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GE Refrigerator GSS25SGMD BS

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I have a refrigerator with a defrost issue.  Would like a manual of sort if available.  

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Helps, not sure if controls are electronic, has manual dials.   Got last minute call at 8 this evening, Owner is from Oregon, has renters in house.  Stopped by for a look, was 2 minutes away.    Back wall is froze solid,  food is spoiled.  Fans are running.  Turned unit off & evaporator fan continues to run until I push door switch in then it shuts off.  Back on when I release.  


Will defrost with steamer in morning & check heater.  Did not see in manual how to initiate defrost cycle.   Any more insight to diagnose defrost cycle,   GE's are a little difficult for me cause have not had the experience with them.  


  Forgot to check thermistors to see if old style.   Have not received my order from Durham for his fancy dancy therm ice test container.    Bet they would work on the defrost limit also.

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on encoder models, test the defrost circuit from the board. Unplug fridge, disconnect blue connector from board. Do a continuity check between the blue wire on the blue connector and the orange wire on j7 pin 9. This does a continuity check through the limit and the heater. you should get around 22 ohms. If you don't find continuity, do a continuity check on the heater and limit inside the freezer. Remember, most GE's have limits that open at 140°f so it should be closed. Those limits rarely fail. If limit and heater pass, then test your thermistor. If it is good, then replace the board (and evap thermistor)

Ok.. Don't be afraid of GE's. They are actually quite fun. Listen carefully, just in case you are caught without the specific manual for your model,. always have the following "GE Fridge Survivors kit" available at all times:

GE Fridge Survival Kit:

these manuals:

Ge Icemaker technical bundle

Minimal Tools and parts:

9v battery

1/4 inch 5/16 inch nut driver,

Phillips and flathead screw driver,

small alligator jumpers,

wire cutters

multimeter that can read 62k ohms,

thermistors, bell connectors crimper and silicone

a wr55x10942 (most commonly used board but check your model to be sure.)

Ice water slurry (before you go to the job, make sure to ask customer if there is Ice available otherwise you need to stop at a quickie mart and get some. If you forget, make sure to save some frost if there is any, before you defrost the fridge)

Good things to have but not necessary :


Ge diagnostic test kit and

thermistor magic! (shameless plug

tablet or smartphone

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Made my day Reggie &  Durham, Now off to earn some revenue.

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Unit wasn't completely defrosted after leaving unplugged & open overnight.   Finished with steamer.  Checked defrost heater direct.  It was open & black.  My parts supply was across street so I picked one up & a thermistor for the evaporator.   Changed both out & restarted unit.   Started frosting the evaporator almost immediately.   Took a chance that the repair was complete I was running behind On a scheduled call.  If I have to return it is across the street from supply store which I visit often, no big deal.


Tonight I will study the manuals I downloaded.   Love my job.

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