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Diagnostic Modes Manual for GE Refrigerators, multiple models

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

About This File

Diagnostics manual for multiple models of GE refrigerators:

• GSS & PSS23/25/27/29 Series (#31-9072) • GSS20/22/25 Series (#31-9071)

• ESS & HSS22/25 Series (#31-9071)

• SSS25 Series (#31-9071)

• ETS/GTS/HTS/PTS/STS22 Series (#31-9077) • PTS25 Series (#31-9077)

• PDS & GBS20/22P Series (#31-9112)

• PSH23S & PSH25S Series (#31-9090)

• PSH23P/PSH25P/PSH27P/PSH30P Series (#31-9118)

• ZIS360/420/480NM Series (#31-9091)

• ZIC360N Series (#31-9079)

• ZIS360/420/480NR Series (#31-9117)

• ZIC360NR/ZICS360NR Series (#31-9122) • PSB42/48L Series (#31-9125)

• Electronic Ice Maker (#31-9063)

• Electronic Quick Reference Cart (#31-9097)

User Feedback

i have a PTS25LHSAR ' I unplugged to clean the condensor. when reconnected it now reads 999 in both displays instead of the temp. the digits will go up and down 888,777 with the buttons, but the display will not read temp. 

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