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Kenmore Series 80 Dryer - Timer Won't Stop And Unit Won't Run

Phil Huckelberry

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I have a Kenmore Series 80 Gas Dryer. The dryer came with the house. I cannot find a model number or serial number on it, and actually, the Kenmore name on the front appears to be covered in white out. So I can't be more specific about the model.

The unit is not running - but the timer is, and it won't stop.

We had a load which more or less successfully completed the other night as the clothes were dry. When I went to get the clothes, I found the timer had advanced to the next cycle. The unit wasn't running though. I found that if I set the timer to any normal cycle, I'd get a buzzing sound, but nothing much was happening.

There was also a smell - a vague burning smell.

I took the unit apart, pulled out the drum, put it back, etc. When I opened the top back, it seemed to me that the timer itself had a latent burning smell. Since the timer had advanced when it shouldn't have; since I could manually turn the drum and motor and saw nothing wrong with the belt; and since the timer itself smelled faintly as though it had burnt out; I went ahead and order a new timer.

I ordered a Whirlpool 3976576A timer. It arrived, it is an exact match. It does not solve the problem.

In trying the new timer, though, I found that the timer-won't-stop thing is persisting. I left the timer to go on its own for a few minutes to see if in fact it would try to advance into a cycle. It did, though the unit still won't run.

But there is clearly something burning. It is much more obviously something electrical (as opposed to the belt). I found the smell really wasn't present inside the cabinet, but it is present inside the top back panel where the timer is, and it is also present further below following the line of wires.

I can't, on visual inspection, see anything wrong with any particular wire. The control board does not look amiss either, and it really does not seem like the smell is emanating from the control board. But I can't pinpoint the smell exactly.

The problem, to me, is obviously electrical. The timer won't stop (when the door is closed); the unit won't run no matter what. When the timer is in a cycle it is buzzing.

I do have a multimeter but I frankly don't know what to even try and test. I don't usually deal with electrical issues like this.

I am hoping that the description of the problem sounds familiar to someone and they can point me in a clearer direction.

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The model number is not there. It looks to me like wherever the dryer came from, the model number was removed from the unit. There's a sticker on the front saying to call some appliance repair place, so it feels to me like someone serviced it or sold it used, and did not want somebody else to be able to service it.

I really do not think the problem I'm describing needs a specific model number. I've given the model number off of the timer and the general model type.

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You need the timer, the motor, and if the drum doesn't turn freely you'll also need a maintenance kit. Most likely to replace the motor you'll have to break the fan loose from the shaft and it'll need replacing.

You really should strongly consider it's time for a new dryer.

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