1:15:45) Split-Phase Compressors and PTC Start Devices (Length: 1:11:57) Gas Dryer Ignition Systems (Length: 53:50) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 1 (Length: 43:07) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 2 (Length: 1:09:09) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 3 (Length: 1:11:56) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 4 (Length: 37:45) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 5 (Length: 16:35) To access these webinars and all the other info-goodies here at Appliantology, become a Professional Appliantologist today. If you need cost-effective, time-flexible, state-of-the-art appliance technical training, check out the Master Samurai Tech Academy.
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      Information is the name of the game in the appliance repair trade today. Appliantology is a powerful information tool for the professional appliance repair technician. But just like with any of the more capable tools in your tool bag, many of the more powerful features are hidden from you unless you "read the manual." Ugh! Who wants to do that? Well, this is one time when you don't have to! In this webinar, Team Samurai will personally walk you through the site and show you many of the useful and powerful features that even long-time users probably never knew existed.   

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  2. I double checked the venting from behind the fan to the flexible venting hose to the outside of the house. There was a little buildup which I cleared out, but not much. I also pulled out the fan to make sure there wasn't anything behind it. I took the lint screen to the sink and scrubbed it well with soap and a plastic scrub brush. It had a pretty good film of fabric softener on it and was rather dirty so that might have been contributing to air flow issues. So far the dryer seems to be behaving, but I'm just waiting to see if the cut-off is going to trip again. I'm praying it'll hold. If it doesn't I'm not sure what else to try.
  3. Sorry- I forgot to mention that as it stops and 'resets' itself the the start. There is clearly a click of a relay from the control board. Whether this relay is the cause of, or a result of the problem I do not know.
  4. Konbanwa, It has been ten years since I first signed up on the old forums and you all have helped me many times. I come to you again with a GE profile dishwasher model PDW9980NSS that will fill and then reset itself to start. I believe that it is doing this because it knew today was Thanksgiving and company was coming. It has likely been in the planning stages for months. Anyhow here are details: -If I enter service mode, I can fill it, run it for an hour and empty it all NO PROBLEM -If I run factory test, sometimes it will get past the turbidity sensor portion and sometimes it won't. The manual says this might be an abnormal value reading from the sensor, or a problem reading the eeprom. -all the buttons work however in years past, the seal around the vent leaked into the door panel interior. There is corrosion inside the button ribbon cable Unless a malfunctioning turbidity sensor would cause the wash motor to not start, I figure I'm looking at an electrical issue. The corrosion in the ribbon cable is worrysome, but all the buttons work. It would seem something in it's process of running the steps is where it fails since it manually will run each step no problem. I'm hoping to fix this the right way instead of just throwing parts at it. What say you wise warriors? Domo arigato
  5. Yesterday
  6. I cleaned it all up. I did notice deep scoring on the gearbox cover created by the large nylon gear. I have no idea why the gear would be contacting the lid, but it does strike me that this could be causing my noise. Thinking about it (after I put it all back together again of course), I wonder if that gear shaft maybe isn't working it's way out... I buttoned it all back together (with the new rubber doughnut in the drive coupling). Still makes the noise.
  7. Clean the exhaust vent from the wall through to the outside of the building/house. There are DIY vent cleaning kits that could be used with a drill, be careful. Or you could call a vent cleaning service and have it done professionally for about $100-150.
  8. Thanks for the update. We appreciate it.
  9. I would say two different problems. Most common leak issues I have found on LG washers are either the water inlet valves or the tub to pump bellows. Remember water flows down and follows the path of least resistance. Use a bright flashlight and look for the drips. Follow the drips up to the leak.
  10. Would a leaking drain pump cause the error code Or are they too separate issues????
  11. GE GSM1800J lower wash arm a stubborn case

    Water level is well above the heating element. Spray arm doesn't appear to be cracked. Spray arm not clogged. Spray arm did turn with basically the same amount of resistance before I took it off to inspect the space between the arm and the thingamajigus that it rides on. So no, it doesn't spin freely. Guess that's my question -- how do I deal with that? Thanks.
  12. HELP! Still Leaking! Same error code! Any More Ideas?
  13. GE GSM1800J lower wash arm a stubborn case

    Spray Arm – Check to be sure the spray arms spin freely and jets are not clogged. Also check that the spray arm is not split, and that you have the proper water level after fill.
  14. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    [Tuition discount] We have a special gift for you this Thanksgiving! - #appliancerepair

  15. Hi AccApp - yes the plastic link was broken. Since I have replaced the new kit I have had no issues
  16. It should spin with very little resistance. Was it jammed before you took it apart?
  17. Thanks for the tip on rubber gloves! I replaced the rear felt drum seal relatively easily and after a generous drying time I reassembled the dryer and tried it. Everything seemed to be going well, heating nicely, but it didn't last long (30 minutes maybe) before the cutoff tripped. BTW, previous to starting the dryer and while I had everything apart, I made sure the heating element & housing looked ok (element not touching the side, cleaned out lint). I'm not sure what else to try. Any ideas?
  18. Here's you go -- this was already in the Downloads section. Please make sure to search thoroughly before submitting a request.
  19. My faithful dishy-washy suddenly got the mid-life crisis. It's manifested by a stubborn refusal of the lower wash arm to rotate. I've ruled out pump and impeller issues, the upper wash arm goes round and round like the wheels on the bus. When I pop the door open for a quick peek, I get squirted in the eye by water jetting out of the lower arm. It just won't spin around. I took the arm off, cleaned up a little crud off the bottom, then put it back in. I can turn it by hand, but with some resistance. How can I go from here?
  20. Kitchenaid KESK901SSS00 Range Tech Sheet View File PUB W10112130 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 11/22/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  21. Last week
  22. Tech. Sheet REK2950KQ1

    Here you go:
  23. Roper REK2950KQ1 Dryer Wiring Sheet View File PUB 8533207 Rev A Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 11/22/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  24. Version 1.0.0


    PUB 8533207 Rev A
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