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  2. Dual water valve in ceiling of refrig section could have shorted the water valve coil to door side of valve - that would cause no door water but ice to still work. Part number: WPW10341329
  3. Thanks for the response. I don't have the service manual... youtubed it and I guess the dispenser board is the board behind the touchscreen? The touchscreen works fine... checked the board and didn't see or smell any burn on it. I'll keep digging and try to locate it. Thanks!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Son of Samurai

    Samsung WF209ANW/XAA Service Manual

    Here you go:
  6. Samsung WF209ANW/XAA Washer Service Manual View File PUB DC68-02759A Basic Model : WF218ANB (FRONTIER4 PROJECT) Model Name : WF209ANW (PRIME PROJECT) Model Code : WF209ANW/XAA (PRIME PROJECT) Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 05/19/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    PUB DC68-02759A Basic Model : WF218ANB (FRONTIER4 PROJECT) Model Name : WF209ANW (PRIME PROJECT) Model Code : WF209ANW/XAA (PRIME PROJECT)
  8. Son of Samurai


    See this page about finding Frigidaire info:
  9. I found the fast track, but need the service manual... Thanks, James
  10. Need a Manual Please
  11. I have this exact same question, can anybody answer it? Thank you --
  12. howdryiam

    Kitchenaid 48” built in not cooling

    If you’re in the biz, you need this site. Join up. That being said, I’ve done enough of those KA built-in’s to know it’s likely another component failure has taken out the board. Replacing the board was only half of the fix. Try pulling the P-7 connector on the board (includes evap fan motor). Does the display calm down, lights come back on? Then you’ll need to replace evap fan motor too Hope this helps.
  13. It's very possible the dispenser board has failed. Not too difficult to remove and examine for failed component on the board if you got a noticeable pop-and-fizzle. About 300-350 for replacement board.
  14. Hi, Whirlpool Gold WRF989SDAM00 (SN K22303903) - water dispenser stopped working yesterday. I was filling a cup with water using the 'measured fill' feature and while water was flowing... I heard a pop, and the water stopped. I could smell something burning, not sure if it was electrical (like a board) or a motor. Have tried to use the paddle and measured fill options to dispense water - with each I hear a click and the light comes on and buttons on control panel light up but no water. Over night the ice maker made ice. One other bit of info... after a previous issue with this refrigerator (ice maker stopped working), I disconnected the deli drawer board (it was fried due to condensation dripping from the ice bin onto it). I replaced the ice maker and all has been fine since then (with the deli board disconnected). that was about 3 years ago... Any guidance would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jeff
  15. Straight AC or HeatPump? What is your Model number?
  16. Last week
  17. Gina 👆🏻 I’m having the exact same problem. I replaced the motor and the capacitor and neither fixed the problem. I’m at a loss. Any help would be great!
  18. MrApplianceMatt

    Bosch Washer WAT24462GC 9KG 1200RPM

    I should also mention that as a MST alumni, conditional membership is available here at Appliantology that would also grant you access to the Downloads and tech forum.
  19. MrApplianceMatt

    Bosch Washer WAT24462GC 9KG 1200RPM

    A paid membership to Appliantology will give you access to many manuals not readily available on Google.This model does not seem to be here in the Downloads section, but there is a forum for requesting service manuals that is also accessible with a paid membership. Bosch tech support is pretty good. You could look into becoming a warranty provider for Bosch which would give you access to Bosch\Thermador\Gaggenau(?) service materials. I don't know what the costs are associated with that, but it opens up a lot of info that is not readily available. As far as the MST course being worth the time, absolutely. The MST training covers everything you'll need to know to effectively apply any service manual information you may have. A service manual is only as good as the person reading it and only covers those situations that the manufacturer has foreseen. Your MST training will fill in the gaps because you'll understand the whys, not just the hows.
  20. Son of Samurai

    LG GAS Dryer Ser. Manual

    Here you go, courtesy of @Captain Dunsel:
  21. LG DLEX8000* DLGX8001* DLEX8100* DLGX8101* Dryer Service Manual View File For models DLEX8000* DLGX8001* DLEX8100* DLGX8101* Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 05/18/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  22. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    For models DLEX8000* DLGX8001* DLEX8100* DLGX8101*
  23. I recently bought a Bosch Washer WAT24462GC 9KG 1200RPM. I have installed it and it's working perfectly as expected. I did a Google search for its service manual and there were no matching results. I wondering whether Bosch published a service manual for this particular model or not. This model was assembled in Turkey and its sold in South Asia. I'm planning to start an appliance repair business in that area. But if service manuals and other documents are not available for Asian models, would it be worth l studying appliance repair through a world class academy like MST? Or am I missing something? Are there other ways than Google searching to get service manuals?
  24. 16345Ed

    Kitchenaid 48” built in not cooling

    Tech documents for paid member professional technicians only. Sure sounds like you need to go back to circuit medics. Sounds like bad board still.
  25. GE GTS16DTHCRBB Refrigerator Mini Manual View File PUB 31-51900 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 05/17/2019 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
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