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Found 6 results

  1. I have a Samsung electric range FE710DRS/XAA with an error code E-0C Does anyone have a service manual that would tell what this E-0C error code means? (It was in error code memory 5 times.) The oven will come up to correct temp when first started, but then after reaching temp, it will not hold this temp. If oven (while still hot) is shut off and then turned back on and set to the same temp, it will show the correct lower temp (because it has fallen) and run temp back up to correct set temp. The only problem so far that I can find is the one bake element terminal is showing a poor electrical connection (like it is getting hot.) The wire by the terminal is discolored and the wire inside the terminal is also discolored. The terminal on the bake element is 1/4" spade. What is the best way to fix terminal on wire harness? Thank you for any help.
  2. My oven will not turn on. There are blue blinking lights that indicate the error code. The left light which says oven blinks twice. Then the right light which says heating blinks once. Does anyone know what error code this is so I can order a part.
  3. 2018 International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings: Clothes Dryer Exhaust View File 2018 IRC Sec M1502 - 2018 International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings Submitter Adirondack Bob Submitted 11/11/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  4. Version 1.0.0


    2018 IRC Sec M1502 - 2018 International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings
  5. hello i have a frigidaire professional dishwasher ( http://www.frigidaire.com/Owner-Center/Product-Support--Manuals/?productCode=FPID2497RF) problem=the drain pump runs continuously, even with the door open and the dishwasher sump empty. background, the dishwasher finished a cycle normally. i opened the door, emptied dishes. then, a half hour later the drain pump just turned on despite the door being opened the no water left in the dishwasher. i turned off the power using the breaker for a half hour, filled the sump with a half liter of water to see if it was leaking out, and it wasnt, flipped the breaker on, sump emptied and the pump once again continued to run . i removed the kick plate and didnt see any water on the floor under the dishwasher. Note, i even pressed the "start/cancel" button for 10 seconds and that did not do anything to stop the pump or reset the unit. ***************there is an error code 30 which is identified as a leak or overflow of water has been detected in the bottom of the pan. researching on the web, i have found similar issues with other dishwashers and the advice was to pull the unit out and tip it forward or backward to empty the water from the pan (and on to the floor). the other solution that was posed was to clean out the pressure sensor as it was gummed up with grease. why would the sump drain pump run if there was water in the drip pan? how do i get to and remove the pressure sensor to inspect and clean it? is there a way to inspect the drip for leaked water and use suction to remove it? advice?
  6. hello to all those with a frigidaire dishwasher showing the error code i30 and the drain pump continuously running..... i think i have a (at least temporary) solution!!! (bottom of post) apparently this is a systemic problem with a poorly designed pressure switch that get clogged with food and grease causing the above symptoms. the long term fix would be to get the updated sensor= 5304504077 Pressure Sensor , but for now...... background info: put dishes in washer without rinsing them first. some had bits of salad still on them. ran a normal cycle, emptied dishes. half hour later the drain pump just starts running, error code i30 displayed, sump is empty, door is open...?? so i turned off the breaker to the washer. SOLUTION 1) put two scoops of "BIO CLEAN" with a quart of water into the dishwasher ( https://www.gonzocart.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=290&language=en&currency=USD ), 2) used a zip tie to poke around the pressure sensor opening to loosen any food particles. you need a flexible thingy to reach into the opening of the sensor from the sump. 3) waited 24 hours 4) turned on the breaker....drain pump does stays off, no error code, operating panel displays normally. 5) ran the rinse cycle. the contents of the dishwasher backs up into the kitchen sink showing both the BIO CLEAN stuff and bits of salad. ran the disposal to clear, cycle finishes normally! drain pump does not later turn on by itself. SUCCESS so, guess i will have to preclean the plates and occasionally use the bio clean just in case.
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